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The Gold Cup 2002 by Julio Lopez
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The gold cup competition just ended last week with the United States winning the competition. this had to be the worse gold cup in reason years. For many reason one is the quality of play was poorly. Some of the games were poorly play. Another reason was that none of the participants show any interest in the competition. Many of the teams brought players that were making their international debut. Maybe that copmetiton ahowthe real level of Concacaf have. In the beginning i look like it was going to be one of the best competitions. The reason was that five world cup teams were going to participate. South Korea, United States, Cost6a Rica, Ecuador and Mexico. Concacaf was countinf in this teams, to make this competition a great one but all of the were very disappointment. None other than ecuador they were elimanated in the group stage. United States did win the conmpetition but they had trouble. For the world cup team they better change if they want to do something in the world cup. The gold cup needs to improve in many things. So next gold cup can show a better quality of play.