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Spanish-League round-up Mar.2002 by Julio Lopez
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What a season it has been the most exciting in reason years I'm talking about the spanish league maybe the best league in the world seven different clubs have taking the top spot first place Valencia and seven place Bilbao are just separated by only five points the reason is the four big clubs in spain are having trouble in the league I'm talking about Real Madrid,Barcelona,Deportivo and Valencia one game they look great the next they look bad these clubs have big budgets and have some of the best players in the world. this his good for spanish soccer because other clubs like Bilbao who those not have big name players and have low budget are fighting for the tittle this has been the closest that Bilbao has been to the top of the league in years.Another club is Betis what a season they're having just two points behind leaders Valencia last year they were in the second division.Celta is also doing good.Anyone of this clubs could win the league and be good representatives in the champions league and uefa cup for spain just have to wait and see who will lift the trophy at the end of the season.