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Game's most trouble time by Julio Lopez
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Two months before its biggest tournament kicks off in South Korea and Japon soccer appears buoyant. And yet, the worlds most popular sport also has plenty of problems. Some teams are on the brink of brankruptcy.Players are cheating to get penalties or get their opponents sent off.Some have tested positive for nandrolone. The game remains a platform for violence and racism.While clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid are getting richer thanks to TV, merchadise and sponsorship revenue and many other teams face extinction. On the field FIFA "Fair Play" policy is increasingly being ignored. Players frequently try to trick referees into awarding penalties and free kicks when they are not fouled.FIFA has instructed officials to show players yellow cards for "diving"-feigning injury. Some fans have hurled coins,bottles at players and some officials on the field.Fan violence,sometimes fatal happens almost around the world.