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World Cup column by Julio Lopez
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World Cup 2002

This world cup was one of the best in years because it had everything that a cup needs to have
upsets disappointments small soccer nations show that soccer in a true global sport and the reason
was only the best soccer nations play in the quarter and semifinals this years cup didn't happen yet
at the end two traditional power soccer like Brazil and Germany play the final it show were the power
of soccer is it was the five final in a row that Europeans and South American teams play the world is
getting closer.
The three biggest disappointments in the world cup had to be France and Argentina the to teams that
I pick to reach the final.This was not the France that won both the world cup 98 and euro 2000 the
reason Zidane they need him and players like Henry Vieira show that they also need him.In the other
hand Argentina play good in all of the games they just didn't had luck in their side is disappointment
because they not reach the 2nd round.Portugal lost their chance to show the world that what happen
in euro 2000 was real.
Senegal who was the surprise of the world cup had one of the biggest upsets in cup history who could
everthing that Senegal was going to be the team to advance to the quarter finals from the African teams.
They have good players like El-Hadji Diouf,Ferdinand Coly to name some.Another surprises from the
world cup were United States,North korea.
Just to finish I will like to said felicidades to Brazil for winning the 2002 world cup they were the better
team in the cup.