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Transfer deadlines
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Transfer deadline changes starting season 2002/2003 :
Europe's 11 leading football leagues ( Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland) have agreed on common transfer window dates to conduct player transfers.
This covers both national and international transfers. Transfers can be conducted twice a year. The first transfer period runs from the end of the domestic season to August 31, and the second from January 1 to January 31.
For countries with seasons based on the calendar year, such as Scandinavia, the periods would be July 1 to August 31, and December 15 to January 31.

Europe (UEFA Champions League)
First qualifying round : 6th July (24.00 CET)
Second qualifying round : 20th July (24.00 CET)
Third qualifying round : 2nd August (24.00 CET)
For all matches as from first group stage : 31th August (24.00 CET)
Register a maximum of three new players for the remaining matches: 31st Janury (24.00 CET)

Germany (1. + 2. Bundesliga)
From: 15th Janury to: 30th June

Germany (Regionalliga)
From: 15th August to: ? ? ?

From: 22nd March to: 30th June

From: 31st January to: 30th June

From: 18th September to: 15th December
From: 30th January to: 30th June

From: ? ? ? to: 27th October

From: 10th August to: ? ? ?

From: 31st August to: ? ? ?

From: ? ? ? to:31st January

From: 1st January to: 11th April
From: 1st July to: 31th August