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November 2000 transfers
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Jörn Großkopf from Eimsbütteler TV(Ger) to Union 03(Ger) (Ger)

Erik Groeleken from Caracas(Ven) to Oberneuland(Ger) (Hol, 03.03.1966,SC,Free)

Ivica Jozic from Cloppenburg(Ger) to Oldenburg(Ger) (Bos, 22.07.1969,AMC)

Max Eppstein from Regensburg(Ger) to FC Kufstein(Aut) (Ger, 26.10.1977,Mid)

Qualid Mokhtari from Frankfurt Amat.(Ger) to Regensburg(Ger) (Mor,18,SC,SC,06.02)

Miroslav Ziga from Verl(Ger) released (Svn, 04.09.1973,SC)

Thomas Ziemer from Nürnberg(Ger) to Mainz(Ger) (Ger, 18.08.1969,AMC)

Stephan Straub from Un-Attached to Saarbrücken(Ger) (Ger, 25.01.1971,GK)

Steffen Karl from Un-Attached to SF Kladow(Ger) (Ger, 03.02.1970,SWDMC)

Jörg Herwig from Harburger TB(Ger) to Holstein Quickborn(Ger) (Ger)

Markus Feuler from Bayern München(Youth Team)(Ger) to Bayern München Amat.(Ger) (Ger,18)

Florian Heller from Bayern München(Youth Team)(Ger) to Bayern München Amat.(Ger) (Ger,18)

Volker Oßwald from Un-Attached to MTV Ingolstadt(Ger) (Ger, 20.11.1976,Mid)

Volker Oßwald from Aalen(Ger) released (Ger, 20.11.1976,Mid)

Tobias Clausing from Lüneburg(Ger) released (Ger, 29.08.1978,D/DML)

Daniel Neamtu from Lüneburg(Ger) released (Rom, 01.10.1974,DMLC)

Evans Wise from Un-Attached to Oberhausne(Ger) (USA, 23.11.1973,AMR)

Patrik Jezek from Austria Wien(Aut) to Ried(Aut) (Cze, 28.12.1976,SCR)

Peter Wynhoff from Fortuna Köln(Ger) to Rheydter SV(Ger) (Ger, 29.10.1968,MR)

Stephan Glaser from Köln(Ger) to Bonner SC(Ger) (Ger, 11.03.1976,MRC)

Christian Marggraf from Frankfurt(Youth Team)(Ger) to Frankfurt Amat.(Ger) (Ger,18,GK,Free)

Martin Abel from Eintracht Bad Kreuznach(Ger) to Dortmund Amat.(Ger) (Ger,19)

Dimitri Penev from Plovdiv(Bul) to Rotenburg(Ger) (Bul,28)

Mario Göttlicher from Waldhof Mannheim(Youth Team)(Ger) to Waldhof Mannheim(Ger) (Ger,18,DMLC)

Jens Boehnke from Waldhof Mannheim(Ger) to Karlsruhe(Ger) (Ger, 08.03.1975,DMLC)

Marc Arnold from Un-Attached to Ahlen(Ger) (SAF/Ger, 19.09.1970,AMC)

Werner Rank from VfR Mannheim(Ger) to Crailsheim(Ger) (Ger, 15.06.1968,SC)

Sebastijan Cimerotic from Hapoel Tel-Aviv(Isr) to Olimpija Ljubljana(Svn) (Svn, 14.09.1974,AMSC)

Ermin Rakovic from Espinho(Por) to Olimpija Ljubljana(Svn) (Svn, 07.09.1977,AML)

Goran Granic from Un-Attached to Olimpija Ljubljana(Svn) (Cro,Def)

Leo Grozavu from Dinamo Bucharest(Rom) to Saarbrücken(Ger) (Rom, 1968,DC)

Wayne Hatswell from Forest Green Rovers(Eng) to Oxford(Eng) (Eng,8.2.75,DC,06.03, £35k)

Jason Lanns from Leeds(Eng) to Rochdale(Eng) (Eng,2.11.81,06.01,Free)

Danny Hockton from Stevenage(Eng) to Dover Athletic(Eng) (Eng,7.2.79,ST, £7.5k)

Jason Crowe from Brentford(Eng) to Portsmouth(Eng) (Eng,30.9.78,RB,loan-recall)

Craig Skelton from Darlington(Eng) to Whitby Town(Eng) (Eng,14.9.80,DF,Free)

Robbie Kozluk from Huddersfield(Eng) to Sheff Utd(Eng) (Eng,5.8.77,FB,loan-recall)

Mohamed Camara from Le Havre(Fra) to Wolves(Eng) (Fra/Gui,25.6.75,LB,06,03, £50k)

Richard Jones from Swansea(Eng) to Southampton(Eng) (Wal,DF, £250k)

Shaun Barlett from FC Zürich(Swi) to Charlton(Eng) (SAF,31.10.72,ST,02.01,loan)

Scott Parker from Norwich(Eng) to Charlton(Eng) (Eng,13.10.80,MF,loan-recall)

Reynald Pedros from Un-Attached to Toulouse(Fra) (Fra,10.10.71,LW,06.01,Free)

Daniel Sjölund from West Ham(Eng) to Liverpool(Eng) (Fin,22.4.83,ST,06.04)

Mark Bower from Bradford(Eng) to York(Eng) (Eng,23.1.80,DC,06.01,loan)

Jose 'Chino' Alegria from (Club in Peru) to DC United(USA) (Peru,MC)

Parfait Merdou-Otyé from Morton(Sco) to Kidderminister(Eng) (Cmr/Fra,29.11.76,DC,06.02)

Enis Dzihic from KSV Klein-Karben(Ger) to VfR Mannheim(Ger) (Bos,26,SC,06.02)

Tomas Ujfalusi from Sigma Olmütz(Cze) to Hamburger SV(Ger) (Cze, 24.03.1978,D/DMC,DEM3m,06.05)

Daniel Hoffman from Kocaelispor(Tur) to Un-Attached(he leaves cause club didn't keep promises) (Ger, 27.10.1971,GK)

Janne Salli from Haka(Fin) to Barnsley(Eng) (Fin,14.12.77,DC, £200k)

Mats Rubarth from Örebro(Swe) to AIK Solna(Swe) (Swe,25.1.77,FW,11.04)

Alex Notman from Man Utd(Eng) to Norwich(Eng) (Sco,10.12.79,ST,06.04, £250k)

Zhang Enhua from Dalian Shide(Chi) to Grimsby(Eng) (Chi,28.4.73,DC,03.01,loan)

Mark Bradshaw from Halifax(Eng) to Southport(Eng) (Eng,7.9.69,LB,06.01,loan)

Sebastian Svard from FC Kobenhavn(Den) to Arsenal(Eng) (Den,DRC)

Terry Cooke from Sheff Wed(Eng) to Man City(Eng) (Eng,5.8.76,RW,loan-return)

Rigobert Song from Liverpool(Eng) to West Ham(Eng) (Cmr,1.7.76,DC, £2.5m)

John O'Neill from Bournemouth(Eng) to Ross Country(Sco) (Sco,3.1.74,FW)

Gerry Creaney from Un-Attached to Clydebank(Sco) (Sco,13.4.70,ST)

Isaac Larbi from Altenholz(Ger) to VfL Pinneberg(Ger)

Marco Christ from Nürnberg(Ger) to Nürnberg Amat.(Ger) (Ger, 06.11.1980,AMSC)

'Marques' Batista de Abreu from Atletico Mineiro(Bra) to Benfica(Por) (Bra, 12.03.1973,AMSRL,DEM18mil)

Ioan Lupescu from Bursaspor(Tur) to Dinamo Bucharest(Rom) (Rom, 09.12.1968,DMC)

Arif Erdem from San Sebastian(Spa) to Galatasary(Tur) (Tur, 02.01.1972,SRC,DEM6.5mil)

Antonio Ude from SV Lurup(Ger) to Eisenbahn Altona(Ger)

Daniel Berceanu from Göttingen(Ger) to Ahlem II(Ger)

Cosim Filip from Göttingen(Ger) to Ahlem II(Ger) (Bos, 20.08.1976,D/DMRC)

Manfred Greilinger(Ger,28.01.1969,D/DMR) retired due to injury

Pavel Kalavsky from FC Kosice(Svn) to Lüneburger SK(Ger) (Svn,28,M/SRLC)

Jean-Paul Ndjoumek.-Ndeki from Assec-Football Club(Cmr) to Frankfurt(Ger) (Cmr,27.10.82,Def,06.03

Samir Muratovic from Zeljeznicar Sarajevo(Cro) to Chemnitz(Ger) (Bos,SC,06.01,loan)

Oktay Derelioglu from Las Palmas(Spa) to Tropzonspor(Tur) (Tur, 17.12.1975,SC,DEM5.5mil)

Rio Ferdinand from West Ham(Eng) to Leeds(Eng) (Eng, 07.11.1978,SWD/DMC,DEM58mil)

Oliver Schmidt from Released to VfR Mannheim(Ger) (Ger, 15.09.1973,DC)

Thomas Helmer from Sunderland contract deleted (Ger, 22.04.1965,SWDC)

Markus Brüdgam from Raspo Elmshorn(Ger) to SV Halstenbek-Rellingen(Ger) (Ger,M)

Gernod Leipold from SC Langenhagen(Ger) to Hannover 96 Amat.(Ger) (Ger,20,AMSC)

Sandi Gusic from FC Linde Schwandorf(Ger) to SV Hutthum(Ger) (Cro, 25.08.1973,SC)

Sandi Gusic from Regensburg(Ger) to FC Linde Schwandorf(Ger) (Cro, 25.08.1973,SC)

Reinhold Traxinger from Regensburg(Ger) to SV Hutthum(Ger) (Ger, 15.07.1968,AMC)

Lothar Kolarsch from Regensburg(Ger) to SV Hutthurm(Ger) (Ger, 11.10.1978,Def,Free)

Marc Römer from Karlsruhe(Ger) to Pfullendorf(Ger) (Ger, 23.06.1975,SC,Free,06.01)

Markus Grasser from Nürnberg(Ger) to Regensburg(Ger) (Ger, 18.06.1972,DLC)

Ramunas Stonkus from Wilhelmshaven(Ger) to FC Schönberg 05(Ger) (Lit, 32.12.1970,DMR)

Martin Hauswald from Dresden-Nord(Ger) to TeBe Berlin(Ger) (Ger,18,GK,120kDEM,06.03)

Olaf Renn from Waldhof Mannheim(Ger) to Chemnitz(Ger) (Ger, 13.10.1969,D/DMR,Free)

Dubravko Kolinger from Offenbach(Ger) to St.Pauli(Ger) (Ger/Cro, 30.11.1975,SWD/DMC,DEM120k)

Ronny Teuber from Köln(Ger) to Greuther Fürth(Ger) (Ger,02.09.1965,GK)

Lajos Szücs from Kaiserslautern(Ger) to Ferencvaros(Hun) (Hun, 09.08.1973,GK,Free)

Uwe Schneider from Frankfurt(Ger) to Aalen(Ger) (Ger, 29.08.1971,DRC,06.01)

Neil Murry from Mainz(Ger) to Grimsby(Eng) (Sco, 22.02.1973,DMRC)

Peter Lerant from Leverkusen Amat.(Ger) to FC Luzern(Swi) (Svn,30.01.1977,DC)

Janos Hrutka from Kaiserslautern(Ger) to Ferencvaros(Hun) (Hun,27.10.1974,DC,Free)

Markus Bähr from Köln(Ger) to Sandhausen(Ger) (Ger,11.09.1974,D/DMR,Free)

Christof Babatz from Hamburger SV(Ger) to Mainz(Ger) (Ger,04.09.1974,DMRC,06.03)

Alexander Kunze from Plauen(Ger) to Babelsberg(Ger) (Ger, 12.01.1971,GK,06.02)

Vladimir But from Dortmund(Ger) to Freiburg(Ger) (Rus, 08.09.1977,AMLC)

Vidar Riseth from Celtic(Sco) to 1860 München(Ger) (Nor, 21.04.1972,D/DMRLC,06.01,loan)

Ralf Weber from Frankfurt(Ger) retired (Ger, 01.06.1969,DMLC)

Joachim Hopp from Uerdingen(Ger) to Duisburg(Ger) (Ger, 11.07.1966,MRC,Free)

Jose Manuel Dominguez from Tottenham(Eng) to Kaiserslautern(Ger) (Por, 17.02.1974,AMSL,800kDEM,06.04)

Brian O`Neil from Wolfsburg(Ger) to Derby Country(Eng) (Sco, 06.09.1972,SWD/DMC)

Stefan Schnoor from Derby Country(Eng) to Wolfsburg(Ger) (Ger, 25.04.1971,SWDRLC)

Mikhail Ivin from Chkalovets-Olimpik Novosibirsk(Rus) to Tom Tomsk(Rus) (Rus,4.1.78,GK,loan-return)

Vitali Irzaev from Chkalovets-Olimpik Novosibirsk(Rus) to Tom Tomsk(Rus) (Rus,11.5.69,DF,loan-return)

Viktor Prokudin from Kuzbass Kemerovo(Rus) to Tom Tomsk(Rus) (Rus,8.11.76,MF,loan-return)

Nikolai Mikheev from Kuzbass Kemerovo(Rus) to Tom Tomsk(Rus) (Rus,22.1.74,DF,loan-return)

Aleksandr Vrhovac from Lokomotiv Nizhni Novograd(Rus) to Krylia Sovetov Samara(Rus) (Yug,8.2.71,ST,loan-return)

Gennadi Strikalov from Torpedo Nizhni Novograd(Rus) to Krylia Sovetov Samara(Rus) (Rus,17.10.69,GK,loan-return)

Aleksei Arifullin from Torpedo Nizhni Novograd(Rus) to Lokomotiv Moscow(Rus) (Rus,13.10.70,DF,loan-return)

Konstantin Kainov from Levski(Bul) to Krylia Sovetov Samara(Rus) (Rus,2.5.77,MF,loan-return)

Dmitri Podshivalov from FK Khimki(Rus) to Dinamo Moscow(Rus)

Sergei Arternov from FK Khimki(Rus) to Dinamo Moscow(Rus) (Rus,1.1.78,ST,loan-return)

Anton Sereda from Torpedo Nizhni Novograd(Rus) to Rotor Volgograd(Rus) (Rus,18.1.80,ST,loan-return)

Zakhar Dubensky from Torpedo Nizhni Novograd(Rus) to Rotor Volgograd(Rus) (Rus,19.10.78,MF,loan-return)

Sergei Vinogradov from FK Pskov(Rus) to Krylia Sovetov Samara(Rus) (Rus,1982,MF,12.01)

Thor Mikalsen from Bodø/Glimt(Nor) to Bryne(Nor) (Nor,12.7.73,DF,12.02,Free)

Des McKeown from Partick Thistle(Sco) to Queen o.t. South(Sco) (Sco,18.1.70,LB, £10k)

George Shaw from Un-Attached to Partick Thistle(Sco) (Sco,10.2.69,ST,Free)

Jon Harley from Wimbledon(Eng) to Chelsea(Eng) (Eng,26.9.79,LB,loan-return)

Stuart Campbell from Leicester to Grimsby(Eng) (Sco,9.12.77,MF,06.01,loan)

Axel Kolle from Stabaek(Nor) to Lyn(Nor) (Nor,24.1.73,MC,Free)

Jan Verlinden from Twente(Hol) to Lierse(Bel) (Bel,8.3.77,DF,06.01,loan)

James Thomas from Blackburn(Eng) to Sheff Utd(Eng) (Wal,16.1.79,ST,06.01,loan)

Billy McKinlay from Blackburn(Eng) to Bradford(Eng) (Sco,22.4.69,MC,06.01,Free)

Marcus Bent from Sheff Utd(Eng) to Blackburn(Eng) (Eng,19.5.78,ST,06.04, £2m)

Darren Collins from Rushden&Diamonds(Eng) (Eng,ST)

Amara Simba from St.Albans(Eng) to Kettering(Eng) (Fra,23.12.61,ST)

Bjørn Bakken from Skeid(Nor) to Hødd(Nor) (Nor,20.1.77,DF)

Morten M. Skønsberg from Stabaek Youth(Nor) to Stabaek(Nor) (Nor,1983)

Petter G. Arnland from Stabaek Youth(Nor) to Stabaek(Nor) (Nor,1983)

Samir Fazlagic from Stabaek Youth(Nor) to Stabaek(Nor) (Nor,1982)

Mike Pettola from VPS(Fin) to Bodø/Glimt(Nor) (Fin,10.9.74,LB,12.03,Free)

Per Fahlman from Alnas IF(Swe) to Coventry(Eng) (Swe,GK,06.04)

Steve Staunton from C.Palace(Eng) to Liverpool(Eng) (Ire,19.1.69,LB,loan-return)

Tore Andre Flo from Chelsea(Eng) to Glasgow Rangers(Sco) (Nor,15.6.73,ST,06.05, £12m)

Sindre Erstad from Åsane(Nor) to Sogndal(Nor) (Nor,25.01.82,DC)

Joakim Hagabakken from Kjesås(Nor) to Brann(Nor) (Nor,15.12.78,MF,12.02)

Toni Kuivasto from HJK Helsinki(Fin) to Viking(Nor) (Fin,31.12.75,DF,12.03,Free)

Rafaël Losada from Den Bosch(Hol) to Verbreodering Maasmechelen(Bel) (Hol,23.11.71,FW,Free)

Jürgen Belpaire from Un-Attached to HSV Hoek(Hol) (Bel,3.1.73,GK,Free)

Gaute U. Helstrup from Tromsø(Nor) to Haugesund(Nor) (Nor,15.5.76,DM,12.02)

Richard Dryden from Southampton(Eng) to Swindon(Eng) (Eng,14.6.69,DC,06.01,loan)

Anders Limpar from Un-Attached to Djurgarden(Swe) (Swe,24.9.65,LW,Free)

Danny Hanley from Clyde(Sco) to Pollok(Sco) (Sco,GK)

Ian Murry from Fraserburgh(Sco) to Peterhead(Sco) (Sco,MF)

Emilio Bottiglieri from Hibs(Sco) to East Fife(Sco) (Can,13.4.79,MF)

Paul Kinnaird from Un-Attached to Queen o. t. South(Sco) (Sco,11.11.66,WNGR,06.02,Free)

Terje Høsøien from Strindheim(Nor) to Moss FK(Nor) (Nor,MF,12.03)

Neil MacKenzie from Un-Attached to Kidderminister(Eng) (Eng,15.4.76,MF,06.01,Free)

Clayton Ince from Dundee(Sco) to Crewe(Eng) (Trinidad,13.7.72,GK,loan-return)

Andrejus Tereskinas from Skonto Riga(Lat) to Macclesfield(Eng) (Lit,10.7.70,LB,02.01,loan)

Ian Moore from Stockport(Eng) to Burnley(Eng) (Eng,26.8.76,ST,06.05, £1m)

Geir Håvard Hjelde from Byåsen(Nor) to L/F Hønefoss(Nor) (Nor,7.8.74,FW,12.02)

John Kenneth Svendsen from Lyn(Nor) to L/F Hønefoss(Nor) (Nor,24.3.76,FW)

Marius Lingrasmo from Lyn(Nor) to Asker(Nor) (Nor,12.01)

Mads Schei Knutsen from Lyn(Nor) to Asker(Nor) (Nor,6.12.77,DF)

Hans Frodi Hansen from Sogndal(Nor) to B96(Faeroe) (Faeroe,25.8.75,DF)

Rune Buer Johansen from Kongsvinger(Nor) to Sagndal(Nor) (Nor,4.9.73,MF,Free)

Corey Donoghue from Baerum(Nor) to Strømsgodset(Nor) (Eng,FW,12.03)

Veigar Pall Gunnarsson from Stjarnan(Ice) to Strømsgodset(Nor) (Ice,FW,12.03)

Aragorn Appelborn from Skarp(Nor) to Tromsdalen(Nor) (Nor,12.02)

Akinori Nishizawa from Cerezo Osaka(Jap) to Espanyol(Spa) (Jap,18.6.76,FW,06.01,loan)

Yannick Vervaille from Anderlecht(Bel) to Go Ahead Eagles(Hol) (Bel,3.6.81,FW,06.01,loan)

Steve Pittman from Stenhousemuir(Sco) to Linlithgow Rose(Sco) (USA,18.7.67,LB)

Derek McWilliams from Un-Attached to Linlithgow Rose(Sco) (Sco,16.1.66,MF)

Andreas Evjen from Bodø/Glimt(Nor) to IK Start(Nor) (Nor,25.05.69,LB,12.02)

Stig Johansen from Helsingborg(Swe) to Bodø/Glimt(Nor) (Nor,13.6.72,ST)

Haraldur Ingolfsson from Elfsborg(Swe) to Raufoss(Swe) (Ice,8.1.70,MF,12.03)

Robert B. Bengtsson from Västra Frölunda(Swe) to Örgryte(Swe) (Swe,RB)

Patrick Elmander from GAIS(Swe) to Örgryte(Swe) (Swe,ST)

Magne Sturød from Skarphedin(Nor) to Sandefjord(Nor) (Nor,LW,12.02)

Martin Bratvold from Eik-Tønsberg(Nor) to Sandefjord(Nor) (Nor,DF,12.02)

Johnny Morgan from Enfield(Eng) to Stevanage(Eng) (Eng,WNGR, £7.5k)

Rhys Weston from Arsenal(Eng) to Cardiff(Eng) (Wal,27.10.80,DC)

Marcus Jones from Scarborough(Eng) to Chelterham(Eng) (Eng,24.6.74,06.01,Free)

Marco Russo from Padova(Ita) to Dundee(Sco) (Ita,25.4.82,FW,06.02,Free)

Umberto Fatello from Lodigiani(Ita) to Dundee(Sco) (Ita,21.1.83,DC,06.02,Free)

Alan Lee from Burnley(Eng) to Rottherham(Eng) (Ir,21.8.78,ST,06.04, £150k)

Nicky Spooner from Un-Attached to Leigh RMI(Eng) (Eng,5.6.71,DF,Free)

Tijani Babangida from Ajax(Hol) to Ganclerbirligi(Tur) (Nig,25.09.73,SC,06.01,loan)

Florin Prunea from Litex Lovech(Bul) to Dinamo Bucharest(Rom) (Rom,8.8.68,GK,06.02,Free)

Chris Tate from Scarborough(Eng) to Leyton O(Eng) (Eng,27.12.77,ST, £25k)

Ian McCaldon from Livingston(Sco) to St.Mirren(Sco) (Sco,14.9.74,GK,06.01,loan)

Alex Di Rocco from Sedan(Fra) to Aberdeen(Sco) (Fra,30.12.70,ST)

Sandy Hodge from Queen o.t. South(Sco) to Stanraer(Sco) (Sco,4.10.80,LB)

Siggi Eyjolfsson from Walsall(Eng) to Racing Harelebeke(Bel) (Ice,1.12.73,ST)

Jorge Rodriguez from Dallas Burn(USA) to CD Aguila(El Salv) (El Salv,20.05.71,DML,06.01,loan)

Francis Tierney from Un-Attached to Exeter(Eng) (Eng,10.9.75,WNGR,Free)

Steve Hawe from Blackburn(Eng) to Halifax(Eng) (N.Ire,23.12.80,DC,06.01,loan)

Kevin Francis from Un-Attached to Exeter(Eng) (Eng,6.12.67,ST,Free)

Martin Glancey from Inverness(Sco) to Clydebank(Sco) (Sco,24.3.76,FW,Free)

Jamie Fullarton from C.Palace(Eng) to Dundee Utd(Sco) (Sco,20.7.74,MF,06.01,Free)

Matt Glennon from Bolton(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) (Eng,8.10.78,GK,06.01,loan)

Krist Porte from Hapoel Holon(Isr) to VVV(Hol) (Bel,7.9.68,DF,06.01,Free)

Khalid Chalqi from Creteil(Fra) to Torquay(Eng) (Fra,28.4.71,MF,Free)

Neil Wainwright from Sunderland(Eng) to Halifax(Eng) (Eng,4.11.77,WNGR,02.01,loan)

Darren Roberts from Exeter(Eng) to Barrow(Eng) (Eng,12.10.69,ST,loan,03.01)

Stefan Bildstrup from Lyngby(Den) to Wigan(Eng) (Den,24.2.75,MC,06.04)

Phil Gray from Burnley(Eng) to Oxford(Eng) (N.Ire,2.10.68,ST,06.02,Free)

Marc Eberle from Roda JC(Hol) to Baasland(Bel) (Hol,DF,06.01,loan)

Walid Khmili from Den Bosch(Hol) to VVV(Hol) (Tun,06.02)

Nick Fenton from Man City(Eng) to Notts C(Eng) (Eng,23.11.79,DC,06.03)

Kris Niddrie from Montrose(Sco) to Glentanar(Sco) (Sco,22.1.80,DF)

Steve Kirk from Hill of Beath Hawthorn(Sco) to Arbroath(Sco) (Sco,3.1.63,FW)

Andy Martin from Queen o.t. South(Sco) to Blyth(Eng) (Eng,8.8.72,DC,Free)

Ian Joy from Stirling Albion(Sco) to Montrose(Sco) (USA,14.7.81,MF,Free)

Mark Maley from Blackpool(Eng) to Sunderland(Eng) (Eng,26.1.81,DR)

Mark Fish from Bolton(Eng) to Charlton(Eng) (SAF,14.3.74,DC,06.04, £700k)

Russell Williamson from Un-Attached to Southend(Eng) (Eng,MF,Free)

Charlie Griffin from Swindon(Eng) to Woking(Eng) (Eng,25.6.79,ST,06.03,15k£)

Brad Friedel from Liverpool(Eng) to Blackburn(Eng) (USA,18.5.71,GK,Free)

Ian McDonald from Cowdenbeath(Sco) to East Stirling(Sco) (Sco,7.3.78,DF)

Toby King from Dumbarton(Sco) to Cowdenbeath(Sco) (Sco,23.1.70,MF, £3k)

Marko Tuomela from Swindon(Eng) to Tromso(Nor) (Fin,3.3.72,DC,loan-return)

David Lorimer from Stenhousemuir(Sco) to East Stirling(Sco) (Sco,26.1.74,MF)

Beto Naveda from Un-attached to Dundee Utd(Sco) (Arg,23.11.71,FW,06.01,Free)

Charlie Miller from Watford(Eng) to Dundee Utd(Sco) (Sco,18.3.76,MF,06.03,Free)

Seth George from MLS(USA) to Chicago Fire(USA) (USA,30.3.76,FW)

Steve Armas from MLS(USA) to Tampa Bay(USA) (USA,3.2.77,MF)

Francis Okaroh from San Jose(USA) to MetroStras(USA) (Nig,25.08.63,DF)

Francis Okaroh from MLS(USA) to San Jose(USA) (Nig,25.08.63,DF)

Peter Hoekstra from Ajax(Hol) to Groningen(Hol) (Hol,4.4.73,FW,06.01,loan)

Kent Karlsen from Valerenga(Nor) to Luton(Eng) (Nor,17.2.73,DC,Free)

Richard Garcia from West Ham(Eng) to Leyton Orient(Eng) (Aus,4.9.81,ST,06.01,loan)

Taribo West from Milan(Ita) to Derby(Eng) (Nig,26.3.74,DC,06.01,loan)

Mark Tinkler from Southend(Eng) to Hartlepool(Eng) (Eng,24.10.74,MF,06.03,Free)

Nicky Banger from Dundee(Sco) to Scunthorpe(Eng) (Eng,25.4.71,ST,06.01,loan)

Gordon Connelly from Southend(Eng) to Carisle(Eng) (Sco,1.11.76,ST,06.01,loan)

Birkir Kristinsson from IBV(Ice) to Stoke(Eng) (Ice,15.8.64,GK,loan)

Petri Helin from Jokerit(Fin) to Luton(Eng) (Fin,13.12.69,MF,Free)

Jose Luis Chilavert from Velez Sarsfield(Arg) to Strasbourg(Fra) (Par,27.7.65,GK,06.03)

Mark McGraw from Stirling Albion(Sco) to Forfar Athletic(Sco) (Sco,5.1.71,ST,Free)

Barry Sellars from Clyde(Sco) to Forfar Athletic(Sco) (Sco,6.12.75,MF,06.01,Free)

Alex Burke from Kilmarnock(Sco) to Falkirk(Sco) (Sco,11.11.77,WNGR,Free)

Vidar Evensen from Kongsvinger(Nor) to Stromsgodset(Nor) (Nor,13.7.71,DC,12.03)

Nicklas Persson from Öster(Swe) to Helsingborg(Swe) (Swe,31.05.65,DF,Free,06.01)

Rikhardur Dadason from Viking(Nor) to Stoke(Eng) (Ice,26.04.72,ST,Free)

Jan van Halst from Ajax(Hol) to Fortuna Sittard(Hol) (Hol,MF,loan,06.01)

Arnold Nijkamp from DWV(Hol) to AZ(Hol) (Hol,GK,Free)

Mark Schenning from Den Bosch(Hol) to NAC(Hol) (Hol,18.10.70,DF,06.03)

Audur Helgason from Viking(Nor) to KSC Lokeren(Bel) (Ice,18.6.74,DR,06.04)

Runar Kristinsson from Lillestrom(Nor) to Lokeren(Bel) (Ice,5.9.69,MF)

Holger Gaißmayer from Offenbach(Ger) to Ahlen(Ger) (Ger, 02.07.1970,SC)

Hendrik Herzog from Un-Attached to Unterhaching(Ger, 02.04.1969,DC)

Djoni Novak from NK Domzale(Svn/Ita, 04.09.1969,DRL)

Guido Spork from Hannover 96(Ger) to Osnabrück(Ger) (Ger, 03.01.1975,SWD/DMC)