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August 1998 transfers
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Luboslav Penev from Compostela to Celta Vigo (31.8.66,ST,06.99)
Paulo Alves from Portugal to Bastia (ST)
Francisco Ruano from Merida to Malaga
Gonzalo de los Santos from Merida to Malage (MF)
Pablo Garcia from A.Madrid to Panerol(Uru) (MF,loan)
Ilie Dumitrescu from Atalanta to Steaua Bucharest (6.1.69,LW)
Zeljko Kalac from Sydney United to Roda JC Kerkrade (26,GK,06.01)
Stig Johansen from Southampton to Helsingborg (13.6.72,ST)
Paul Roberts from Bangor to Porthmadog
Enzo Maresca from Cagliari to WBA (20,MLC,06.02)
Martin Phillips from Man City to Portsmouth (22,WNGR)
Dirk Hebel from Tranmere to Brentford
Marc Edworthy from C.Palace to Coventry (25,DF)
David Penney from Cardiff to Doncaster (34,DF)
Eric Nixon from Stockport to Wigan (GK,loan)
John Sheridan from Bolton to Doncaster (33,LCM)
Peter Swan from Bury to Burnley (31,CD)
Gordon Armstrong from Bury to Burnley (31,LCM)
Andy Gray from Leeds to N.Forest (15.11.77,WNGR)
Chris Kiwomya from Arsenal to QPR (28,ST)
Carl Asaba from Reading to Gillingham (28.01.73,ST,06.01)
Paul Beesley from Man City to Port Vale (CD)
David Morley from Man City to Southend (20)
Jason Lee from Watfort to Chesterfield (9.5.71,ST)
Fabian de Freitas from Osasuna to WBA (28.7.72,ST)
Neville Southall from Stoke to Doncaster
Graeme Atkinson from Preston NE to Brighton (27,MF,06.99)
Ian Culverhouse from Swindon to Brighton (33,RB,06.99)
Dwight Yorke from Aton Villa to Man Utd (06.03)
Christian Dailly from Derby to Blackburn (06.03)
Colin Cooper from N.Forest to M`Brough (06.02)
David Connelly from Feyenoord to Wolves (06.99,loan)
Spencer Prior from Leicester to Derby (22.4.71,CD)
Scott Hiley from Man City to Southampton (29,FB,06.00)
Glenn Kirkwood from Eatwood Town to Doncaster (ST)
Ron Willems from Derby to Free Transfer
Shane Nicholson from WBA to Chesterfield (28,DF,06.99)
Nathan Lowndes from Watford to St.Johnstone (ST)
Nigel Quashie from QPR to N.Forest (06.03)
Richard Hughes from Arsenal to Bournemouth (19)
Steve Claridge from Wolves to Portsmouth (32,ST)
Fernando Gomez Colomer from Valencia to Wolves (32,MF,06.99)
Gordon Connelly from Airdrie to York
Juan Cobian from Boca Juniors to Sheff Wed (23,RB)
Lee Ashcroft from Preston NE to Grimsby (25,ST,06.02)
Nolberto Solano from Boca Juniors to Newcastle (28,MF)
Mario Bortolazzi from Genoa to WBA (33,CM,06.99)
Franck Rolling from Bournemouth to Free Transfer
Frank Sinclair from Chelsea to Leiscester (3.12.71,RCD,06.02)
Isaiah Rankin from Arsenal to Bradford (20,ST,06.02)
Darryl Flahavan from Southampton to Woking (Eng,28.11.78,GK)
Tony Battersby from Bury to Lincoln (22,ST,06.01)
Fan Zhiyi from Shanghai Shenhua to C.Palace (29,DF,06.02)
Sun Jihai from Dalian Wanda to C.Palace (21,FB,06.00)
Isidro Diaz from Wigan to Rochdale (WNGR)
Gary Rowett from Derby to Birmingham (6.3.74,CD)
Shaun Murray from Bradford to Notts C (28,MF)
Robert Taylor from Brentford to Gillingham (27,ST)
Wim Jonk from PSV Eindoven to Sheff Wed (12.10.66,CM,06.01)
Lee Todd from Southampton to Bradford (27,LRB,06.01)
Colin Hendry from Blackburn to Rangers (07.12.65,CD,06.02)
Eidur Smari Gudjonson from PSV to Bolton (19,ST)
Tony Roberts from QPR to Millwall (4.8.69,GK)
Herve Bacque from Monaco to Luton (22,ST)
Stuart Whitehead from Bolton to Carlisle
Peter Clark from Arsenal to Carlisle
Steve Cherry from Rotherham to Mansfield (38,GK,non-contract)
Ian Rush from Newcastle to Wrexham as player-manager
Martin Rowlands from Farnborough to Brentford (Eng,19,MF)
Michael Meaker from Reading to Bristol R (27,LW)
Jason Brissett from Bournemouth to Walsall (RW)
Darren Wrack from Grimsby to Walsall (ST)
Darius Kubicki from Wolves to Carlisle (LRB)
Glen Crowe from Wolves to Exeter (ST,loan)
Michael Twiss from Man Utd to Sheff Wed (LM,loan)
Mark Westhead from ? to Wycombe (Eng,19.7.75,GK,06.99)
Chris Vinnicombe from Burnley to Wycombe (LWB)
Stacey Coldicott from WBA to Grimsby
Vittorio Pusceddu from Torino to Middlesbrough (34,LDM,loan)
Nelson Vivas from Lugano to Arsenal (28,RB)
Peter Beadle from Bristol R to Port Vale (26,ST)
Jason Roberts from Wolves to Bristol R (20,ST)
Danny Hay from Perth Glory to Crewe (Aust,23,DF)
Dougie Freedmann from Wolves to N.Forest (21.1.74,ST,06.02)
Ray McKinnon from Dundee U to Luton (28,CM)
Robert Jarni from Betis to Real Madrid (26.10.68,LWB,06.01)
Paul Hall from Portsmouth to Coventry
Darren Carr from Chesterfield to Gillingham (29,CD)
Peter van der Kwaak from Dordrecht to Reading (GK,06.00)
Lee Mills from Port Vale to Bradford (28,ST,06.02)
Per Pedersen from Blackburn to Strasbourg (29,ST,06.01)
Andy Lovelock from Coventry to Crewe (Eng,WNGR)
Sean McCarthy from Oldham to Plymouth (ST)
Dirk Lehmann from Cottbus to Fulham (27,ST)
Valentin Bargan from Recolta Laza(Roma) to Stemnic Buda(Roma) (GK)