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October 1998 transfers
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Vegard Skogheim from Viking retired

Charles Berstad from Konsvinger retired

Edward Linskens from VVV(Hol) retired

Gary Stevens from Tranmere retired

Vince Overson retired

John van Loan retired

Resa Torabian from Piroozi Teheran(Ira) to Standard Luik(Bel) (Ira,28,DF)

Sturt Thom from N.Forest to Oldham (DF,Loan-Ext.)

Lee Matthews from Notts C to Leeds (Eng,16.1.79,CMA,loan-return)

Stuart Tuck from Brighton to Retired

Dario Marcolin from Lazio to Blackburn (Ita,28.10.71,LCM,06.99,loan)

Nicky Spooner from Bolton to Oldham (Eng,5.6.71,CDM,loan)

Ivan Adzic from FC Borac to Rapid Vienna (Yug,24,S)

Alberto Acosta from San Lorenzo(Arg) to Sporting Lisbon (Arg,S)

Denis Alilovic from Maribor(Slo) to Gütersloh (Austral,19,S)

Amando Mlinar from Erfurt to Gütersloh (Cro,19,S,06.00)

Malcolm Christie from Nuneaton Borough(Eng) to Derby (Eng,18,SC)

Andy Turner from Portsmouth to C.Palace (Ire,23.3.75,LW)

Drewe Broughton from Norwich to Brentford (Eng,25.10.78,S)

Jasse Jalonen from KTP(Fin) to VPS(Fin) (Fin,M)

Petri Järvinen from FinnPa to FC Lathi (Fin,D)

Björn Hovendal from Mypa to FC Lathi (Swe,10.4.74,SC)

Jarkko Koskinen from Mypa to FC Lathi (Fin,D)

Rodrigo from FC Jazz to FC Lathi (Bra,24.5.71,AMRLC)

Antal Simon from TPV(Fin) to FC Lathi (Hun,M)

Tero Koskela from FC Jazz to PK-35 (Fin,M)

Ari-Pekka Roiko from FC Jazz to PK-35(Fin,M)

Tero Penttilä from FC Lathi to FC Haka (Fin,M)

Ismo Lius from FC Lathi to FC Hämeenlinna (Fin,30.11.65,SC,Caps35)

Terry Cooke from Man Utd to Wrexham (Eng,M,loan)

Lee Bradbury from Man City to C.Palace (Eng,23,S)

Robert Fuchs from De Graafschap to PSV (Hol,15.10.75,MF,06.03)

Michael Emenalo from Leida(Spa) to Maccabi Tel-Aviv (Nig,D)

Pat Morley from Shelbourne to Cork City

Gerald Dobbs from Dover Athletic(Ire) to Cork City(Ire)

Stephane Guivarc`h from Newcastle to Rangers(Fra,6.9.70,SC,06.01)

Gareth Ainsworth from Port Vale to Wimbledon

Fabio Caballero from Serro Portino(Arg) to Arsenal (Arg,31.1.78,SC,loan,06.99)

Heinz Vossen from Remscheid to Uerdingen (Ger,8.7.68,AMSC,06.99,loan)

Nathan Blake from Bolton to Blackburn (Wal,S,06.03)

Yasser El Hamrouni from Klub Stade(Tun) to Duisburg (Tun,24,8.76,SC,06.01)

Giovanni Lopez from Lazio to Napoli (Ita,D)

Ian Hathaway from Colchester to Aldershot(Eng) (MF)

Gary Twynham from Grantham(Eng) to Lincoln (MF,loan)

John O`Kane from Everton to Burnley (Eng,15.11.74,RB,loan)

Allan McManus from Hearts to Free Transfer (Sco,17.11.74,DF)

James Lambert from Reading to Walsall (Eng,14.9.73,MF,loan)

Russel Lapaty from Boavista to Hibs (Jam,MF)

Dwight Marshall from Luton to Plymouth (S)

Brima Kanu from Sporting Lokeren to SK Roeselare (Congo,SC,loan)

John Spencer from Everton to Motherwell (Sco,11.9.70,SC,loan=3month)

Nicos Kyzeridis from Portsmouth to Free Transfer (Gre,SC)

Tore Pedersen from Blackburn to Frankurt (Nor,29.9.69,DC)

Ged Brannan from Man City to Motherwell (06.01)

Ged Brannan from Norwich to Man City (Eng,26,MF,loan-return)

Oumar Konde from Basel to Blackburn (Swi,19,AMC,06.03)

Shai Holtzman from Hapoel Haifa to Austria Vienna (Isr,S)

Rafal Siadaczka from Widzew Lodz to Austia Vienna

Alex Mathie from Ipswich to Dundee (Sco,S)

Saliou Lassisi from Parma to Sampdoria (Ivorycoast,D)

Oleg Poutilo From NEC to Kapellen (Belarus,S)

William Prunier from Napoli to Kortrijk (Fra,GK)

Rumen Nenov from CSKA Sofia to Free Transfer (Bul,GK)

Vincent Sullivan from Dungarven Utd to Celtic

Andrew Liddell from Barnsley to Wigan

Douglas Hodges from Oldham to Northampton

Samuelle Dalla Bona from Atalanta to Chelsea B (Ital,16,AMSC)

Dian Petkov from Lokomotiv Sofia to Neftochimik (Bul,M)

Zlatko Yankov from Adanaspor to Neftochimik(Bul) (Bul,M)

Atanas Georgiev from Dobrudja to Levski Sofia (Bul,M)

Ogust-Joel Yofu from Stella Club(IvoryCoast) to Dobrudja(Bul) (Ivorycoast,M)

Gary Crosby from Lincoln to Burton Albion (34,RW)

Tony Browne from ? to Brighton (Eng,21,D/DMRLC)

Andy Arnott from Fulham to Brighton (MF)

Carl Heggs from Northampton to Rushden Diamonds (SC)

Ray Warburton from Northampton to Rushden Diamonds (DF)

John Sheridan from Doncaster to Oldham (Ire,1.10.64,LCM)

Bruce Dyer fom C.Palace to Barnsley (Eng,SC)

John McGinlay from Free Transfer to Oldham (Sco,8.4.64,SC)

Steve Barnes from Birmingham to Barnet (22,SC,06.00)

Scott Cooksey from Hednesford to Screwsbury (GK)

Marco Pascolo from FC Zürich to N.Forest (Swi,GK,loan-return)

Ian Culverhouse from Kingstonian to Brighton (Eng,34,RCB)

Salif Bagayoko from ? to Darlington (SC)

Andy Saville from Hull to Cardiff (SC,loan-return)

Steven Perkins from Stevenage to Woking (Eng,5.11.75,DC)

Nicoletti from Como to Piacenza (loan)

Rafffaele Ametrano from Genoa to Salernitana (Ita,MF)

Antonio Bernardini from Perugia to Salernitana (Ita,21.6.74,MF)

Giampiero Maini from Milan to Bologna (Ita,29.9.71,MF,loan)

Roberto Rambaudi from Lazio to Genoa (Ita,12.1.66,10.00,RW)

Vincenzo Grella from Carlton(Aus) to Empoli (Aus,21,AMC)

Arturo Di Napoli from Vicenza to Empoli (Ita,18.4.74,SC,loan)

Stefano Morrone from Cosenza to Lazio (Ita,MF) to Empoli (Ita,26.10.78,AMC,06.99,loan)

Lombardo from Perugia to Lugano (Ita,MF)

Fredholm from AIK Stockholm to Udinese (Swe,MF)

Domenico Morfeo from Fiorentina to AC Milan (Ita,16.1.76,LW,loan)

Goran Stankovski from ? to Tennis Borussia Berlin (Maz,4 Caps,20.11.76,SC,06.01)

Fabio Pecchia from Juventus to Sampdoria (Ita,24.8.73,RW,loan)

Alessandro Cucciari from Perugia to Ternana (Ita,11.6.69,MF)

Sandro Tovalieri from Perugia to Ternana (Ita,15.2.65,SC)

Esquardinha from Joinville(Bra) to Lecce (Bra,18,SC)

Moacir Bastos-Tuta from Paranaense(Bra) to Venezia (Bra,SC,06.01)

Daniele Moretti from Piacenza to Siena(Ita) (Ita,21.8.71,CM)

Marcelo Zalayeta fom Juventus to Empoli (Uru,5.12.78,SC,loan)

Giovanni Lopez from Lazio to Napoli (Ita,23.5.67,DC,loan)

Raffaele Ametrano from Genoa to Salernitana (Ita,25,MF,loan)

Igor Protti from Free Transfer to Reggiana (Ita,24.9.67,SC,06.99)

Christian Lönstrup from Cabliari to FC Kobenhavn (Den,4.4.71,MF,06.02)

Christian Zanetti from Inter to Cagliari (Ita,14.4.77,MF,06.99,loan)

Lubomir Moravick from Duisburg to Celtic (Slo,22.6.65,M)

Thorsten Flick from Frankfurt to Napoli (M,Ger,loan)

Armin Eck from Bielefeld to Fre Transfer

Rino Gattuso from Rangers to Salernitana (Ita,D)

Michele Padovano from Metz to Crystal Palace ((Ita,SC,no transfer cause of injury)

Alex Mathie from Ipswich to Dundee Utd (Sco,20.12.68,S)

Ian Duerden from Free Transfer to Doncaster (Eng,20,S,06.00)

Roger Boli from Dundee Utd to Bournemouth (Fra,S)

Ivan Helguera from Roma to Espanyol (Spa,MF,06.03)

Gerry Creaney from Oxford to St.Mirren (Sco,S)

Jean-Philippe Faure from Free Transfer to Sedan (Fra,31,MF,06.99)

Jim Leighton from Aberdeen retired (Sco,GK)

Antonio Foschini from Bologna to Varese(Ita) (Ita,21,DF)

Claudio Gallicchio form Bologna to Tristina(Ita) (Ita,MF)

Francesco Galeoto from Salernitana to Cagliari (Ita,11.3.72,DF)

Andrea Boscolo fom ? to Ternana (Ita,MF)

Stefano Ghirardello from Verona to Cremonese (Ita,S,06.01)

Eugenio Corini from Verona to Chieve (Ita,28,MF)

Martino Melis from Chievo to Verona (Ita,24.11.70,MR,06.01)

Salvatore Fresi from Inter to Salernitana (Ita,18.1.73,CDM)

William Prunier from Napoli to Kortrijk (Frau,14.8.67,CDM)

Matteo Pivotto from Roma to Chievo (Ita)

Kemajl Avdiu from Esbjerg(Den) to Bury (22.12.76,AC)

Scott Taylor from Bolton to Tranmere (Eng,5.5.76,S)

David Jones from Blackpool to Doncaster (Eng,MF)

Stuart Elliott from Newcastle to Wrexham (Eng,3.8.73,DF)

Stephen McCormick from Leyton O to Dundee (14.8.69,AC,loan-return)

Dariusz Kubicki from Carlise to Free Transfer (Pol,FB)

Olafur Pall Snorrason from Valur(Ice) to Bolton (16)

Andy Liddell from Barnsley to Wigan (Sco,28.6.73,S)

Steve Watts from Fisher Athletic to Leyton O (Eng,22,S,06.00)

Danny Sonner from Ipswich to Sheff Wed (N.Ire,9.1.72,MF)

Jason de Vos from Darlington to Dundee Utd (24,Can,CD)

Darren Edmondson from Plymouth to Huddersfield (Eng,4.11.71,CD,loan return)

Matt Lawrence from Fulham to Gillingham (Eng)

Tony Cotton from Sunderland retired (Eng,GK)

Nigel Clough from Man City to Free Transfer (Eng,19.03.66,AMC)

Michael Ferrante from Australian Istitute of Sport(Aus) to West Ham (Aus,17,AMC,06.01)

Craig Moore from Rangers to C.Palace (Aus,12.12.75,DC,06.02)

Tansel Baser from South Melbourne to Trapzonspor (S)

Dave Savage from Millwall to Northampton (Eir,30.7.73,M/AL)

Juanjo from Barcelona to Hearts (Spa,M)

Gary McSwegan from Dundee Utd to Hearts (Sco,S)

Geoff Horsfield from Halifax to Fulham (24,Eng,S)

Bob Taylor from Bolton to Tranmere (Eng,S)

Chris Casper from Man Utd to Reading (Eng,28.4.75,DC,06.02)

Jesper Mattsson from Halmstad to Huddersfield (Swe,D)

Marko Viduka from Croatia Zagreb to Celtic (Aus,S)

Ibrahim Bakayoko from Montpellier to Everton (Ivory Coast,S,06.03)

Cristian Lantignotti from Padova to Traviso (Ita,M,06.00)

Gilberto D`Ignazio from Udinese to Lucchese (Ita,D)

Stafano Rossini from Lecce to Genoa (Ita,D)

Riccardo Maspero from Lecce to Perugia (Ita,M)

Igor Protti from Lazio to Free Transfer (Ita,S)

Federico Giampaolo from Genoa to Salernitana (Ita,M)

Rod Thomas from Chester to Brighton (27,WNGR,06.01)

Ailton from Monterey(Mex) to Werder Bremen (Bra,25,SC,06.03)

Ivica Olic form Marsonia(Cro) to BSC Berlin (Cro,S)

Brian Deane from Benfica to Middlesbrough (30,Eng,S)

Peter Frank from Strasbourg to AB Kobenhaven (Den,D)

Craig Brown from Swindon to Plymouth (loan)

Andy Legg from Reading to Peterborough (Wal,28.7.66,LWB,loan)

Bobby Mimms from Rotherham to York (Eng,12.10.63,GK,loan)

Anders Ansersson from Blackburn to Aab Aalborg (Swe,15.3.74,M,loan)

Michele Padovano from C.Palace to Metz (Ita,SC,loan)

Denis Serban from Steaua Bucharest to Valencia (Rom,M)

Valerien Ismael from C.Palace to Metz (Fra,D)

Martin Dahlin from Blackburn to Hamburg (Swe,16.4.68,SC,loan)

Christian Saba from Bayern Munich to BSC Berlin (Gha,D)

Martin Frydek from Leverkusen to Duisburg (Csz,M)

Haysam Farouk Abolew from Helsingborg to Oostende (Egy,D)

Axel Smeets from Salamanca to Kortrijk (Bel,D)

Justice Eden Sandjan from Eendracht Aalst to Ekeren (Cam,D)

Nuno Luis Costa Santos from Setubal to Leeds (Por,GK)

Hans Gillhaus from FF Jaro to Den Bosch (Hol,M)

Fachry Tuasamu from PSV to Helmond Sports (Hol,M,loan)

Jason Dozzell from Northampton to Colchester (Eng,M)

Mattew Gregg from Torquay to Crystal Palace (Eng,GK)

Steve Watson from Newcastle to Aston Villa (Eng,1.4.74,DRC,06.03)

Vincent Guerin from Free Transfer(?) to Hearts (32,MF,Short-Term)

Zoran Mijanovic from FC Vojvodina(Yug) to Farense (MF)

Henri Makinwa from Rayo Vallecano to Vitoria Setubal (S,Nig)

Rob Witschge from Utrecht to Al Ittihad(A.Arab) (32,MF,08.99)

Dragan Vukoja from Salernitan to Genoa (Cro,13.2.69,SC)

Alessio Pirri from Salernitana to Genoa (MF)

Matt Lawrence from Fulham to Gillingham (24,DF)

Paolo Vernazza from Arsenal to Ipswich (18,loan)

Jimmy Quinn from Peterborough to Swindon (37,S)

Brian Parkin from Wycombe to Notts C (33,GK)

Andy Clarke from Port Vale to Wimbledon (LW,return loan)

Habib Sissoko from Preston North End to Uniao Leira (Fra)

Vincenzo Mazzeo from Padova to Cagliari (M,loan,Ita)

David Donaldson from Bradford to Free Transfer (M)

John McGinlay from Bradford to Free Transfer (S)

Steve Froggatt from Wolves to Coventry (25,LW)

Sergej Atelkin from Lecce to Boavista (8.1.72,SC,Ukr)

Tim Breaker from West Ham to QPR (2.7.65,RCD,loan,Eng)

Ludek Miklosko from West Ham to QPR (GK,loan,Cze)

Simon Haworth from Coventry to Wigan (30.3.77,S,06.02)

Geogi Darraselia from Kolkheti Poti to Zafririmi Hoholon(Georgia,25,AMC)

Viktor Paco from Flamurtari Vlore to Hapoel Jerusalem (S)

John van Loen from APOEL Nicosia Retired

Marcin Zewlakow from Lech Poznan to KSC Beveren (21,S,loan)

Michal Zewlakow from Lech Poznan to KSV Beveren (21,D,loan)

Christian Saba from Bayern Munich to Hertha BSC Berlin (D)

Manuel Dimas from Juventus to Fenerbahce (16.2.69,DLC,06.01,Por)