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December 1998 transfers
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Reginald Ray from Le Mans to Chateuroux (Fra,30,SC,06.01)

Dominic Foley from Wolves to Notts C (Ire,7.7.76,SC,loan-return)

Leon Gutzmore from Billericay Town(Eng) to Aldershot (Eng,S)

Peter Beardsley from Free Tranfer to Hartlepool (06.99)

Nicola Berti from Tottenham to Alaves (Ita,14.4.67,MC,06.00)

Franco Vignola from Nice to Free Transfer (Fra,3,SC)

Luis Miguel from Espinho to Feirense (Por,18.12.70,SC)

Rica from Moreieense to U.Lamas (S)

Fernando from ? to Maia(Por) (Bra)

Da Silva from Farense to Penafiel (Bra,21,MF)

Roberto Ramos from Free Transfer to Pekin(Chin) (Spa)

Perica Ognjenovic from Red Star to Real Madrid (Yug,21,SC,06.04)

Jon Bakero from Gava(Spa) to Venados de Yucatan(Mex) (Spa,MF)

Stefano Giocchini from Venezia to Coventry (Ita,25.11.76,SC,06.99,loan)

Morton Hyldgaard from Ikast to Coventry (Den,20,GK)

Goce Sedloski from Sheff Wed to Free Transfer (Mac,10.4.74,DC)

Derek Lilley from Leeds to Hearts (Sco,9.2.74,SC,03.99,loan)

Jon Newsome from Bolton to Sheff Wed (Eng,6.9.70,DC,loan-return)

Leigh Jenkinson from Wigan to Hearts (Eng,29,LW)

Steve Davis from Luton to Burnley (Eng,30.10.68,DC,06.03)

Didier Domi from PSG to Newcastle (Fra,2.5.78,LB,06.03)

Lee Sharpe from Leeds to Sampdoria (Eng,25.7.71,LW,06.99,loan)

Nelson Alfaia from Free Transfer to Leca (Por,9.11.66,DC)

Sergio Duarte from Hibs to U.Lamas (Bra,20.1.65,DMC)

Atenas Kirov from Lokomotiv Sofia to Ferreira(Por) (Bul,13.11.69,SC)

Doug Hodgson from Northampton retired (Austral,27.2.69,DC)

Giampaolo Di Magno from Roma to Foggia (Ita,1.4.74,GK,06.99,loan)

Stefan Schwoch from Venezia to Napoli (Ita,19.10.69,SC,06.01)

Ashley Ward from Barnsley to Blackburn (Eng,24.11.70,SC,06.03)

Fabrice Correira from Gneugnon to Beuavais (Fra,19,DF,06.99,loan)

Nenem Carlos Alberto Lisboa from Rio de Janeiro to Lille (Bra,25,MF,06.99)

Alejandro Simionato from Las Palmas to Belgrano(Arg) (Arg,DC)

Patxi Salinas from Celta Vigo retired (Spa,17.11.63)

Otto Konrad from Zaragoza to Free Transfer (Aus,34,GK)

Mickael Madar from Everton to PSG (Fra,8.5.68,SC,06.00)

Oliveira from Gil Vicente to Lourosa(Por) (Por,SC)

Andre from Botafogo to Chaves (Bra,28,DC,06.99,loan)

Rui Alves from U.Lamas to Trofense (Por)

Mauro Airez from Estroil to Free Transfer (Arg,28.10.68,SC)

Julian Kmet from Sporting Lisbon to Lanus(Arg) (Arg,19.MLC,06.99,loan)

Ze Maria from Perugia to Vasco da Gama (Bra,25.7.73,RB,06.99,loan)

Jorginho from Kashima Antlers to Sao Paulo (Bra,34,RB)

Jose Miguel from U.Leiria to Free Transfer (Por,DC)

Eric Gaucho from Est.Amadora to Ourense (Bra,22.9.72,SC,06.99,loan)

Joao Pires from Academica to Alverca (Por,19.11.70,LW)

Quique Medina from Villarreal to Sevilla (Spa,DF,06.99,loan)

Cristian Bassedas from Velez Sarsfield to Fiorentina (Arg,MF)

Ludek Miklosko from West Ham Q.P.R. (was ol loan now contract)

Nicolas Ouedec from PSG to Montpellier (Fra,28.10.71,SC,06.01)

Kazuyoshi Miura from Verdy Kawasaki to Croatia Zagreb (Jap,26.2.67,SC,06.00)

Sylvain N`Diaye from Bordeaux to AA Gent (Fra,M)

Christophe Lauwers from Eendracht Aalst to Toulouse(Fra) (Bel)

Mark Watson from Free Transfer to Oxford (Can,7.9.70,DC)

Xavier Gravelaine from Montpellier to PSG (Fra,30,SC,06.01)

Anders Jacobsen from IK Start to Sheff Utd (Nor,30,DC,06.99)

Patrick Colleter from Marseille to Southampton (Fra,6.11.65,LB)

Stefan Vennberg from Örgryte to Halmstad (Swe,MF)

Hendrik Bertilsson from Örgryte to Halmstad (Swe,29,SC)

Mohammed-Kamil Mouktar from Seherspor to Ditzingen

Carlos Gomes from Vit.Setubal to Free Transfer (Spa,25,GK)

Agustine Ahinful from U.Leiria to Venezia (Gha,24,SC)

Jorge Febras from Free Transfer to Gil Vicente (Por,25.11.73,SC)

Renato from Sporting Lisbon to Vit.Setubal (21.1.77,DC,loan,06.99)

Scott Dobie from Clydebank to Carlisle (10.10.78,SC,loan-return)

Bruce Grobbelaar from Lincoln to Free Transfer (Zim,6.10.57)

Sidonio from Gil Vicente to Free Transfer (9.1.76,CDM)

Ismael Lopez from Alaves to Logrones

Marco Marciano from Charlton to Eindhoven (Austral,SC,06.99)

Rick van der Stelt from PSV to VVV (Hol,19,LM,06.99,loan)

Federico Dominguez from Espanyol to Velez Sarsfield (Arg,LB,loan-return)

Esteban Torre from Logrones to Toledo Spa,MF,06.00)

Jens Lehmann from Milan to Dortmund (Ger,10.11.69,GK)

Ibrahim Ba transfer from Milan to Newcastle canceled

Steffen Freund from Dortmund to Tottenham (Ger,19.1.70,DMRC,06.03)

Mohammed-Kamil Mouktar from Seherspor(Tur) to TSF Ditzingen(Ger)

Andreas Köpke from Marseille to Nürnberg (Ger,12.3.62,GK,06.01)

Michael Frontzek from Freiburg to Borussia MGB (Ger,20.3.64,D/DML,06.00)

Christian Hochstätter from Borussia MGB retired (Ger,19.10.63,D/DMRLC)

Alain Goma from Paris-SG to Tottenham (Fra,5.10.72,DRC,06.03)

Stefan Klos from Dortmund to Rangers (Ger,16.8.71,GK,06.03)

Farid Mondragon from Independiente(Arg) to Zaragoza (21.6.71,GK,06.99,loan)

Marcus Vaapil from Malmö FF to Hammarby (Swe,21,DF)

Mikael Hansson from Norrkoping to ?(China) (Swe,30,MF)

Magnus Samuelsson from Norrköping to ?(China) (Swe,26,MF)

Magnus Johansson from Göteborg to Groningen (Swe,26,DF)

Gunnlaugur Jonsson from Örebro to Kongsvinger(Nor) (Ice,24,DF)

Stale Andersson from Örgryte to ?(Nor) (Nor,28,MF)

Hlynur Birginsson from Örebro to Valur(Ice) (Ice,30,DF)

Janne Saarinen from Göteborg to HJK (Fin,21,MF)

Mats Rotting from Fredrikstad(Nor) to Gais (Swe,29,SC)

Thomas Perstedt from Stenungsund to Örgryte (Swe,29,GK)

Johan Elmander from Holmlund to Öregryte(Swe) (Swe,19,DF)

Patrik Antonen from Forward to Örebro (Swe,19,SC)

Per Andersson from Forward(Swe) to Örebro (Swe,20,MF)

Anders Magnusson from Västra Frölunda to Kallered(Swe) (Swe,31,S)

Klas Rubendahl from Holmalund(Swe) to Västra Frölunda (Swe,20,MF)

Magnus Larsson from Stenungsgrund to Västra Frölunda

Björn Lundberg from Stenungsgrund(Swe) to Västra Frölunda (Swe,27,AMF)

Peter Nilson from Askim(Swe) to Västra Frölunda(Swe) (Swe)

Peter Abelsson from Nybro to Trelleborg (Swe,21,DF)

Patrik Svensson from Olympic(swe) to Trelleborg (Swe,19,MF)

Jens Fjällström from Dalia Wanda(Chi) to Malmö FF (Swe,32,MF)

Hakan Lindqvist from Färjestaden to Kalmar FF (Swe)

Göran Bexell from Kalmar AIK to Kalmar FF (Swe)

Daniel Holm from Nybro(Swe) to Kalmar FF (Swe,22,MF)

Lasse Johansson from Öster to Kalmar FF(Swe) (Swe,22,MF)

Björn Nordberg from Halmstad to Ullared(Swe) (Swe,32,GK)

Conny Johansson from Laholm(Swe) to Halmstad (Swe,27,GK)

Johan Björklund from Olofström to Halmstad (Swe,20,S)

Roger Nordstrand from Stenugdund(Swe) to Halmstad (Swe,25,AMF)

Fredrik Gustafsson from Öster to Halmstad (Swe,22,AMF)

Olof Magnusson from Göteborg to Dais(Swe) (Swe,23,MF)

Roberto Rambaudi from Genoa to Free Transfer (Ita,12.1.66,RW)

German Villa from Espanyol to America de Mexico (Mex,25,MF,loan-return)

Peter Smith from Macclesfield to Crewe (Eng,18.9.78,MF,loan-return)

Paul Hartley from Raith Rovers to Hibs (Sco,WNGR)

Andy Morris from Chesterfield to Rochdale (17.11.67,S,06.00)

Hassan Kouchoul from Free Transfer to Southampton (Mor,26,MF,06.01)

Don Goodman from Hiroshima to Barnsley (9.5.66,SC,03.99,loan)

Peter Sevell from Kleppesto(Nor) to Haugesund (Nor,23,MF)

Anders Bromquist from Oster(Swe) to Haugesund (Swe,21,MF)

Toni Tervonen from FinnPa to Haugesund(Nor) (Fin,21,DC)

Lee Hodges from Ipswich to West Ham (2.3.78,loan-return)

Fumaca from Catuese(Bra) to Villarreal (Bra,22,MF,03.99,loan)

Howard Forinton from Birmingham to Plymouth (18.9.75,S,loan)

Scott Houghton from Southend to Peterborough (22.10.71,MF,loan-return)

Emilio Bottiglier from Hibs to Albion Rovers(Sco) (loan)

Lee Boylan from West Ham to Kingstonian(Eng) (2.9.78,S,loan)

James Hayter from Bournemouth to Salisbury (9.4.79,SC,loan)

Richard Hope from Darlington to Nothampton (22.6.78,DC,loan)

Jim Dobbin from Grimsby to Stockport (Sco,17.9.63,MF,loan)

Lance Key from Rochdale to Nortwich Victoria(Eng) (13.5.68,GK,loan)

Andrew Dawson from N.Forest to Scunthorpe (loan)

Chris Waddle from Free Transfer to Sheff Wed (Eng,14.12.60,RW)

Simon Davies from Luton to Macclesfield (23.4.74,MF)

Tetar Penev from Akademik Sofia to Botev Plovdiv(Bul) (Bul,MF)

Simeon Chilibonov from Slavia Sofia to Lokomotiv Sofia (Bul,MF)

Mitko Trendafilov from Neftochimik(Bul) to CSKA Sofia (Bul,MF)

Igor Harkovchenko from Levski Sofia to CSKA Sofia (Ukr,DF)

Martin Stankov from Slavia Sofia to Litex Lovech(Bul) (Bul,DF)

Jose Luis from Beira Mar to Free Transfer (8.9.68,DF)

Iishat Faizulin from Alverca to Racing Santander (Rus,5.3.73,loan-return)

Gustavo from HJK to Felgueiras (19,SC)

Dieb from Leca to Penafiel (23,SC,06.99)

Kiko from ampomaiorense to Estroil(Por) (22,MF,06.99,loan)

Tony Rougier from Hibs to Port Vale (Tri&Tab,17.7.71,WNGR)

Uwe Zimmermann from Wolfsburg released (Ger,11.2.62)

Alexander Bugera from Bayern Munich to Duisburg (Ger,8.8.78,SC,06.00)

Andoni Goicoechea retired (Spa,35)

Johan Langbjerner from Visby to Cafe Opera (Swe,21,MF)

Christian Mohlin from Visby to Cafe Opera (Swe,21,SC)

Magnus Olsson from Djurgarden to Cafe Opera (Swe,20)

Markus Aslund from Väsby to Cafe Opera(Swe) (Swe,19,MF)

Joakim Olsson from Häcken to Austria Vienna (Swe,29.9.72,GK)

Magnus Samuelsson from Öster to Djurgarden (Swe,21.7.71,DF)

Jonas Nygren from Brommapojkarna to Asyriska(Swe) (Swe,15.1.74,SC)

Babis Stefanidis from Brommapojkara to Celtic (Swe,17,MF)

Pablo Pionones from Brommapojkarna to Venezia (Swe,27.8.81,SC)

Magnus Johansson from IFK Göteborg to Groningen (Swe,10.11.71,DF,06.02)

Ray Kelly from Man City to Bohemians(Ire) (Ire,29.12.76,SC)

David Lee from Chelsea to Free Transfer (Eng,26.11.69,DC)

Daniel Scavone from Lierse to Harelbeke(Bel) (Bel,LB,06.99)

Hamisi Amani-Dove from AZ Alkmaar to Bad Bleiberg(Aus) (USA,24,SC)

Rachide Yachou from oostende to Waregem (22,SC)

Nourredine Hamouch from Ooostende to Waregem(Bel) (Mar,MF)

Paulo Futre Yokohama Flugels retired (Por,S)

Birkir Kristinson from Norrkoping to Bolton (Ice,GK,03.99,loan)

Craig Faulconbridge from Coventry to Hull (Eng,SC,06.99,loan)

Jason Perry from Lincoln to Hull (Wal,2.4.70,DRC)

Jon Whitney from Lincoln to Hull (Eng,23.12.70,DLC)

Danny Ferreira from Farense to Bournemouth (Por,SC,06.01)

Tony Thomas from Everton to Motherwell (Eng,12.17.72,RB)

Luis Litos from Beira Mar to Free Transfer (6.1.67,MF)

Jorge Febras from Academica to Feirense (25.11.73,SC,06.99,loan)

Michel from ? to Chaves (MF)

Nelson Morais from Compomaiorense to Free Transfer (24.3.74,RB)

Nandinoh from Benfica to Alverca (Bra,17.3.73,RB)

John Aloisi from Portsmouth to Coventry (Aus,5.2.76,SC,06.03)

Steven Tweed from Stoke to Dundee (Sco,9.8.72,DF)

Pavel Hapal from Tenerife to Olomouc (Cze,MF,06.99,loan)

Walter Gaitan from Rosario Central to Villarreal (Arg,CM,06.99)

Karel Rada from Trabzon to Slavia Prague (Cze,DF,loan)

Ally Pickering from Stoke to Burnley (Eng,22.6.67,RB,06.99)

Björn Mehnert from LR Ahlen to Dortmund B (Ger,22,M)

Ulf Raschke from SC Verl to LR Ahlen (Ger,SC)

Andreas Zeyer from Karlsruhe to Free Transfer

Srgjan Zaharievski from FC Silkers to Stuttgart (Maz,25,M,06.02)

Jorge Silva from Beira Mar to Uniao Lamas (7.8.68,MF)

Ignacio Erana from Free Transfer to Numancia (Spa)

Mixta from Real Madrid B to Tenerife (Spa)

Oscar Tellez from Valencia to Villarreal (Spa,2.4.75,DF)

Andrew Legg from Reading to Cardiff (Wal,28.7.66,LWB)

Daniel Tjernström from Örebro to AIK (Swe,24,MC,06.02)

Niklas Rasck from Örebro to Djurgarden (Swe,29,DF)

Matthias Johansson from Halmstad to Brommapojkarne(Swe) (Swe,27,MF)

Mats Lilienberg from Halmstad to Malmö (Swe,28,SC)

Daniel Kenedy from Free Transfer to Albacete (Por,18.2.74,DML,06.00)

Giacomo Zunico from Free Transfer to Cosenza (GK,06.00)

Goran Milosevic from Lleida to Espanyol (Yug,25,DLC,loan-return)

David Sanchez from Lleida to Espanyol (loan-return)

Raul Tamudo from Lleida to Espanyol (SC,loan-return)

Diego Alonso from Bella Vista to Independiente (Uru,SC)

Keith Gillespie from Newcastle to Blackburn (N.Ire,18.2.75,AMRL,Caps17,06.03)

Marcel Maltritz from 1.FC Magdeburg to Wolfsburg (Ger,20,D/MRLC,06.01)

Dario Simic from Croatia Zagreb to Inter (Cro,23,D)

Didier Martel from Paris-SG to Utrecht (Fra,26.10.71,SC,06.00)

Michael Reynolds from Emley(Eng) to Ayr Utd(End)

Paul Curtis from Gillingham to Fulham

Holger Gaißmayer from 1.FC Köln to Oberhausen (Ger,2.7.70,SRC)

Radoslaw Gilewicz from Karlsruhe to FC Tirol (Pol,8.5.71,SLC)

Marc Arnold from BSC Berlin to Karlsruhe (South Africa,19.9.70,AMR)

Neil McCann from Hearts to Rangers (Sco,11.8.74,D/ML,06.03)

Mario Gori from DC United to Miami Fusion (Arg,6.1.73,DL)

Stefan Ishizaki from Ragsveds(Swe) to AIK (Swe,M)

Salvatore Giunta from Albacete to Cannes (Ita,D)

Gianluca Sordo from Bari to Cannes (Ita,D)

Phil Gridelet fom Stevange to Woking (Eng,M)

Alphonse Mebounou from Iraklis Salonica(Gre) to Braga (Cam,27,S)

Marco Caneira from Sporting Lisbon to Beira Mar (Por,9.2.79,CD,06.99,loan)

Ricardo Sousa from FC Porto to Beira Mar (1.7.76,MF,06.99,loan)

Peter Pipcsei from FC Porto to Salzburg (Hun,CDM)

Daniel Kenedy from FC Porto to Free Transfer (18.2.74,LDM)

Oleg Luzhny from Dynamo Kiev to Benfica (Ukr,5.8.68,RB,06.02)

Kostas Salapasidis from ? to Compostela (Gre,S,06.01)

Igor Lediakhov from Yokohama Marinos to Sporting Gijon (Rus,30,MF,loan-return)

Gerard Poschner from Stuttgart to Venezia (Ger,28,MF,06.01)

Paulo Cesar Baier from ? to Venezia (Bra,DF)

Teddy Lucic from Gothenburg to Bologna (Swe,15.4.73,SWDC,06.01,Caps14)

Jacob Friis Hansen from Hamburg retired (Den,31,D)

Harry Decheiver from Dortmund retired (Hol,SC)

David Batty from Newcastle to Leeds (Eng,2.12.68,CM,06.03)

Mark Viduka from Celtic to Croatia Zagreb

Piotr Reiss from Lech Poznan to Hertha BSC Berlin (Pol,26,SC,06.02)

Manuel Helder from Boavista to Paris-SG (Por,26,CDM)

Dean Saunders from Sheff Utd to Benfica (Wal,21.6.64,Caps63,SC) £500.000

Brian Laudrup from Chelsea to Fc Kobenhavn(Den,22.2.69,RW,06.01)

Igoris Morinas from Jalgiris Vilnius to Hannover 96 (Lit,23,SC,06.01)

Baya-Baya from TuS Celle(Ger) to Arminia Bielefeld (Cam,20,M)

John van Buskirk from Uerdingen to LR Ahlen (USA,13.4.72,SC)

Jean-Michel Ferri from Istanbul to Liverpool (Fra,M)

Toze from Free Transfer to Chaves (CD)

Raul Barbosa fro, U.Madeira to Boavista (26,RB)

Patrik Eriksson-Ohlsson from Västeras to Djurgarden (Swe,DF)

Thomas Rasmussen from Sint-Truiden to Tongeren(Bel) (Den,laon)

Rivas from Eendracht Aalst to Sint Niklaas (Bra,19,S)

Edmilson from Standard to Oostende (Bra,S)

Wim Kiekens from Antwerp to Fortuna Sittard (Bel,30,DF,06.99)

Pedro Barny from Free Transfer to Aves(Por) (20.7.66,CD,06.99)

Charlie Griffin from Chippenham Town to Swindon (19,S)

Neale Fenn from Swindon to Tottenham (Ire,18.1.77,S,loan-return)

Bruce Grobelaar from Free Transfer to Lincoln City (Zim,6.10.57,GK)

Neville Southall from Free Transfer to Torquay (Wal,16.9.58,GK)

Joaquim Neves from FC Porto to Chaves (Por,24.12.70,RB,06.99,loan)

Luizao from Vasco da Gama to Deportivo (Bra,21,S,loan-return)

Milla from ? to U.Lamas (Guinea,20,S)

Marcelo from Penafiel to Feirense (Bra,30.3.71,DF,06.99)

Jens Nordström from Olympic(Swe) to Malmö (Swe,22)

Martin Aslund from Norrköping to AIK (Swe,10.11.76,AMLC,Caps1,06.03)

Peter Sampo from FinnPa to HIK (Fin,16.5.74,AMR)

Ville Andersson from FinnPa to HIK (Fin,21.12.72,D/DML)

Niclas Grönholm from FinnPa to HIK (Fin,16.6.68,S)

Kari Laukkanen from FinnPa to RiPS(Fin) (Fin,14.12.63,GK)

Richard Tebeiro from Croatia Zagreb to Degerfors (Swe,17.10.71,S)

Kai Nyyssönen from Motherwell to FC Haka (Fin,10.6.72,CMA)

Janne Savolainen from FinnPa to FC Haka (Fin,21.1.69,SWD/DMC,06.00)

Tony Elomaa from FinnPa to Ikast(Den) (Fin,25.5.70,AMRL)

David Wilson from Ljungskile(Swe) to FC Haka (Eng,20.3.69,CDM)

Sükrü Uzuner from FinnPa to HJK (Tur,2.2.69,S)

Sami Mahlio from MyPa to Odd Grenland(Nor) (Fin,12.1.72,CM)

Matti Hiukka from RoPS(Fin) to PK-35 (Fin,5.5.75,S,06.00,WNGR)

Erkka Lehtola from HJK to HIFK(Fin) (Fin,23.1.72,WNGR)

Mika Kottila from HJK to Brann (Fin,22.9.74)

Harri Ylönen from FC Haka to Brann (Fin,21.12.71,CDM)

Jarkko Wiss from HJK to Molde(Nor) (Fin,17.4.72,CDM)

Paul Williams from Gillingham to Bury (Eng,11.9.69,LW)

Simon Marsh from Oxford to Birmingham (Eng,29.1.77,LB,06.03)

Francois Keller from Strasbourg to Fulham (Fra,CDM,06.99)

Peter Beardsley from Fulham to Free Transfer (Eng,18.1.61,CMA)

Jesper Mattsson from Halmstad to N.Forest (Swe,18.4.68,DC,06.01)

Brian Donaghey from Omagh Town to Cliftonville (9.8.71,MF)

Tim McCann from Cliftonville to Glantoran (25.9.71,MF)

David McCallen from Glentoran to Glenavon (26.2.70,S)

Elber Pacha from AIK to Hammarby (Swe,16)

Thomas Andersson from Brage(Swe) to Enköping(Swe) (Swe,20.1.68,SC)

Jesper Ljung from Helsingborg to Vejle(Den) (Swe,26,CDM,06.01)

Matthias Östberg from Ludvika(Swe) to Norrköping (Swe,MF)

Mathias Flodström from Atvidarberg to Norrköping (Swe,26,S)

Pär Millquist from AIK to Brommapojkama (Swe,31,DF,06.00)

Ian Lawson from Blackpool to Huddersfield (Eng,4.11.77,S,loan-return)

Craig Faulconbridge from Dunfermline to Coventry (20,S,loan-return)

Johan Anegrund from Västra Fröunda to AIK (Swe,1.3.73,D)

Mark Watson from Free Transfer to Walsall (Can,27,CD)

Russell Huggon from Ross Country to Hibs (Can,19,loan-return)

Jorge Cadete from Celta Vigo to Benfica (Por,27.8.68,SC,06.02)

Vilmos Sebok from Ujpest Dosza to Bristol C (Mol,DF)

Antonio Miranda from Leixoes(Por) to Santa Clara(Por) (33,MF)

Rica from Ourense to Chaves (6.1.78,GK,06.01)

Chris Wilder from Northampton to Sheff Utd (23.9.67,RWB,loan-recall)

Paul Devlin from Notts C to Sheff Utd (Eng,14.4.72,S,loan-recall)

Andreas Bild from Öster to Hammarby

Walquier Mota from Niort to KV Oostende (Fra)

Sören Lundberg from Gunnilse to Minor Team (Swe,9.8.69,S)

Aleksej Jeremenko from Tromso to HJK Helsinki (Rus,17.1.64,MRLC)

Lars-Gunnar Carlstrand from Strömsgodset to Elfsborg (29.8.73,S)

Niclas Svensson from Stabaek to Northampton (Swe,3.9.70,S)

Bo Anderson from Lyngby to Bristol C (Den,GK)

Rossen Kirrilov from Litex Lovech to Adanaspor (Bul,24,DF,06.00)

Michael Turner from Bilston Town to Barnsley (22,S,06.99,loan)

Moleiro from Vit.Setubal to Feirense (21,CDM)

Romeu from FC Porto to Maritimo (8.10.74,S,loan)

Jackson Silva from Beira-Mar to Mogi Mirim(Bra) (Bra,6.11.73,MF,06.99)

Dmitry Radchenko from Deportivo to Compostela (Rus,S,06.99,loan)

Luciano Iturrino from ? to Eibar (35,DF,06.99,loan)

Guillermo Morigi from Valencia to Velez Sarsfield (Arg,1.3.74,MF,06.99,loan)

Juan Antonio Perez Bolo from Athletic Bilbao to Rayo Vallecano (Spa,5.3.74,S,06.99,loan)

Celaya from Tallares de Cordoba to Merida (Arg,S,06.99,loan)

Phil Whitehead from Oxford to West Brom (17.12.69,GK,06.02)

Dean Blake from Southampton to Free Transfer (18,MF)

Kevin James from Southampton to Free Transfer (18,S)

Steve Blatherwick from Burnley to Chesterfield (Eng,20.9.73,CD)

Warren (or Nathan) Peel from Winsford Utd to Stevenage Borough (S)

Glen Thomas from Brighton retired

Nir Berkovic from Anderlecht to Arsenal B (Isr,16,MC,06.00)

Javier Lopez Vallejo from Osasuna to Villarreal to Osasuna(Spa,GK,06.99,loan)

Michael Stensgaard from FC Kobenhavn to Southampton (Den,24,GK)

Ben Iroha from Free Transfer to Watford (Nig,29.11.69,DLC)

Einar Brekkan from Västeras to Örebro (Ice,27,CMA)

Henrik Lindberg from Kungbacka IB(Swe) to Santa Clara(Por) (Swe,24,CD)

Andreas Johansson from Degerfors to AIK (Swe,20,S)

Mike Franks from PSV to Roosendaal (Can,21,GK,06.99,loan)

Antonio Da Silva from FC Porto to Maritimo (Bra,21,CMA,06.99,loan)

Cabe from Free Transfer to Machico(Por) (29.10.70,MF)

Raphael Guerreiro from Free Transfer to Chateauroux (Fra,24.4.68,MF)