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Febuary 1999 transfers
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Da Silva from Farenza((Por) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Daniel from Desportiva-ES(Bra) to Atletico Mineiro(Bra) (Bra,19,DR,25k)

Espínola from Inter-RS(Bra) to Cruzeiro (Eng,DF,loan)

Casinha from Gama(Bra) to Bragantino(Bra) to (Bra,SC,loan-return)

Wágner from XV de Piracicaba(Bra) to Gama(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Lima from Atletico Mineiro(Bra) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Magero from Gloria de Vacaria(Bra) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,GK)

Humberto from Volta Redonda(Bra) to Rio-Branco-ES(Bra) (Bra,SC)

Tinho from Vasco da Gama(Bra) to Rio-Branco-ES(Bra) (Bra,DC)

Dirceu from Fluminense(Bra) to Rio Branco-ES(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Wellerson from Fluminense(Bra) to Rio Branco-ES(Bra) (Bra,GK)

Pinga from Fortaleza(Bra) to Madureira(Bra) (Bra,33,DF,06.99)

Julinho from Joinville(Bra) to Ponte Preta(Bra) (Bra,06.99,loan)

Léo from Uniao Sao Joao(Bra) to Palmeiras (Bra,DL)

Pingo from Botafogo to Corinthians (Bra,MC)

Evanílson from America-MG(Bra) to Cruzeiro (Bra,DR,loan)

Maizena from Fortaleza(Bra) to Cruzeiro (Bra,GK,06.99)

Flávio Costa from Rio-Branco-SP(Bra) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,SC)

Wilson Goiano from Inter de Limeira(Bra) to Santa Cruz(Bra) (Bra,DR)

Léo from ? to Sampaio Correa(Bra) (Uru,GK)

Lionel Perez from Newcastle to Lyon (Fra,24.4.67,GK,loan)

Martyn Booty from Reading to Southend (Eng,30.5.71,DR)

Riccardo Bonetto from Juventus to Beveren(Bel) (Ita,20.3.79,AMC)

Marco Branca from Retirement to Middlesborough (Ita,6.1.65,SC)

Claus Eftevaag from Lierse(Bel) retired (Nor,20.12.67,DF)

Olivier Renard from Charleroi(Bel) to Udinese (Bel,24.5.79,GK)

Sandro`Marcelo`Souza from Strasbourg to Charleroi(Bel) (Bra,15.11.78,AMC)

David Pizarro from River Plate to Wanderers(Chile) (Chile,11.9.79,MF)

Jason Dair from Raith Rovers to Dunfermline (Sco,15.6.74,D/ML)

Christian Roberts from Cardiff to Hereford (Wal,22.10.79,SC,loan)

Erwin Leurink from Emmen(Hol) to Heracles(Hol) (Hol,29.8.72,AML,06.01)

Eric Kortchaguine from PSV to MVV (Rus,SC,06.99,loan)

Jerry Taihuttu from MVV to Helmond Sport(Hol) (Hol,29.01.70,SC,06.99,loan)

Won-Jung Seo from Strasbourg to Suwon Samsung(S.Kor) (S.Kor,17.12.70,SC)

Mariusz Kukielka from Roda JC(Hol) to Amica Wronki(Pol) (Pol,7.11.76,SC,06.99,loan)

Peter Hofstede from Helmond Sport(Hol) to Emmen(Hol) (Hol,28.1.67,SC,06.03)

Ryan Denys from Brentford to Carshalton(Eng) (Eng,16.8.78,WNGR,loan)

Leo Fortune-West from Brentford to Rotherham (Eng,9.4.71,SC,35k)

Paul Tosh from Hibs to Exeter (Sco,18.10.73,SC,loan)

Clayton Blackmore from Middlesbrough to Barnsley (Wal,23.9.64,MF,06.01,Free)

Craig Armstrong from N.Forest to Huddersfield (Eng,23.5.75,DL,06.01,750k)

Kevin Nicholls from Charlton to Brighton (Eng,2.1.79,MF,loan)

Roger Koordes from Port Vale released (Hol,13.6.72,MF)

Jan Jansson from Port Vale released (Swe,26.1.68,MF)

Tommy Wright from Man City to Wrexham (N.Ire,29.8.63,GK,loan)

Neil Howarth from Macclesfield to Cheltenham (Eng,15.11.71,DF,7k)

Jamie Barnwell-Edinboro from Un-attached to Doncaster (Eng,26.12.75,SC,06.99)

Rob Witschge retired (Hol,22.8.66,AMSL)

Gary Strodder from Notts C to Hartlepool (Eng,1.4.65,DC)

Gary Strodder from Rotherham to Notts C (Eng,1.4.65,DC,loan-return)

Kevin Rapley from Brentford to Notts C (Eng,21.9.77,SC,06.01,50k)

Scott McCulloch from Dunfermline to Dundee Utd (Sco,29.11.75,DML,300k)

Gavin Ward from Bolton tto Stoke (Ire,30.6.70,GK,06.02)

Ian Feuer from New England to Colorado (USA,27,GK)

Roy Myers from Deportivo Saprissa(CostaRica) to MetroStars (CostaRica,4.13.69,MF)

Andreas Maier from ? to Miami (27,MF)

Mohenjo "Pepe" Smith from ? to Miami (Jam,23,DF)

David Hillier from Portsmouth to Bristol R (Eng,19.12.69,MC,06.02)

Olivier Renard from Charleroi to Udinese (Fra,19,GK)

Tony Parks from Barrow(Eng) to Scarborough (Eng,28.1.63,GK)

Colin Alcide from Lincoln to Hull (Eng,14.4.72,SC)

Zatyai Knight from ? to Fulham (Eng,19,DF,06.02)

Tommy Tyne from ? to Millwall (Eng,17,SC,06.01)

Ross Aloisi from Lorient(Fra) to Hearts (Aus,SC,05.99,loan)

Ian Arnold from Kidderminister to Southport (Eng,26,SC)

Dani Rodrigues from Farense to Southampton (Por,18,SC)

Ian Feuer from Rushden&Diamonds to New England(USA) (USA,27,GK,loan-return)

Sergio Goycochea from ? retired (Arg,GK)

Dida from Cruzeiro to Milan (Bra,24,GK)

Eric Boniface from Sochaux(Fra) to Gueugnon(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.99,loan)

Steve Boyeck from Rangers to Dundee (Sco)

Steve Howard from Hartlepool to Northampton (Eng,10.5.76,SC)

Goce Sedloski from Un-attached to Croatia Zagreb (Mac,10.4.74,DC)

Kevin Rapley from Brentford to Notts C (Eng,21.9.77,SC,loan)

Peter Degn from AGF Aarhus to Everton (Den,21,DF,06.02)

Hans Spillmann from Roda JC to MVV Maastricht (Hol,GK,06.02)

Ellery Cairo from Exelsior(Hol) to Feyenoord (Hol,3.8.78,SC,06.01)

Stephan van der Heyden from Roda JC to Germinal Beershot Antwerp (Bel,29,MF,06.02)

Edinho Baiano from Atletico Paranaense(Bra) to Vitoria(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Sandro Blum from Juventude(Bra) to Sport Recife(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Fabio Mello from Juventude(Bra) to Sao Paulo (Bra,MF)

Vaguinho from Guarani(Bra) to Ponte Preta(Bra) (Bra)

Ney Santos from Kaiserslautern to Parana(Bra) (Bra)

Carlos Alberto Dias from Fluminense to Parana(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Valdeir from Bordeuax to Parana(Bra) (Bra,SC)

Euller from Verdy Kawasaki(Jap) to Palmeiras (Bra,SC)

Marquinhas from Bahia to Palmeiras (Bra,MF)

Gustavo from Benfica to Internacional(Bra) (Bra)

Alonso from Cruzeiro to Guarani(Bra) (Bra)

Joanzinho from Cruzeiro to Guarani(Bra) (Bra)

Marcao from Juventude(Bra) to Guarani(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Rodrigo Gral from Juventude(Bra) to Gremio(Bra) (Bra,AMC)

Jorge Luiz from Palmeiras to Gremio(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Agnaldo from Vitoria(Bra) to Gremio(Bra) (Bra,SC)

Donizete Oliveira from Vitoria(Bra) to Cruzeiro (Bra,MF)

Donizete Amorim from Vitoria(Bra) to Cruzeiro (Bra,MF)

Geovanne from America-MG(Bra) to Cruzeiro (Bra,AMC)

Andre Santos from Ponte Preta(Bra) to Corinthians (Bra,RB)

Sandoval from CoritibA(Bra) to Atletico-PR(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Cairo from Parana(Bra) to Atletico Mineiro (Bra,SC)

Luiz Henrique from Sport Recife(Bra) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,20,DF)

Ednelson from Parana(Bra) to Inter de Limeira(Bra) (Bra,LB,12.99)

Regis from Inter de Limeira(Bra) to Parana(Bra) (Bra,GK,12.99)

Buiu from Mirassol(bra) to coritiba(Bra) (Bra,18,MRC)

Fabinho Fontes from Londrina(Bra) to Figueirense(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Edmilson from Sampaio Correa(Bra) to Gama(Bra) (Bra,30,MF)

Humerto from Gama(Bra) to Londrina(Bra) (Bra,29,MF)

Renato Gaucho from Un-attached to Bangu (Bra,SC,06.99)

Amarildo from Un-attached to Friburguense(Bra) (Bra,32,SC)

Rogerio from Comercial(Bra) released (Bra,SC)

Dutra from Comercial(Bra) released (Bra,DF)

Alex from Comercial(Bra) released (Bra,MF)

Andre Duarte from Matonense(Bra) to Comercial(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Juliano from Ituano(Bra) to Comercial(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Wilson Goiano from Botafogo to Inter de Limeira(Bra) (Bra,RB)

Messias from Santos to Portuguesa (Bra,MF,06.99,loan)

Adinam from Coritiba(Bra) to Goias(Bra) (Bra,GK)

Juninho from Atletico Mineiro to Sport Recife(Bra) (Bra,MF,loan-return)

Leandrinho from Amerca-RJ(Bra) to Bahia (Bra,19,LB,02.99,loan)

Ronaldo from Cruzeiro to Goias(Bra) (Bra,23,RB)

Jean Carlo from Guarani to Fluminese (Bra,MF,06.99,loan)

Mark Duthie from Ayr to Alloa(Sco) (loan)

Emilio Bottiglieri from Hibernian to Albion Rovers(Sco) (loan)

Dean Barrick from Bury to Ayr(Sco) (Eng,30.9.69,LB,loan)

Simon Brown from Tottenham to Aylesbury(Eng) (Eng,3.12.76,GK,loan)

Andrew Stuart from Dundee Utd to East Fife(Sco)

Scott Patridge from Torquay to Brentford (Eng,13.10.74,SC)

Cesar Ramirez from Sporting Lisbon to Argentinos Juniors (Par,21.3.77,SC,08.99,loan)

Bruno Gimenez from Sporting Lisbon to Estudiantes(Arg) (Arg,15.6.75,LW,02.00,loan)

Rafal Niznic from LKS Lodz to Brondby (Pol,24,MF,06.01)

Casper Larsen from Frem(Den) to Olstykke(Den) (Den,SC)

Andrei Diatel from Dinamo Moscoe to Harelbeke (Rus,19,SC,06.00)

Dimitri Mitchkov from Dinamo Moscow to Harelbeke (Rus,19,MF,06.00)

Frank Lukassen from De Graafschap to Heracles(Hol) (Hol,22.5.67,MF,06.99,loan)

John Eustace from Coventry to Dundee Utd (Eng,DF,06.99,loan)

Anthony Ormerod from Carlise to Middlesbrough (Eng,31.3.79,MF,loan-return)

Omer Riza from Arsenal to Den Haag (Eng,19,SC,06.99,loan)

Chris Waddle from Un-attached to Boston Utd(Eng) (Eng,14.12.60,LW)

Lee Howey from Burnley to Northampton (Eng,1.4.69,SC)

Robbie Pethick from Portsmouth to Bristol R (Eng,8.9.70,RWB)

Steven McGavin from ? to Southend (Eng,24.11.69,SC)

Lars Unger from Düsseldorf to Southend (Ger,30.8.72,AMLC,06.99,loan)

Tony Roberts from Millwall retired (Wal,4.8.69,GK)

Alex Mirankov from Scarborough to Hibernian (Yug,DC)

Gary Porter from Walsall to Scarborough (Eng,6.3.66,MF)

Mark Quayle from Notts C to Grantham Town(Eng) (Eng,SC,loan)

Lee Collins from Aston Villa to Stoke (Eng,3.2.74,DF,06.01)

Marcos Gutierrez from Mexican Toros de Neza to Huracan (GK,02.00,loan)

Riccardo Magherini from Prato(Ita) to Adelaide City Zebre (25,MF)

Daniel Baston from Beira-Mar to Compostela (Rom,25,SC)

Nathan Ellington from Walton&Hermsham(Eng) to Bristol R (Eng,17,SC,06.04)

Matt Carruthers from Dover Athletic to Manfield (Eng,SC,06.99)

Greame Atkinson from Scunthorpe to Scarborough (Eng,11.11.71,MF,06.02)

Robert Fleck from Reading retired (Sco,11.8.65,SC)

Stephane Pounewatchey from Port Vale to Colchester (Fra,DC,06.02)

Gerry Creaney from Un-attached to Notts C (Sco,13.4.70,SC)

Peter Beadle from Port Vale to Notts C (Eng,13.5.72,SC)

Marcelo Carracedo from Rosario Central(Arg) to Universidad Catolica(Chile) (Arg,28,MF)

Jose Garcia Calvo from Real Valladolid to Real Madrid (Spa,25,DF)

Sandro Marcelo de Souza from Racing Strasbourg to Charleroi (Bra,20,MF,06.01)

Rody Turpijn from Ajax to De Graafschap (Hol,25.1.78,SC,06.99,loan)

Djimi Traore from Laval to Liverpool (Fra,18,DF)

Andy Campbell from Sheff Utd to Middlesbrough (Eng,18.4.79,SC,loan-return)

Niklas Westberg-Andersson from AIK to Sirius(Swe) (Swe,GK,loan)

Brynjar Björn Gunnarsson from Valerenga to Örgryte (Ice)

Mark Fotheringham from ? to Celtic (Sco,15,DMC)

Marian Pahars from Skonto Riga to Southampton (Lat,22,SC)

David Weir from Hearts to Everton (Sco,10.5.70,DC,06.02)

Bojand Jordic from Brommapojkama to Man Utd (Swe,17,MF,06.03)

Harles Boudier from Union de Santa Fe(Col) to Olimpia (MF,02.00,loan)

Jose Maria Paz from River Plate to Gimnasia(Arg) (Arg,DC,02.00,loan)

Stefani Miglioranzi from MLS drafted to Chicago (USA,MF)

Aaron Lewis from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,MF)

Randy Merkel from MLS drafted to Columbus (USA,DF)

Bobby Meyer from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,DF)

Eric Kvello from MLS drafted to MetroStars (USA,SC)

Andrew Parrish from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,DF)

Jim Manganello from MLS drafted to MetroStars (USA,MF)

David Hayes from MLS drafted to DC United (USA,SC)

Todd Duncan from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,DF)

Kevin Kalish from MLS drafted to Kansas City (USA,DF)

Leighton O`Brien from MLS drafted to New England (USA,MF)

Darren Warham from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,DF)

Greg Sutton from MLS drafted to Chicago (USA,GK)

Sam Franklin from MLS drafted to Los Angeles (USA,MF)

Jamie Clark from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,DF)

Tom Poltl from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,MF)

Jeremy Aldrich from MLS drafted to Miami (USA,DF)

Jeff Bilyk from MLS drafted to Columbus (USA,MF)

Keith Beach from MLS drafted to DC United (USA,MF)

Kavin Knight from MLS drafted to MetroStars (USA,MF)

Wojtek Krakowiak from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,SC)

John Wilson from MLS drafted to Kansas City (USA,DF)

Seth George from MLS drafted to Los Angeles (USA,SC)

Paul Broome from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,MF)

Evan Whitfield from MLS drafted to Chicago (USA,DF)

Tony Soto from MLS drafted to Los Angeles (USA,DF)

Matt Chulis from MLS drafted to Columbus (USA,DF)

Andrew Mittendorf from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,SC)

John Wolyniec from MLS drafted to MetroStars (USA,SC)

Bobby Rhine from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,SC)

Chris Brown from MLS drafted to Kansas City (USA,SC)

Lazo Alavanja from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,MF)

Richard Mulrooney from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,MF)

Jay Heaps from MLS drafted to Miami (USA,MF)

Jason Moore from MLS drafted to DC United (USA,MF)

Craig Yacks from MLS drafted to Columbus (USA,MF)

Tim Martin from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,DF)

Nansha Kalongi from MLS drafted to MetroStars(USA,DF)

Anthony Farace from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,SC)

John Jones from MLS drafted to Los Angeles (USA,MF)

John DeBrito from MLS drafted to Columbus (USA,MF)

David Winner from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,GK)

Gabe Jones from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,SC)

Juan Ramos (from MLS drafted to Miami (USA,DF)

Carlos Farias from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,SC)

Ryan Turner from MLS drafted to Kansas City (USA,MF)

Chris Fox from MLS drafted to New England (USA,DF)

Tomas Wygonik from MLS drafted to Chicago (USA,DF)

Max Viera from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,MF)

Orlando Perez from MLS drafted to Los Angeles (USA,DF)

Mike Butler from MLS drafted to Columbus (USA,SC)

Darren Sawatzky from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,SC)

Kevin Anderson from MLS drafted to Colorado (USA,MF)

Kirk Wilson from MLS drafted to Dallas (USA,MF)

Dusty Hudock from MLS drafted to Miami (USA,GK)

Petter Villegas from MLS drafted to MetroStars (USA,MF)

Adam Frye from MLS drafted to San Jose (USA,DF)

Brandon Prideux from MLS drafted to Kansas City (USA,DF)

Gabe Eastman MLS drafted to Los Angeles (USA,DF)

Yuri Kovtun from Dynamo Moscow to Spartak Moscow (Rus,DF)

Nikolai Pisarev from Spartak Moscow to Dynamo Moscow (Rus,SC)

Lilian Astier from St.Etienne to Nice (Fra,21,RB,06.99)

Darren Bullock from Swindon to Bury (Eng,12.2.69,MC)

Robert Gaucho from Cruzeiro to Miami Fusion (Bra,30,SC)

Mihalis Panopoulos from Club? to Dundee Utd (Gre,23)

Robert McKinnon from Hearts to Hartlepool (FB,loan)

Ross Venables from Raith to East Fife (loan)

Craig Tully from Dundee to Forfar(Sco) (loan)

David Stewart from Ayr(Sco) to Dumbarton(Sco) (loan)

John Murphy from Hamilton(Sco) to Albion(Sco) (Sco,loan)

Derek Holmes from Hearts to Raith (loan)

Paul Harvey from Raith(Sco) to Livingston(Sco) (loan)

John Elliot from Dunde to Arbroath(Sco) (loan)

David Elliot from Hibernian to Wigan (Eng,13.11.69,LW,loan)

Marc Anthony from Celtic to Clydebank (loan)

Bo Hansen from Brondby to Bolton (Den,26,SC)

Rene Higuita from Un-attached to Independiente Medellin(Col) (Col,GK,02.00)

Sergio Joao from America Cali(Col) to Wilstermann(Bol) (Bra,31,SC)

Marcelinho Paulista from Guarani to Fluminense (Bra,MC)

Andrei from Betis to Santos (Bra,26,DF,02.00,loan)

Sinval from Coritiba(Bra) to Inter de Limeira(Bra) (Bra,SC)

Gallo from Sao Paulo to Botafogo (Bra,MC)

Robson from Sport(Bra) to Parana Clube(Bra) (Bra,25,SC)

Junior Tuche from Palmeiras to Botafogo (Bra,DF)

Richard from America Mineiro to Goias(Bra) (Bra,31,DF)

Florian Urban from Eendracht Aalst to Upjest Dosza(Hun) (Hun,31,MF)

Jürgen Delva from Meulebeke(Bel) to KV Kortrijk (Bel,GK,06.01)

Roy Young from Aldershot(Eng) to Billericay (Eng,SC)

Steve Talboys from Sutton Utd(Eng) to Aldershot(Eng) (Eng,32,MF)

Sam-Dominique Abouo from ASEC Abidjan(Ivo) to Sporting Lokeren (IvoryC,25,DF,06.03)

Lenny Johnrose from Bury to Burnley (Eng,29.11.69,MF,06.02)

Geert Braem from Go Ahead Eagles to SV Deurne(Hol) (Hol,DF)

Davide Antonio Xausa from Club?(Can) to Dordrecht (Can,22,SC,06.99)

Jovo Bosancic from Guingamp released (Yug,MF)

Xavi from Barcelona to Barcelona B (Spa,MF)

Jan Moons from Germinal Ekeren to Germinal Beershot Antwerp (Bel,GK,06.03)

Justin Jackson from Notts C to Halifax (Eng,10.12.74,SC,06.01)

Tony Witter from Welling Utd to Scunthorpe (Eng,12.8.65,DC)

Franck Sauzee from Montpellier to Hibernian(Sco) (Fra,28.10.65,MF,06.00)

Lawrence Davis from Bradford to Brighton (Eng,23,SC)

Hector Carabali from Barcelona(Ecu) to Sao Paulo (Ecu,26,MC,02.00,loan)

Marcio Ferrari from Nautico to Spaort(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Germano from Nautico to Sport(Bra) (Bra,23,MF,06.99)

Da Silva from Sao Jose to Bahia (Bra,23,LB)

Junior from America Mineiro(Bra) to Bahia (Bra,30,DF)

Charles Baiano from Matonense(Bra) to Desportiva(Bra) (Bra,31,SC)

Carlos "Puma" from Taubate(Bra) to Londrina(Bra) (Arg,25,MC)

Thomas Razanauskas from Lens to Servette(Swi) (Lit,23,MF,06.99,loan)

Thomas Razanauskas from Flora Tallin to Lens (Lit,23,MF,06.99,loan)

Romain Crevoisier from SC Kriens(Swi) to FC Luzern

Miroslav Sovic from FC Kosice to Sparta Prague (Slo,MF)

Vlado Prohaszka from FC Kosice(Slo) to Sparta Prague (Slo)

Duda from Corinthians Alago(Bra) to FC Porto (Bra)

Franck Rolling from Un-attached to Vorwärts Steyr(Aut) (Fra,23.8.68,DF)

Mirolad Ratkovic from Sevilla released (Yug,MF)

Anders Limpar from Un-attached to Colorado Rapids (Swe,24.9.65,LW)

Alex Notman from Man Utd to Aberdeen (Sco,Sc,06.99,loan)

Tim Breaker from Un-attached to Q.P.R. (Eng,2.7.65,RB)

Peter Mustafa Andersson from Lira Lulea(Swe) to Sparvägen (Swe,MF)

Joakim Wingemark from Eskilstuna(Swe) to Sparvägen (Swe,MF)

Tobias Dalenlind from Köping(Swe) to Sparvägen (Swe,MF)

Niklas Höglund from Vallentuna(swe) to Sparvägen (Swe)

Jens Södergren from FOC Farsta(Swe) to Sparvägen (Swe)

Christian Kaufman from Enskede(Swe) to Sparvägen (Swe)

Mats Andersson from Värtan IK to Sparvägen (Swe,22,GK)

Linus Johansson from Värtan IK to Sparvägen (Swe)

Johan Söderström from Sparvägen to Värtan IK (Swe)

Klas Eriksson from Sparvägen to Värtan IK(Swe) (Swe)

Patrik Eklöf from Sparvägen to Habo FF(Swe) (Swe)

Kjell Frisk from Sparvägen(Swe) retired (Swe,GK)

Fernando Alvaro Picun De Leon from Feyenoord to Desportes Sporting Club(Uru) (Uru,14.2.72,DF,06.99,loan)

Rob Witschge from Al Ittihad(S.Arab) to Free Transfer (Hol,22.8.1966,MLC)

Jon Ford from Barnet to Kidderminister (End,12.4.68,DC)

Frederico Ardiles from Un-attached to Bedworth Utd(Eng) (Arg,19,MF)

Eric van der Merwe from Dordrecht to Tatabanya(Hun) (Hol,19.9.72,06.99,loan)

Jan Michels from Motherwell to Den Bosch (Hol,8.9.70,MF,06.01)

Jonathan Herrera from Club?(USA) to Dynamo Minsk (Ecu,18,MF)

Ilie Dumitrescu from Steaua Bucharest retired (Rom,6.1.69,LW)

Jimmy Bullard from Gravesend&Northfleet(Eng) to West Ham (Eng,WNGR)

John Barnes from Newcastle to Charlton (Eng,7.11.63,MF,06.99)

Panu Toivonen from FC Haka to Heerenveen (Fin,26.9.72,GK,06.99,loan)

Leon Kantelberg from Utrecht to Groningen (Hol,15.7.78,MF,06.99,loan)

Geert Bream from Go Ahead Eagles to SV Deurne (Hol,DF)

Jeffrey van der Stehen from Overpelt to SV Deurne (Hol)

David Koulengani from Helmond Sport to SV Deurne(Hol) (Congo,SC)

Cosimo Sarli from Southampton to Eendracht Aalst (Ita,13.3.79,SC,06.00)

Silvio Maric from Croatia Zagreb to Newcastle (Cro,24,M,06.03)

Tim Sherwood from Blackburn to Tottenham (Eng,30,M,06.02)

Arnar Gunnlaugsson from Bolton to Leicester (Ice)

Jefferson Gottardi from MLS(USA) to Tampa Bay (Bol,13.1.76,SC)

David Smith from Oxford to Stockport (Eng,26.12.70,MF)

John Harkes from DC United to New England (USA,3.8.67,MF)

Alberto Mendez from Arsenal to AEK Athens (24.11.75,MF,06.99,loan)

Christopher Wreh from Arsenal to AEK Athens (Lib,14.5.75,SC,06.99,loan)

David Pizarro from Wanderers(Chile) to River Plate (Chile,11.09.79,MF)

Luizao from Free Transfer to Vasco da Gama (Bra,1.11.75,SC)

Magnus Johansson from Brommapojkarna(Swe) to Tricase(Ita) (Swe,25)

Andre Alves da Cruz from Milan to Standard Liege (Bra,20.9.68,DLC,06.99,loan)

Glynn Hodges from N.Forest to Scarborough (Wal,MLC)

Julio Cesar from Dortmund to Panathinaikos (Bra,8.3.63,DC)

Dabid Chilufya from Konkola Blades(Zam) to ROPS(Fin) (Zam,MF,06.01)

Vincenzo Sarno from Napoli to Torino (Ita,10,SC)

Chris Marsden from Birmingham to Southampton (Eng,3.1.69,MF,06.02)

Arnold Scholten from FC Jaro to Den Bosch (Hol,36,MF,06.00)

Djima Oyawole from Metz to Troyes(Fra) (Togo,SC,06.99,loan)

Sebastian Perez from Blackburn to Bastia (Fra,24.11.73,FB,06.99,loan)

Cuban National team transfer canceled (will be 06.99)

Cuban National team moves to Bonn