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March 1999 transfers
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Arafath Heuvel from Colchester(Eng) released (Hol,24,ST)

Johan Garrelfs from RKC Waalwijk retired (Hol,6.9.65,GK)

Adrian Kunz from Werder Bremen to FC Zürich (Swi,30,SC,loan)

Charles Dajo from ? to Sporting Lokeren (IvoCoast,ST,06.03)

Brian McLaughlin from Celtic to Dundee Utd(Sco) (Sco,14.5.74,RW,Free)

Yang Chen from Guoan Beijing(China) to Frankfurt (China,25,SC,06.00,300k)was on loan,now bought)

Sorin Colceag from NK Zagreb(Cro) to Sporting Lokeren(Bel) (Rom,27,GK)

Derek Payne from Peterborough(Eng) released (Eng,26.4.67,MF)

Bryan Gunn from Hibs(Sco) retired (Sco,GK)

Graham Coughlin from Blackburn to Livingston(Sco) (Ire,23,DF)

David Worrall from Blackburn to Dundee Utd(Sco) (Ira,21,FB,50k)

Gary Nicol from Celtic to Inverness(Sco,loan)

John Elliot from Dundee(Sco) to Arbroath(Sco) (Sco,loan)

Mark Duthie from Ayr(Sco) to Alloa(Sco) (Sco,loan)

Jamie Carter from Hibs(Sco) to East Stirling(Sco) (Sco,loan)

John Bradford from Ayr(Sco) to Dumbarton(Sco) (Sco,loan)

Paul Blair from Greenock Morton(Sco) to Albion(Sco) (Sco,loan)

Mohamed Berthe from Bournemouth(Eng) to Hearts(Sco) (Fra,DC)

Steven Ramsey from Alloa(Bra) to East Fife(Sco) (Sco)

Ben Honeyman from Forfar(Sco) to East Fife(Sco) (Sco)

Gilbert Allan from East Fife(Sco) to Alloa(Sco) (Sco)

Neomar from ? to CRB(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Cléber from ? to CRB(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Erly from ? to CSA(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Naílson from ? to CSA(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Marcinho from Guarani(Bra) to América-RN(Bra) (Bra,25,RB)

Roger from Gama(Bra) to América-RN(Bra) (Bra,24,Gk)

Lino from Juventude(Bra) to Ponte Preta(Bra) (Bra,RB)

Curê from Portuguesa Santista(Bra) to Ponte Preta(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Daves from Botafogo(Bra) to ABC (Bra,20LB)

Rafael from Palmeiras(Bra) to ABC(Bra) (Bra,20,ST)

Dutra from Santos(Bra) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,LB,12.99,loan)

Nenê from Sporting Lisbon to Corinthians(Eng) (Bra,23,DF,06.99)

Tony Thorpe from Bristol City(Eng) to Luton(Eng) (Eng,10.4.74,ST,loan)

Richard Follett from N.Forest to Scunthorpe(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Sean Dyche from Bristol City(Eng) to Luton(Eng) (Eng,28.6.71,DF,loan)

Jamie Fullarton from Crystal Palace(Eng) to Bolton(Eng) (Eng,20.7.74,MF,loan)

Jamie Smith from Crystal Palace(Eng) to Fulham(Eng) (Eng,17.9.74,RB,loan)

Brian Parkin from Un-attached to Wimbledon (Eng,12.10.65,GK,Free)

George Donis from AEK Athens(Gre) to Sheffield Utd (Gre,31,RW,Free)

Steve Finney from Carlisle(Eng) to Leyton Orient(Eng) (Eng,31.10.73,ST)

Mike Newell from Aberdeen to Crewe(Eng) (Eng,34,ST,Free)

Chris Wilder from Sheffield Utd to Lincoln(Eng) (Eng,23.9.67,RB,loan)

Kris Lamb from Sunderland released (Eng)

Kevin Frampton from Sunderland released (Eng)

Mattew Pitts from Sunderland released (Eng)

Stuart Ingram from Sunderland released (Eng,MF)

Jose Antunes Fumaca from Colchester(Eng) to Barnsley(Eng) (Bra,22,LW,06.99)

Paul Bagshaw from Barnsley(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) (Eng,ST.loan)

Karl Rose from Barnsley(Eng) to Mansfield(Eng) Eng,St,loan)

Francisco Mori Cuesta - Pirri from Merida(Spa) to Barnsley(Eng) (Spa,28,LW)

Luke Cornwell from Fulham(Eng) to Q.P.R.(Eng) (Eng,St,loan)

Ross Weare from East Ham Utd(Eng) to Q.P.R.(Eng) (Eng,ST)

Jermaine Darlington from Aylesbury to Q.P.R. (Eng,LRWB,25k)

Richard Hurst from Q.P.R.(Eng) to Aylesbury(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Andy Linighan from Crystal Palace(Eng) to Q.P.R.(Eng) (Eng,18.6.62,DC,loan)

Steve Nicol from Doncaster(Eng) to Boston Bulldogs(USA) (Sco,37,DF)

Chris Greenacre from Man City to Northampton(Eng) (Eng,23.12.77,ST,loan)

Andy McLaren from Dundee Utd to Reading(Eng) (Sco,5.6.73,WNGR,100k)

Neil Clement from Chelsea to Preston North End(Eng) (Eng,LB,loan)

Stuart Elliott from Newcastle to Wrexham(Eng) (Eng,3.8.73,DF,loan)

Scott Gemmill from N.Forest to Everton (Sco,2.1.71,MC)

Chris Freestone from Northampton(eng) to Hartlepool(eng) (Eng,4.9.71,ST,75k)

Sean Eveers from Luton(Eng) to Reading(Eng) (Ire,10.10.77,MF,500k)

Roger Nilsen from Sheffield Utd to Tottenham (Nor,8.8.69,DLC,Free)

Alan Maybury from Leeds to Reading(Eng) (Eng,8.8.78,FB,loan)

Ian Hendon from Notts C(Eng) to Northampton(Eng) (Eng,5.12.71,DF,25k)

Nick Henry from Sheffield Utd to Walsall(Eng) (Eng,21.2.69,MC,Free)

Andy Gray from N.Forest to Oldham(Eng) (Sco,15.11.77,RW,loan)

Paul Thompson from Stevenage(Eng) To Gateshead(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Steve Cherry from Mansfield(Eng) to Oldham(Eng) (Eng,GK,Free)

Kenny Brown from Un-attached to Gillingham(Eng) (Eng,11.7.67,DF,Free)

Kris Trevor from Middlesbrough to Gateshead(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Rory Prendergast from York(Eng) to Oldham(Eng) (Eng,19,LW,Free)

Marvin Blake from W.B.A.(Eng) to Kettering(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Craig Skinner from Wrexham(Eng) to York(Eng) (Eng,21.10.70,ST,20k)

Marcus Browning from Huddersfield(Eng) to Gillingham(Eng) (Wal,22.4.71,MF,200k)

Christian Robert from Cardiff(Eng) to Hereford(Eng) (Wal,22.10.79,ST,loan)

Ryan Dennis from Brentford(Eng) to Carshalton(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Nathan Cadette from Cardiff(Eng) to Merthyr(Wal) (Wal,6.1.80,MF,loan)

Lee Russell from Portsmouth(Eng) to Torquay(Eng) (Eng,3.9.69,LWB,loan)

Adam Willis from Swindon(Eng) to Mansfield(Eng) (Eng,DF,loan)

Rob Steiner from Bradford(Eng) to Walsall(Eng) (Swe,20.2.73,ST,loan)

Jorg Smeets from Wigan(Eng) to Chester(Eng) (Hol,5.11.70,AMC,loan)

Mark Sale from Colchester(Eng) to Plymouth(Eng) (Eng,27.2.76,ST,loan)

Mark Robins from Panionios(Gre) to Man City (Eng,22.12.69,ST,loan)

Lorenzo Pinamonte from Bristol City(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) (Eng,ST,loan)

Anthony Ormerond from Middlesbrough to Bury(Eng) (Eng,31.3.79,MF,loan)

Jorgen Nielsen from Liverpool to Wolves(Eng) (Den,7.4.72,GK,loan)

Gary Neil from Leicester(Eng) to Torquay(Eng) (Eng,ST,loan)

Charlie Miller from Glasgow Rangers to Leicester(Eng) (Sco,18.3.76,MC,loan)

Sean McAuley from Scunthorpe(Eng) to Scarborough(Eng) (Sco,23.6.72,LB,loan)

Jae Martin from Peterborough(Eng) to Grantham(Eng) (Eng,5.2.76,WNGR,loan)

Derek Lilley from Leeds to Bury(Eng) (Sco,9.2.74,ST,loan)

Brian Launders from Derby(Eng) to Colchester(Eng) (Eng,MF,loan)

Stephen Jenkins from Southampton to Brentford(Eng) (Eng,19,DF,loan)

David Howells from Southampton to Bristol City(Eng) (Eng,15.12.67,MC,loan)

Lee Hodges from West Ham to Southend(Eng) (Eng,2.3.78,MF,loan)

Richard Hanlon from Peterborough(Eng) to Welling(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Steve Guinan from N.Forest to Plymouth(Eng) (Eng,24.12.75,SC,loan)

Steve Germain from Cannes(Fra) to Colchester(Eng) (Eng,18,loan)

Jon French from Bristol Rover(Eng) to Merthyr(Wal) (Eng,25.9.76,MF,loan)

Lee Edwards from Wrexham(Eng) to Blackpool(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Ryan Denys from Brentford(Eng) to Carshalton(Eng) (Eng,16.8.78,RW,loan)

M.Foster from Greenock Morton(Sco) to Doncaster(Eng) (Sco,loan)

Paul Dalgish from Newcastle to Norwich(Eng) (eng,18.2.77,ST,loan)

Mike Conrey from Blackpool(Eng) to Chester City(Eng) (Eng,31.12.65,ST,loan)

Andrew Campbell from Middlesbrough to Sheffield Utd (Eng,18.4.79,ST,loan)

Paul Bruce from Crystal Palace(Eng) to Birmingham(Eng) (Eng,18.2.78,MF,loan)

Paul Beavers from Sunderland(Eng) to Oldham(Eng) (Eng,ST,loan)

Michael Wiliams from Burnley(Eng) to Oxford(Eng) (Eng,21.11.69,MF,Free)

Richard Tracey from Rotherham(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) (Eng,9.7.79,MF,Free)

Michael Ryan from Man Utd to Wrexham(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Mark Platts from Sheffield Wed from Torquay(Eng) (Eng,19,ST,Free)

Michael Harle fron Barnet(Eng) to Welling(Eng) (Eng,31.10.72,LWB,Free)

Paul Gibson from Man Utd to Notts C(Eng) (Eng,1.11.76,GK,Free)

Jamie Bates from Brentford(Eng) to Wycombe(Eng) (Eng,24.2.68,DC,Free)

David Bass from Rotherham(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) (Eng,29.11.74,MF,Free)

Paul Barrett from Newcastle to Wrexham(Eng) (Eng,20,Free)

Warren Hackett from Mansfield(Eng) to Barnet(Eng) (St.Lucia,16.12.71,DLC)

Martin Carruther from Peterborough(Eng) to Darlington(Eng) (Eng,7.8.72,SC)

Paul Boertien from Carlisle(Eng) to Derby(Eng) (Eng,20.1.79,MF)

Andy Couzens from Carlisle(Eng) to Blackpool(Eng) (Eng,4.6.75,MF,06.00)

Alex Smith from Chester(Eng) to Port Vale(Eng) (Eng,WNGR)

Keith Scott from Wycombe(Eng) to Reading(Eng) (Eng,9.6.67,SC)

Richard Knight from Derby(Eng) to Carlisle(Eng) (Eng,GK)

Craig Dudley from Notts C(Eng) to Oldham(Eng) (Eng,12.9.79,ST)

Tony Caig from Carlisle(Eng) to Blackpool(Eng) (Eng,11.4.74,GK)

Warren Aspinall from Brentford(Eng) to Colchester(Eng) (Eng,19.9.67,MC)

Graham Alexander from Luton(Eng) to Preston North End(Eng) (Eng,10.10.71,DF,50k)

Tony Barras from York(Eng) to Reading(Eng) (Eng,29.3.71,DC,20k)

William Huck from Arsenal to Bournemouth(Eng) (Eng,19,MF,50k)

Steven Banks from Blackpool(Eng) to Bolton(eng) (Eng,9.2.72,GK,50k)

Eifion Williams from Barry Town(Eng) to Torquay(Eng) (Eng,ST,70k)

Philip Scott from St.Johnstone(Sco) to Sheffield Wed (Sco,24,MF,24k)

Tony Butler from Blackpool(Eng) to Port Vale(Eng) (Eng,28.9.72,DC,115k)

Jamie Vincent from Bournemouth(Eng) to Huddersfield(Eng) (Eng,18.6.75,LB,500k)

Phil Mulryne from Man Utd to Norwich (Ire,1.1.78,LW,500k)

Mikkel Beck from Middlesborough to Derby(Eng) (Den,12.5.73,ST,06.03,500k)

Richard Cresswell from York(Eng) to Sheffield Wed (Eng,20.9.77,ST,06.03,950k)

Marian Pahars from Skonto Riga(Lat) to Southampton (Lat,22,ST,06.03,1m)

Paul Hall from Bury(Eng) to Coventry (Jam,3.7.72,ST,loan-recall)

Chris McMenamin from Peterborough(Eng) released (Eng,27.12.73,RB)

Dominic Foley from Ethnikos(Gre) to Wolves(Eng) (Ire,7.7.76,AMC,loan-recall)

Colin Cramb from Walsall to Bristol City(Eng) (Sco,23.6.74,ST,loan-return)

Ken Brown from Millwall(eng) released (Eng,11.7.67,DF)

Tommy Widrington from Grimsby(Eng) to Port Vale(Eng) (Eng,1.10.71,MF,loan)

Dave Brammer from Wrexham(Eng) to Port Vale(eng) (Eng,28.2.75,MF,350k)

Carl Griffiths from Leyton Orient(Eng) to Port Vale(Eng) (Wal,16.7.71,ST,06.01,100k)

Jim Hamilton from Hearts(Sco) to Aberdeen (Sco,9.2.76,ST,06.03,250k)

Craig Russell from Port Vale(Eng) to Man City (Eng,4.2.74,ST,loan-return)

LeeSharpe from Leeds to Bradford(Eng) (Eng,25.7.72,LW,loan-return)

Lee Sharpe from Sampdoria to Leeds (Eng,25.7.71,LW,loan-return)

Cedric Ancelan from Bordeaux to Norwich (Fra,24.11.76,MF,loan)

Paul Hughes from Chelsea to Norwich(Eng) (Eng,19.4.76,MF,loan)

Paul Shepherd from Tranmere(Eng) to Leeeds (Eng,DF,loan-return)

Don Goodman from Hiroshima(Jap) to Motherwell(Sco) (Eng,9.5.66,ST,06.00)

Don Goodman from Barnsley(Eng) to Hiroshima(Jap) (Eng,9.5.66,ST,loan-Return)

Anthony Williams from Blackburn to Bristol Rovers(Eng) (Wal,GK,loan)

Andy Turner from Crystal Palace(Eng) to Wolves(Eng) (Ire,23.3.75,LW,Free)

Duane Darby from Notts C(Eng) to Hull(Eng) (Eng,17.10.73,ST,loan)

Richard Jackson from Scarborough(Eng) to Derby(Eng) (Eng,18,DF,30k)

David Phillips from Huddersfield(Eng) to Lincoln(Eng) (Wal,29.7.63,MF,Free)

Des Hamilton from Newcastle to Huddersfield(Eng) (Eng,15.8.76,LW)

Neil McKenzie from Stoke/Eng) to Cambridge Utd(Eng) (Eng,MF,loan)

Graham Stuart from Sheffield Utd to Charlton(Eng) (Eng,24.10.70,MF,06.02,1.1m)

Colin Calderwood from Tottenham to Aston Villa (Sco,20.1.65,DC,225k)

Danny Williams from Liverpool to Wrexham(Eng) (Eng,19,DC,06.01,Free)

Andy Gray from Preston North End(Eng) to N.Forest (Eng,15.11.77,RW,loan-return)

Kevin Campbell from Trapzonspor to Everton (Eng,4.2.70,ST,loan)

David Holdsworth from Sheffield Utd to Birmingham(Eng) (Eng,8.11.68,DC,06.02,1.25m)

Gert Cannaerts from Lommel(Bel) to KFC Herentals(Bel) (Bel,32,MF,06.01)

Alexander Östlund from AIK(Swe) to Vit.Guimaraes(Por) (Swe,10.11.75,ST,Free)

Steve Soley from Portsmouth(Eng) to Macclesfield(Eng) (Eng,27,MF,loan)

Nicky Marker from Plymouth(Eng) to Sheffield Utd (Eng,3.5.65,DC,loan-return)

Mick Bodley from Peterborough(Eng) released (Eng,14.9.67,DF)

Oliver Tebily from Chateauroux(Fra) to Sheff Utd (Fra,23,DC,06.01,200k)

Dave Pritchard from Bristol Rovers released (Wal,27.5.72,FB)

Andy Tillson from Bristol Rovers released (Eng,30.1.66,DC)

Jeremy Goss from Un-attached to King`s Lynn(Eng) (Wal,33,MRC)

Edinho from Bradford(Eng) to Portomenusu Sportin Clube (Por) (Bra,32,ST,SC)

Steve Berry from Stevenage(Eng) to Rushden&Diamonds(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Wai Chui Ng from Club(in Hong Kong) to Huddersfield(Eng) (Hong Kong,17)

Kim Hung Man from Club(in Hong Kong) to Huddersfield(Eng) (Hong Kong,18)

Eric Nixon from Retirement to Wigan(Eng) (Eng,4.10.62,GK)

Mark Winstanley from Burnley(Eng) to Preston North End(Eng) (Eng,22.1.68,DC,loan)

Chris Westwood from Reading(Eng) to Hartlepool(Eng) (Eng,13.2.77,DF,Free)

Richard Thompson from Crawley Town(Eng) to Wycombe(Eng) (Eng,24,ST)

Paul McGregor from N.Forest to Preston North End(Eng) (Eng,16.2.77,RW,loan)

Jim Magilton from Sheff Wed to Ipswich(Eng) (N.Ire,6.5.69,MC,06.02)

Lee Carsley from Derby to Blackburn (Ire,28.2.74,MC,06.02,3.375m)

Régis from Ponte Preta(Bra) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,21,ST,12.99,85k)

Nélson from Vasco da Gama(Bra) to Vitória-BA(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Sérgio Lobo from União Sao Joao(Bra) to Corinthians(Bra) (Bra,ST,loan)

Mário Tilico from Cabofriense-RJ(Bra) to Juventude(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Romerito from Atlético-GO(Bra) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Joilson from Atlético-PR(Bra) to Gama(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Boiadero from Atlético-MG(Bra) released (Bra,MF)

Marquinhos from Palmeiras to Colo-Colo(Chile) (Bra,27,MF,loan)

Sidney from Paraná(Bra) to Atlético-PR(Bra) (Bra,29,MC)

Scott Kellacher from Celtic to Inverness(Sco) (Sco,loan)

Scott Marschall from Southampton to Celtic Sco,1.5.73,DC,loan)

Emmanuel Omoyimni from West Ham to Leyton Orient(Eng) (Nig,MF,loan)

Guy Branston from Leicester to Rushden&Diamonds(Eng) (Eng,DF,loan)

Jamie Williams from Coventry to Hickley Utd(Eng) (Eng,loan)

Gilbert Allan from East Fife(Sco) to Alloa(Sco) (Sco)

Lee Doherty from Charlton(Eng) to Brighton(Eng) (Eng,DF)

Phil King from Swindon(Eng) to Brighton(Eng) (Eng,28.12.67,FB,Free)

Andy Dawson from N.Forest to Scunthorpe(Eng) (Eng,LB,50k)

Bradley Andrews from Norwich(Eng) to Bristol Rovers(Eng) (Eng,8.12.79,DML,Free)

Tony Barras from York(Eng) to Reading(Eng) (Eng,29.3.71,DC,loan)

Jukka Koskinen from Willem II(Hol) to Cheetahs FC(S.Kor) (Fin,DF,01.01)

Casper Nelis from Ajax to Willem II(Hol) (Hol,20,06.00,GK)

Marc Williams from Halifax(Eng) to York(Eng) (Eng,ST,30k)

Steve Butler from Peterborough(Eng) to Stevenage(Eng) (Eng,27.1.62,SC)

Jim Magilton from Sheff Wed to Ipswich (N.Ire,6.5.69,MC,loan)

Piercharlei from Kwintsheul(Hol) to Blauw Zwart(Hol) (Curacao,17,GK)

Patrick Müller from Juventus to Grasshoppers (Swi,SC,loan)

Sebastien Jeanneret from Neuchatel Xamax to Servette (Swi,DF)

Dominique Casgrande from Sevilla to Paris-SG (Fra,8.5.71,GK,06.99)

Cestic Petar from ? to Bejing Guo`an(China) (Yug,25,DF)

Mracsko Mihaly from ? to Bejing Guo`an(China) (Hun,31,MF)

Emil Kostadinov from UANL(Mex) released (Bul,12.8.67,SC)

Keith O`Neill from Norwich(Eng) to Middlesbrough (Ire,16.2.76,AMLC,06.02,700k)

Jose Artunas Fumaca from ? to Colchester(Eng) (Eng,22,MF)

Martin Carruthers from York to Peterborough(Eng) (Eng,7.8.72,ST,loan-return)

Dennis Bailey from Farnborough(Eng) to Cheltenham(Eng) (Eng,13.11.65,ST)

Hugo Gomes from Desp.Beja(Por) to Farense(Por) (Por,11.10.79,MF,loan-return)

Duda from FC Porto to Rio Ave(Por) (Bra,23,SC,loan)

Andrei Frascarelli from Betis to Santos(Bra) (Bra,DF,06.99,loan)

John Harkes from N.Forest to New England Revolution(USA) (USA,31,MF,loan-return)

Paul Heckingbottom from Sunderland to Darlington(Eng) (Eng,FB,loan)

Daniel Kenedy from Un-attached to Est.Amadora(Por) (Spa,18.2.74,DML,06.01)

Ally McMillan from Un-attached to Cowdenbeath(Sco) (Sco)

Steven Nicholas from Stirling Albion(Sco) to Motherwell(Sco) (Sco,St,06.02)

Guy Whittingham from Sheff Wed to Watford (Eng,10.11.64,SC,loan)

Guy Whittingham from Portsmouth to Sheff Wed (Eng,10.11.64,SC,loan-return)

Barry Hunter from Southend to Reading (N.Ire,18.11.68,DC,loan-return)

Ben Wright from Kettering Town(Eng) to Bristol City (Eng,19,St,30k)

Johan Blomgren from Nacka(Swe) to Club(in New Zealand) (Swe,MF)

Darko Mavrak from Falkenberg(Swe) to Walsall(Eng) (Swe,MF)

Mathias Woxlin from Gefle(Swe) to Locarno (Swe,MF)

Bernhard Brcic from Brage(Swe) to Locarno(Ita) (Swe,ST)

Janne Jansson from Un-attached to Norrköping(Swe) (Swe,26.1.68,MF)

Thor-Adre Olsen from ? to Norrköping(Swe) (Nor,33,GK)

Federico Bigliazzi from Siena(Ita) to Coszenza(Ita) (Ita,GK)

Juno Verberne from Heracles(Hol) retired (Hol,MF)

Jean-Paul van Bilsen from Dordrecht`90(Hol) to Emmen(Hol) (Hol,22,DF)

John McGinlay from Oldham retired (Sco,8.4.64,SC)

Paul Barnes from Huddersfield to Bury (Eng,16.11.67,SC)

Daniel Kenedy from Albacete released (Spa,18.2.74,DML)

Vítor Calçoa from ? to U.Montemor(Por) (Por,9.1.71,MF)

Carlos Pinto from Vit.Setubal(Por) to Santa Clara(Por) (Por,31.3.74,MF,loan)

André Luís from Rio Ave(Por) released (Bra,MF)

Silvino from Un-attached to Lourosa(Por) (Por,16.11.65,GK)

Paulo Diniz from Internacional Porto Alegre(Bra) to Braga(Por) (Bra,2.1.76,ST,loan)

Quinton Fortune from Atletico Madrid B to Atletico Madrid (SAF,21.5.77,ML)

Cacaio from América de Rio Preto(Bra) to Araçatuba(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Ricardinho from Portuguesa(Bra) to Sao Jose(Bra) (Bra,SC,loan)

Fabrício from Portuguesa(Bra) to Sao Jose(Bra) (Bra,DF,loan)

Elizeu from Criciúma(Bra) to Goiás(Bra) (Bra,19,RB,100k)

Piá from Club(in Rio de Janeiro,Bra) to Matonense(Bra) (Bra,LB)

Sandro from Santos(Bra) to Botofogo-RJ(Bra) (Bra,26,DF)

Borges Neto from Juventude(Bra) to Goiás(Bra) (Bra,24,RB,loan)

Fabiano from Paraná(Bra) to Fortaleza(Bra) (Bra,DF,loan)

Pachequinho from ? to Remo(Bra) (Bra,26,ST)

Álvaro Luiz (Bra) from Sao Paulo(Bra) to Goiás(Bra) (Bra,21,DF)

Indio from Atlético-MG(Bra) to Santa Cruz(Bra) (Bra,RB)

Wilson Gottardo from Cruzeiro(Bra) to Sport Recife(Bra) (Bra,35,DF,loan)

Jamir from Flamengo(Bra) to Sao Jose(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Narciso from Flamengo(Bra) to Santos(Bra) (Bra,DMC,loan-return)

Albert Luque from Mallorca B to Mallorca (Spa,SC)

Eric Nixon from Stockport retired (Eng,4.10.62,GK)

Mark Gower from Tottenham to Motherwell (Eng,5.10.78,MF,loan)

Thomas Ravelli from Retirement to Öster(Swe) (Swe,39,GK,12.99)

Daniel Cruz from Academica Futbol de Tucaman (Col) to Ajax (Col,17,MF,06.03)

Mark Stimson from Un-attached to Leyton Orient (Eng,27.12.67,LB)

Tom Cowan from Huddersfield to Burnley (Sco,28.8.69,LB,loan)

David Partridge from West Ham to Dundee Utd (Wal,20,DF,40k)

Andy Saville from Un-attached to Scarborough (Eng,12.12.64,SC,Free)

Paul Cook from Stockport to Burnley (Eng,22.2.67,LCM,loan)

Mark Platts from Sheff Wed to Torquay (Eng,WNGR,loan)

Phil Whelan from Oxford to Rotherham (Eng,7.3.72,DC,loan)

Will Varty from Carlisle to Rotherham (Eng,1.10.76,DF,loan)

Robert Kozluk from Derby to Sheff Utd (Eng,5.8.77,RB,250k)

Jonathan Hunt from Derby to Sheff Utd (Eng,2.11.71,MC,450k)

Vassilios Borbokis from Sheff Utd to Derby (Gre,10.2.69,RWB,1.2m)

Neil Heaney from Man City to Bristol C (Eng,3.11.71,LW,loan)

Andy Watson from Garforth Town(Eng) to Doncaster(Eng) (Eng,20,WNGR,06.01,25k)

Andy Saville from Cardiff released (Eng,12.12.64,SC)

Chris Greenacre from Scarborough to Man City (Eng,23.12.77,SC,loan-return)

Mark Goodlad from Scarborough to N.Forest (Eng,loan-return)

Antonio Resende from Vit.Setubal(Por) to Santa Clara(Por) (Por,6.11.69,MF)

Michel Serrault from Toulouse to Moreirense(Por) (Fra,24,ST,06.01)

Ovidiu Cuc from Chaves(Por) to Santa Clara(Por) (Rom,14.1.73,SC)

Alex from Ermesinde(Por) to Leça (Por) (Moz,4.9.73,AMC)

Rogier Koordes from Un-attached to TOP Oss(Hol) (Hol,13.6.72,MF,06.02,Free)

Mark Stimson from Southend released (Eng,27.12.67,LB)

Gary Jones from Notts C to Hartlepool (Eng,6.4.69,SC)

Danny Murphy from Liverpool to Crewe (Eng,18.3.77,MC,loan-ext.)

Steve Stone from N.Forest to Aston Villa (Eng,20.8.71,RW,06.03,5.5m)

Kevin Dearden from Brentford to Huddersfield (Eng,8.3.70,GK,Free)

Attilio Gregori from ? to Bari (Ita,4.10.65,GK)

Salar Yasin from Örebro SK to Doxa Vyrona(Gre) (Iraq,SC,loan)

Johan Sörman from Retirement to Örebro SK(Swe) (Swe)

Andreas Karlsson from Karlslund(Swe) to Örebro SK(Swe) (Swe)

Jon Lundblad from Sturehof(Swe) to Örebro SK(Swe) (Swe,ST)

Svante Dahlkvist from Adolfsberg(Swe) to Örebro SK(Swe) (Swe,DF)

Claudio Cornvarrubias from Frölunda(Swe) to Skene(Swe) (Swe,SC)

Stefan Takac from Frölunda(Swe) to Kongahälle(Swe) (Swe,MF)

Ville Viljanen from Häcken(Swe) to Frölunda(Swe) (Fin,SC)

Frederik Sandell from Trelleborg to Malmö BI(Swe) (Swe,SC)

Hasa Cetinkaya from IFK Norrköping(Swe) to Jazz(Fin) (Tur,SC)

Patrik Karlsson from from IFK Göteborg Jr(Swe) to IFK Göteborg(Swe) (Swe)

Magnus Brunbäck from IFK Göteborg Jr(Swe) to IFK Göteborg(Swe) (Swe,MF)

Martin Andersson from Elfsborg Jr(Swe) to Elfsborg (Swe,DC)

Stephane Inago from Elfsborg Jr(Swe) to Elfsborg (Swe)

Johan Sjöberg from Elfsborg Jr(Swe) to Elfsborg (Swe)

Johan Wiland from Elfsborg Jr(Swe) to Elfsborg (Swe,GK)

Christer Bergqvist from Djurgården(Swe) to GIF Sundsvall(Swe) (Swe,MF)

Tony Löfhlom from Assyriska(Swe) to Djurgården(Swe) (Swe,MF)

Kevin Dearden from Barnet to Brentford (Eng,8.3.70,GK,loan-return)

Cleisson from Flamengo to Gremio (Bra,MF,2.5m)

Ranielli from Ponte Preta(Bra) to Portuguesa Santista(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Marcelo Fernandes from ? to América-RN (Bra) (Bra,DF)

Cleiton from from Atlético-MG(Bra) to América-RN (Bra) Bra,SC)

Adauto from Palmeiras(Bra) to América-RN (Bra) (Bra.LB)

Marcos from Palmeiras(Bra) to América-RN (Bra) (Bra,GK)

Gustavo Brites from Hurancan(Arg) to Olaira-RJ(Bra) (Arg,26,DF)

Luis Monzón from Olímpia(Par) to Olaira-RJ(Bra) (Par,27,SC)

Pedro Alcides Sanabria from Olímpia(Par) to Olaria-RJ(Bra) (Par,28,MF)

Odair from Inter-RS to Fluminense(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Cláudio from Sao Paulo to Fluminense(Bra) (Bra,RB)

Wágner from Palmeiras to Atlético-PR(Bra) (Bra,LB,12.99,loan)

Caio from Cruzeiro to Botafogo (Bra,33,MF)

Capitão from Sao Paulo to Gremio (Bra,MC)

Sílvio from União S. J. (Bra) to Figueirense(Bra) (Bra,30,GK,12.99,loan)

Ronaldo Luís (Bra) from Vasco(Bra) to Desportiva-ES(Bra) (Bra,32,LB)

Otacilio from Goiás(Bra) to Caxias-RS(Bra) (Bra,27,CM)

Pedro Paulo from Bretantino(Bra) to Atletico-MG(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Júnior from Marcilio Dias(Bra) to Atletico-MG(Bra) (Bra,LB)

Jarlan from Vitoria-PE(Bra) to Atletico-MG(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Almir from Palmeiras to Inter-RC(Bra) (Bra,SC)

Adriano from Sao Paulo to Nautico(Bra) (Bra,MF,loan)

Emil Baron from Hellenic(SAF) to Lillestrom(Nor) (SAF,19,GK,03.99,loan)

Mark McCammon from Cambridge to Charlton (Eng,7.8.78,SC)

Tony Williams from Huddersfield to Blackburn (Wal,GK,loan-return)

Jason Kavanagh from Wycombe to Stoke (Eng,23.1.71,RWB,06.01,Free)

Mark Delaney from Cardiff to Aston Villa (Wal,22,RB,06.02,,500k)

Steve Harkness from Liverpool to Benfica (Eng,27.8.71,LB,06.02,750k)

Charly Jones from Feyenoord to FC Den Bosch(Hol) (Hol,22,SC,06.01)

Khalid Sinouh from Heerenveen(Hol) to RKC Waalwijk(Hol) (Mor,5.2.75,GK,06.99,loan)

Ceiton Perdigao from At.Paranaense(Bra) to Belenenses(Por) (Bra,21,MF,12.99,loan)

Jorginho from At.Paranaense(Bra) to Maritimo(Por) (Bra,Sc,12.99,loan)

Nikolai Stanchev from Spartak Varna(Bul) to Desp.Chaves (Bul,6.5.77,MF,12.99,loan)

Stefani Migliorazi from ? to Portsmouth (Bra,21,MF)

Chris Allen from N.Forest to Port Vale (Eng,18.11.72,LW,Free)

Yuri from U.Montemor(Bra) to Campomaiorense(Bra,21,SC,loan)

Alex Bach from Maritimo(Por) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,29.7.73,DC)

Partik Fredholm from AIK(Swe) to Udinese (Swe,20,SC,loan)

Mathias Larsson from Häcken(Swe) to Vaasa(Fin) (Swe,26,SC,Free)

Gunnarr Einarsson from Rod JC(Hol) to VVV(Hol) (Ice,22,DF,06.99,loan)

Neville Roach from Reading to Southend (Eng,29.9.78,SC,30k)

Jurgen Delva from Meulenbeke(Bel) to KV Kortijk(Bel) (Bel,GK)

Melvin Plet from Roda JC(Hol) to TOP Oss(Hol) (Hol,24,DF,06.02)

Marcel Oerlemans from SV Ried(Aut) to Haarlem(Hol) (Hol,30,SC)

Gareth Stoker from Cardiff to Rochdale (Eng,22.2.73,MF,Free)

Mourad Mghizrat from Sparta(Hol) to Utrecht(Hol) (Mor,7.9.74,SC,06.99)

Oleg Suslov from Salzburg(Aut) to St.Pölten(Aut) (Rus)

Julius Simon from Austria Vienna to SV Ried(Aut) (Slv)

Heinz Arzberger from St.Pölten(Aut) to Salzburg(Aut) (Aut)

Dirk Andres from Greuther Fürth to Vorwärts Steyr (Ger,26.9.66,AMC)

Rafal Niznic from LKS Lodz(Pol) to Brondby (Pol)

Vedran Pelcic from Bosna Visoko(Bos) to Westerlo(Bel) (Bos)

Steven Wostijn from Harelbeke(Bel) to Ingelmunster(Bel) (Bel,28.12.75,MF)

Dido Havenaar retired (Hol,GK)

Andrew Kirk from Glentoran(N.Ire) to Hearts (N.Ire,19,SC)

Jorge Dely Valdes from MLS to Colorado Rapids (Pan,31,SC)

Jorge Dely Valdes from Consaldole Sapporo(Jap) to MLS (Pan,31,SC)

Marlon Harewood from Ipswich to N.Forest (Eng,25.8.79,SC,loan-return)

Martin Pringel from Benfica to Charlton (Swe,18.11.70,SC,800k)

Karl Munroe from Swansea released (Eng,23.9.79)

Carl Mainwearing from Swansea released (Eng)

Mark Clode from Swansea released (End,24.2.73,DLR)

Thomas Andre Ødegaard from Stromsgodset(Nor) to Lyn(Nor) (Nor,12.2.71,GK,06.01)

Trygve Nygaard from Haugesund(Nor) to Viking(Nor) (Nor,23,MF,06.01,80k)

Steven Forbes from Colchester to Peterborough (Eng,24.12.75,SC,06.99,loan)

Richard Gough from Un-attached to N.Forest (Sco,36,SWDC)

Ferdi Vierklau from Tenerife to Ajax (Hol,25,DRC)

Ben Roberts from Millwall to Middlesbrough (Eng,22.6.75,GK,loan-return)

Kevin Lisbie from Charlton to Gillingham (Eng,17.10.78,SC,loan)

Owen Coyle from Motherwell to Dunfermline (Sco,32,SC,170k)

Cesar Ramirez from Sporting Lisbon to Velez Sarsfield (Par,8.8.77,SC,loan)

Carl Vandenbusche from Meulebeke(Bel) to KV Kortijk(Bel) (Bel)

Stanley Aboraa from Ihlwa Chunma(S.Kor) to Beveren(Bel) (Gha,SC)

Fahd Al-Ghashayan from Al Hilal(S.Arab) to AZ Alkmaar(Hol) (S.Arab,SC,06.99,loan)

Richard Beekink from RKC Waalwijk(Hol) to Cambuur Leeuwarden(Hol) (Hol,SC,06.99,loan)

Richard Gough from San Jose released (Sco,36,SWDC)

Marcelo Vega from San Jose released (Chile,12.8.71,AMC)

John Inglis from Aberdeen to Levski Sofia (Sco,16.10.66,DF,06.99,loan)

Robbie O`Brien from Un-attached to Juventus (Ire,20,WNGR,06.03,Free)

Anthony Fenton from Man City to Portsmouth (Eng,19,DF,Free)

Dean Windass from Oxforgd to Bradford (Eng,29,SC,06.02,1m)

Mohamed Berthe from Bournemouth to Brentford (Fra,26,DF)

Mark Stallard from Wycombe to Notts C (Eng,24.10.74,SC)

Emmanuel Amunike from Barcelona retired (Nig,25.12.70,AMSLC)

Henk Fräser from Feyenoord retired (Hol,DF)

Remco Torken from Beveren to Bejing Guo`an(China) (Hol,27,SC,06.99,loan)

Frits van Putten from VVV to NEC (Hol,19,MF,06.02,3k)

Ivica Kralj from Porto to PSV (Yug,26.3.73,GK,06.03)

Jamie Day from Arsenal to Bournmouth (Eng,19,MF,06.01)

Paul Evans from Shrewsbury to Brentford (Eng,1.9.74,MF,06.00,110k)

Mark Beeney from Leeeds retired (Eng,30.12.67,GK)

Paul Lundin from Osters(Swe) to Oxford (Swe,GK,Free)

Chris Adamson from W.B.A. to IK Brage(Swe) (Eng,4.11.78,GK,loan)

Gareth Davies from Reading to Swindon (Wal,11.12.73,DC,Free)

Thomas Ravelli retired (Swe,39,GK)

Vedran Pelic from Visoco(Bos) to Westerlo(Bel) (Bos,23,SC)

Jeffrey Verhoven from RS Harelbeke(Bel) to SK Roeselare(Bel) (Bel,12.7.74,DR)

Jurica Siljanovski from Branik Maribor(Slv) to Westerlo(Bel) (FYRM,26,SC,06.99)

Bruno Silva from Alverca(Por) to Estroil(Por) (Por,SC)

Stuart Elliot from Hartlepool to Newcastle (Eng,3.8.73,MF,loan-return)

Dessie Bryne from Stockport released (Ire)

Miguel Domingues from Atletico Tembetara(Par) to Middlesbrough (Par,19,SC,loan)

Don Goodman from Barnsley to Hiroshima (9.5.66,SC,loan-return)

Fumaca from Villarreal to Catuese(Bra) (Bra,22,MF,loan-return)

Birkir Kristinson from Bolton to Norrkoping (Ice,GK,06.03,loan-return)

Derek Lilley from Hearts to Leeds (Sco,9.2.74,SC,03.99,loan-return)