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April 1999 transfers
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Tony Elliott from Scarborough retired (Eng, GK)

Ben Roberts from Millwall to Middlesborough (Eng, 22.6.75, GK,Loan return)

Jamie Moralee from Brighton to Colchester United (Eng, 2.12.71, ST, Free)

Marcelo Borges from Santo André (Bra) to Paissandu (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Cure from Inter de Limeira (Bra) to Coritiba (Bra) (Bra, RB)

Wilson Goiano from Inter de Limeira (Bra) to Coritiba (Bra) (Bra, RB)

Petkovic from Ituano (Bra) to Coritiba (Bra) (Yug, MF)

Edilson from Ituano (Bra) to Coritiba (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Jucinei from Atletico GO (Bra) to Aparacidense (Bra) (Bra, 15, DF)

Narcizio from Ituano (Bra) to Parana Clube (Bra) (Bra, 28, ST)

Marica from Santa Cruz (Bra) to Vasco da Gama (Bra) (Bra, RB, return)

Helder from Vasco da Gama (Bra) to Santa Cruz (Bra) (Bra, CM)

Andre from Portuguesa (Bra) to Rio Branco-ES (Bra) (Bra, GK)

Miquimba from Un-attached to Rio Branco-ES (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Erick from Indoor Football to Linhares-ES (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Elton from Goiatuba-GO (Bra) to Linhares-ES (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Luizao from Vasco da Gama (Bra) to Deportivo La Coruna (Bra, ST, return)

Beletti from Sao Paulo to Atletico Mineiro (Bra) (Bra, CM, Loan)

Walmir from Gremio-RS (Bra) to Atletico Mineiro (Bra) (Bra, RB, Loan)

Robert from Gremio-RS (Bra) to Atletico Mineiro (Bra) (Bra, MF, Loan)

Cure from Portuguesa Santista (Bra) to Atletico Mineiro (Bra) (Bra, ST; Loan)

Magrao from Palmeiras to Gremio-RS (Bra) (Bra, ST, 3.000 $)

Dave Norton from Cheltenham to Yeovil (Eng, MF)

Dennis Scharrenburg from Utrecht to Cambuur Leeuwarden (Hol) (Hol, 9.9.78, MF, Loan)

David Connolly from Wolverhampton Wanderers to Feyenoord (Ire, 6.6.77, ST, Loan return)

Lee Russell from Portsmouth to Torquay (Eng, 3.9.69, LB, Free)

Andre from Criciuma Juniors (Bra) to Criciuma (Bra) (Bra, 22, CMA)

Jucemar from Criciuma Juniors (Bra) to Criciuma (Bra) (Bra, 18, RB)

Daniel Frasson from Portuguesa Santista (Bra) to Figueirense-SC (Bra) (Bra, 32, CM)

Sinval from Inter de Limeira (Bra) to Coritiba (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Ronaldo from Inter de Limeira (Bra) to Cruzeiro (Bra) (Bra, 31, GK, Loan)

Regis from Coritiba (Bra) to Ceara (Bra) (Bra)

Matuzalem from Vitoria-BA (Bra) to Bellinzona (Bra) (Bra, 18, CM, 2.000 $)

Paul Bolland from Bradford City to Notts County (Eng, 23.12.79, MF)

Richard Knight from Carlisle United to Derby County (Eng, 3.8.79, GK, Loan recall)

John Jairo Trellez from MLS to Dallas Burn (USA) (Col, 24.4.68, ST)

Mickey Trotman from Dallas Burn to MLS (Trin & Tob, ST)

Hakan Yakin from Sankt Gallen to Grasshoppers (Swi, Loan return)

Kubilay Turkyilmaz from Grasshoppers to Locarno (Swi, 33, ST, Free)

Janeiro Schneider from Udinese to Locarno (Bra, 19, MF)

Pascal Thuler from Duisburg to Sankt Gallen (Swi, 10.1.70, DF)

Otto Addo from Hannover 96 to Borussia Dortmund (Ger, 23, MF)

Jan Martens from Eindhoven to VVV (Hol) (Hol, 18.9.69, DF)

Niki Leferink from Heracles Almelo (Hol) to VVV (Hol) (Hol, 12.2.76, LW)

Erik Stock from TOP Oss (Hol) to Helmond Sport (Hol) (Nor, 10.5.71, DF)

Victor Sikora from Go Ahead Eagles (Hol) to Vitesse (Hol, 11.4.78, ST, 0.5 m Euros)

Edwin Hilgerink from Heracles Almelo (Hol) to Twente (Hol, 16.1.72, DF)

Martijn van Strien from Vitesse to FC Den Bosch (Hol) (Hol, 21.5.79, GK)

Henk van Steeg from VVOG (Hol) to FC Zwolle (Hol) (Hol, 24, ST)

Wilburt Need from PSV to FC Volendam (Hol) (Hol, 3.8.78, GK, Free)

Fernando Pasquale from Feyenoord to FC Volendam (Hol (Hol, 18.8.76, MF, Free)

Ricardo Silva from Gil Vicente (Por) to Boavista (Por, 29.3.77, ST)

Cesar Atienza from Atletico Madrid to Boavista (Spa, 14.7.75, MF, Free)

Jimmy Glass from Swindon Town to Carlisle United (Eng, 1.8.73, GK, Loan)

Dimi Wellens from Club Brugge to KV Oostende (Bel) (Bel)

Oliver Baudry from RC Harlebeke (Bel) to Excelsior Moeskron (Bel) (Bel, 13.4.70, MF)

Chris de Witte from RSC Anderlecht to Twente (Bel, ST, Loan)

Göran Marklund from Dundee United (Sco) to Vasalund (Swe) (Swe, 2.10.75, ST, Loan)

Niklas Johansson from IFK Karlsham (Swe) to Vasalund (Swe) (Swe, ST)

Niklas Sandor to Värtans IK (Swe) (Swe, MF)

Magnus Verdin to Värtans IK (Swe) (Swe, GK)

Staffan Jacobsson fromBrommapojkarna (Swe) to Järfälla FC (Swe) (Swe)

Peder Fransson from Brommapojkarna (Swe) to Järfälla FC (Swe) (Swe)

Stefan Backe from Bele (Swe) to Järfälla FC (Swe) (Swe)

Johan Bergström to Järfälla FC (Swe) (Fin)

Tony Frisk from Nacka (Swe) to Gustafsberg (Swe) (Swe, GK)

Joseph Markström-Williamson from Nyköping (Swe) to Gustafsberg (Swe) (Swe, MF)

Martin Olofsson from Hultsfred (Swe) to Stureby SK (Swe) (Swe)

Carlos Banda from Djugardens IF (Swe) to IFK Österaker (Swe) (Swe, CM)

Martin Eisle from Vaslund (Swe) to IFK Österaker (Swe) (Swe)

Carlos Valderrama from Miami Fusion to Tampa Bay Mutiny (Col, 2.9.61, MF)

Alejandro Sequeira from Tampa Bay Mutiny to MLS (Costa Rica, 23, ST)

Karl Petter Löken from Stabaek (Nor) retired (Nor, 14.6.66, RCD)

Tobias Grahn from Öster IF (Swe) to Beira-Mar (Por) (Swe, 19, ST)

Tommy Johansson from FoC Farsta (Swe) to Ragsveds (Swe) (Swe, DF)

Martin Sundberg from Lindingö (Swe) to Ragsveds (Swe) (Swe, DF)

Mikael Engman from Lindingö (Swe) to Ragsveds (Swe) (Swe, MF)

Imrham Ahmed from Norsborg (Swe) to Ragsveds (Swe) (Swe, DF)

Mikael Möllegren from Stuvsta (Swe) to Ragsveds (Swe) (Swe, ST)

Andreas Lindgren from Ragsveds Jr (Swe) to Ragsveds IF (Swe) (Swe, 16, ST, Free)

Valdir from Atletico-MG (Bra) to Botafogo (Bra) (Bra, ST, Exchange)

Ronildo from Botafogo (Bra) to Atletico-MG (Bra) (Bra, LB, Exchange)

Gallo from Botafogo (Bra) to Atletico-MG (Bra) (Bra, MF, Exchange)

David Pizzato from Coritiba (Bra) to released (Bra, 20, GK)

Grizzo from Caxias-RS (Bra) to Avai-SC (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Valber from Botafogo (Bra) to released (Bra, MF)

Wellington from Vila Nova-MG (Bra) to Atletico-MG (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Marcos Teixeira from Rio Branco-SP (Bra) to Juventude (Bra) (Bra, RB)

Augusto from Rio Branco-SP (Bra) to Remo-PA (Bra) (Bra, DF)

Reinaldo from Bragantino (Bra) to Portuguesa (Bra) (Bra, ST, Exchange)

Cesinha from Portuguesa (Bra) to Bragantino (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Roberto from Portuguesa (Bra) to Bragantino (Bra) (Bra, ST, Exchange)

Rodrigo from Londrina (Bra) to Atletico-PR (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Luciano from Londrina (Bra) to Atletico-PR (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Cleber from Moto Clube (Bra) to Atletico-PR (Bra) (Bra, ST, 300.000 $)

Vanin from Moto Clube (Bra) to Atletico-PR (Bra) (Bra, LB)

Jacques from Betis to Rayo Vallecano (Bra, ST, Loan)

Alexandre Dorta from Rio Branco-SP (Bra) to Ceara (Bra) (Bra, CM)

Jaime from Rio Branco-SP (Bra) to Ceara (Bra) (Bra, RB)

Joao Marcelo from Rio Branco-SP (Bra) to Ceara (Bra) (Bra, LB)

Pia from Matonense (Bra) to Ponte Preta (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Joao Paulo from Uniao Sao Joao (Bra) to Etti Jundiai (Bra) (Bra, 34, ST)

Macale from Sampaio Correa (Bra) to Mirassol (Bra) (Bra, 30, MF)

Leonardo from Sampaio Correa (Bra) to CSA-AL (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Boiadero from unattached to America-MG (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Robson from Nacional-AM (Bra) to Linhares-ES (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Catanha from Malaga (Spa) to Salamanca (Spa) (Bra, ST, 300.000 $)

Dede from Parana Clube (Bra) to Botafogo (Bra) (Bra, 30, LB, Loan)

Elder from Santos (Bra) to Juventude (Bra) (Bra, 22, CM, Loan)

Palinha from Gremio (Bra) to released (Bra, MF)

Silvinho from Atletico-PR (Bra) to Caxias-RS (Bra) (Bra, 24, ST, Loan)

Careca from retired to Sao Jose-RS (Bra) (Bra, 38, ST)

Robson from XV de Piracicaba (Bra) to Fluminense (Bra) (Bra, DF, Loan)

Betinho from Campo Grande-RJ (Bra) to Fluminense (Bra) (Bra, 25, DF, Loan)

Elias from Aracatuba (Bra) to ABC-RN (Bra) (Bra, 29, LB)

Januario from America-RN (Bra) to Ceara (Bra) (Bra, CM, Exchange)

Dema from Ceara (Bra) to America-RN (Bra) (Bra, MF, Exchange)

Geraldo from (futebol baiano) to Ceara (Bra) (Bra, GK)

Uidemar from America-SP (Bra) to Paissandu (Bra) (Bra, CM)

Ze Carlos to Tuna Luso (Bra) (Bra, DF)

Chapeco to Tuna Luso (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Neil Tarrant from Ross County to Aston Villa (Eng, 19, ST, 200.000)

Michel Langerak from AZ (Hol) to Sparta (Hol) (Hol, ST)

Phillipe Albert from Fulham to Newcastle United (Bel, 10.8.67, CD, Loan return)

Robert Andersson from Iraklis (Gre) to Göteborg (Swe) (Swe, 27, ST, Loan return)

Robert Andersson from Göteborg (Swe) to Halmstads BK (Swe) (Swe, 27, ST, Loan)

Paul Connor from Middelsborough to Stoke City (Eng, ST, Loan)

Kevin Christie from Motherwell (Sco) to Falkirk (Sco) (Sco, 1.4.76, FB)

Tony Garcia from Notts County to released (Frank, MF)

Lee Hodges from West Ham to Southend United (Eng, 2.3.78, ST, Loan)

Kemajl Avdiu from Bury (Eng) to Patrick Thistle (Sco) (Cro/ Swe, ST, Loan)

Gordon Burns from Ayr Utd (Sco) to Patrick Thistle (Sco) (Sco, MF)

Edmilson from Kyoto Purple Sanga (Jap) to Palmeiras (Bra) (Bra, 25, ST, Loan)

Renato Gaucho from Bangu (Bra) retired (Bra, ST)

Arnelson from Santos to Guarani (Bra) (Bra, MF, Loan)

Zinho from Aracatuba (Bra) to Guarani (Bra) (Bra, MF, Loan)

Serginho from Aracatuba (Bra) to Guarani (Bra) (Bra, DF, Loan)

Badico from Inter de Santa Maria-RS (Bra) to Vila Nova-MG (Bra) (Bra, 31, ST, Free)

Marc Bridge-Wilkinson from Carlisle United to Derby County (Eng, 16.3.79, ST, Loan return)

Mialongi Lukian from Sp. Covilha (Por) to released (Congo, 14.4.73, MF)

Stefan Thordarson from Brann Bergen to Kongsvinger (Nor) (Ice, 23.3.75, ST)

Jeff Bilyk from Columbus Crew (USA) to MLS (MF)

Jeff Bilyk from MLS to Miami Fusion (USA) (MF)

Jim Rooney from Metrostars (USA) to MLS (MF)

Jim Rooney from MLS to Miami Fusion (USA) (MF)

John Wolyniec from Metrostars (USA) to MLS (ST)

Mohenjo Smith from Miami Fusion (USA) to MLS (MF)

Tomasz Wygonik from Miami Fusion (USA) to MLS (ST)

Leighton O`Brien from New England Revolution (USA) to MLS (MF)

Leighton O`Brien from MLS to San Jose Clash (USA) (MF, Draft)

Chris Fox from New England Revolution (USA) to MLS (MF)

Carlos Rocha from New England Revolution (USA) to MLS (ST)

Jeff Zaun from Chicago Fire (USA) to MLS (DF)

Tony Kuhn from Chicago Fire (USA) to MLS (ST)

Tony Kuhn from MLS to New England Revolution (USA) (ST, Draft)

Andrew Mittendorf from Colorado Rapids (USA) to MLS (MF)

Bobby Meyer from Colorado Rapids (USA) to MLS (DF)

Andrew Parrish from Dallas Burn (USA) to MLS (MF)

Gabe Jones from Dallas Burn (USA) to MLS (DF)

Brian Loftin from Kansas City Wizards (USA) to MLS (ST)

Jose Vasquez from Los Angeles Galaxy (USA) to MLS (ST)

Carlos Farias from San Jose Clash (USA) to MLS (MF)

Anthony Farace from San Jose Clash (USA) to MLS (MF)

Ronaldo from Inter de Limeira (Bra) to released (Bra, GK)

Reinaldo from Baragantino (Bra) to Portuguesa (Bra) (Bra, ST, Loan)

Washington from Caxias do Sul (Bra) to Parana (Bra) (Bra, ST, Loan)

Luciano from Caxias do Sul (Bra) to Parana (Bra) (Bra, DF)

Hernani from Atletico-MG (Bra) to Portuguesa (Bra) (Bra, CMA, Loan)

Jorge Luiz from Gremio (Bra) to Botafogo (Bra) (Bra, DF)

Alex Gomes from Corinthians de Presidente Prudente (Bra) to Sao Mateus (Bra) (Bra, DF)

Cleber from Moto Clube (Bra) to Atletico-PR (Bra) (Bra, ST)

Beto from Etti-Jundiai (Bra) to CRB-AL (Bra) (Bra, DF)

China from Aracatuba (Bra) to CRB-AL (Bra) (Bra, DF)

Aritana from Uniao Sao Joao (Bra) to CRB-AL (Bra) (Bra, MF)

Frode Grodas from Schalke 04 to Racing Santander (Nor, 24.10.64, GK, Loan)

Gunther Verjans from Club Brugge to Sint-Truiden (Bel) (Bel, MF)

Mark McKeever from Reading to Sheffield Wednesday (Eng, WNGR, Loan recall)

Peter Eriksson from BK Häcken (Swe) to Dalia Wanda (Chi) (Swe, MF, Loan)

Peter Knudsen from Bari to AB (Den) (Den, 14.4.73, MF)

Stefan Hojer from AaB (Den) to Viborg IF (Den) (Den, 22.5.73, MF)

Claudio Reyna from Bayer Leverkusen to Glasgow Rangers (USA, 25, MF)

Juan Gonzalez from Oviedo to Atletico Madrid (Uru, 27.5.72, ST, Loan)

Chris Roberts from Hereford United to Cardiff City (Wal, 22.10.78, ST, Loan return)

Kenneth Christiansen from B93 (Den) to AGF (Den) (Den, 17.1.71, MF)

Arjan van der Laan from Sparta (Hol) to FC Twente (Hol, MF)

Jesse van Saun from New England Revolution (USA) to MLS (MF)

Jesse van Saun from MLS to Chicago Fire (USA) (MF)

Marko Kristal from FC Flora Tallin (Est) to IF Elfsborg (Swe) (Est, MF, Loan)

Amir Teljigovic from Trelleborgs FF (Swe) to Apollon Limmassol (Cyp) (Mac, MF, Free)

Terry Cooke from Manchester United to Manchester City (Eng, 5.8.76, RW, 1m)

Willem Korsten from Leeds United to Vitesse Arnheim (Hol, 21.1.75, LW, Loan return)

Mauro Rosin from Carrarese (Ita) to Brescia (Ita) (GK)

Paul Mardon from Oldham Athletic to West Brom (Wal, 14.9.69, CD, Loan recall)

Sean Devine from Barnet to Wycombe Wanderers (Sco, 6.9.72, ST, 200k)

Douglas Sequeira from Feyenoord to Karlsruher SC (Costa Rica, MF)

Tony Warner from Liverpool to Aberdeen (Eng, GK, Loan)

Kevin James from Falkirk (Sco) to Hearts (Sco) (CD, 250k)

Myles Hogarth from Hearts (Sco) to Falkirk (Sco) (Sco, GK)

Craig Moore from Crystal Palace to Glasgow Rangers (Aus, CD)

John McQuade from Port Vale to Raith Rovers (Sco) (Sco, Free)

Barry Donachie from Dundee United to Arbroath (Sco) (Sco, MF, Free)

Chris Divine from Dundee United to Arbroath (Sco) (Sco, ST, Free)

Earl Jean from Plymouth to released (St Lucia, 9.10.71, ST)

Kevin Lisbie from Charlton Athletic to Gillingham (ST, Loan)

Prince Polley from Heerenjansdam (Hol) to FC Aarau (Swi) (Gha, ST)

Christiaan Janssens from Lokeren (Bel) to Standard Luik (Bel) (Bel, 2.6.69, MF)

Johan Garrelfs from RKC Waalwijk (Hol) retired (Hol, GK)

Henrik Larsen from FC Kopenhagen (Den) retired (Den)

Heinz Moser from FC Luzern (Swi) to released (Swi)

Edu to Salgueiros (Por)

Sinisa Jankovic from Empoli (Ita) to Bellinzona (Swi) (Yug, 18.1.78, MF, Loan)

Carlos Valderrama from Miami Fusion to Tampa Bay

Terry Cooke from Man City to Man Utd (Eng,5.8.76,RW,04.99,loan-return)

Peter Duffield from Darlington to Falkirk (SC,04.99,loan-return)