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June 1999 transfers
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Theo Snelders from Ranger(Sco) released (Hol,7.12.63,GK)

Kevin Robinson from Ranger(Sco) released (Sco)

Luigi Riccio from Ranger(Sco) released (Ita)

John Brown from Ranger(Sco) released (Sco)

David White from Motherwell(Sco) released (Sco,DF)

Michael Weir from Motherwell(Sco) released (Sco)

Jered Stirling from Motherwell(Sco) released (Sco,LB)

Greg Miller from Motherwell(Sco) released (Sco,ST)

Dan Kemp from Motherwell(Sco) released (Sco)

Snady Hodge from Motherwell(Sco) released (Sco)

John Dow from Motherwell(Sco) released ( (Sco)

Herve Bacque from Motherwell(Sco) released (Fra,23,ST)

James Woods from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Graeme Tait from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Chis Stain from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Adam Strain from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Gary Moore from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Ray Montgomerie from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Gary McDonald from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Steven Hamilton from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Tony Elliot from Kilmarnock(Sco) released (Sco)

Dave McPherson from Hearts(Sco) released (Sco,28.1.64,Sco)

Vincent Guerin from Hearts(Sco) released (Fra,32,MF)

Michael Cameron from Hearts(Sco) released (Sco)

Stuart Callaghan from Hearts(Sco) released (Sco)

Mohamed Berthe from Hearts(Sco) released (Fra,26,DC)

George Shaw from Dunfermline(Sco) released (Sco,10.2.69,ST)

Gavin Johnsen from Dunfermline(Sco) released (Sco,DF)

Jaohn Fraser from Dunfermline(Sco) released (Sco,17.1.78,MF)

Derek Freguson from Dunfermline(Sco) released (Sco,31.7.67,MF)

Kevin Donnelly from Dunfermline(Sco) released (Sco)

Dale Gray from Dundee Utd(Sco) released (Sco)

Neil Duffy from Dundee Utd(Sco) released (Sco,5.6.67,MF)

Willie Thomson from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Jim McInally from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Gary MCGlynn from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Stephen McDermott from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Darren Magee from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Brian Grant from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Finn Gilfillan from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Ray Farningham from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Michael Dickie from Dundee(Sco) released (Sco)

Brian Vaugh from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco,22.8.78,MF)

John Potter from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco,15.12.79,DF)

Gary Nicol from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco)

Stephen Murray from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco)

Graeme Morrison from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco,29.10.76,DF)

Peter McDonald from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco,14.8.77,DF)

Joe Hayes from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco)

Gerard Crossley from Celtic(Sco) released (Ire,5.2.80,ST)

Paul Borland from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco,28.6.79,DF)

Marc Anthony from Celtic(Sco) released (Sco,28.3.78,ST)

Derek Stillie from Aberdeen(Sco) released (Sco)

Paul Tait from Northwich Victoria(Eng) to Crewe(Eng) (Eng,24.10.74,ST)

Steve Butler from Peterborough(Eng) to Welling(Eng) (Eng,27.1.63,ST,06.01)

Michael Yates from Burscough(Eng) to Dundee(Sco) (Eng,ST,15k)

Marcus Hahnemann from Colorado Rapids(USA) to Fulham(Eng) (USA,15.6.72,GK,97k)

David Wetherall from Leeds to Bradford(Eng) (Eng,14.3.71,06.04,1.4m)

Laurent Guyot from Toulouse(Fra) to Guingamp(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.02,Free)

Alex Bunbury from ? to Kansas City(USA) (Can,ST)

Giuseppe Taglialatela from Udinese(Ita) to Fiorentina (Ita,2.1.69,GK,1m)

Alessandro Pierini from Udinese(Ita) to Fiorentina (Ita,22.3.73,DC,3.4m)

Anselmo Robbiati from Fiorentina to Napoli(Ita) (Ita,1.1.70,LW,06.02)

Balazs Molnar from Zalaegerszeg(Hun) to Espanyol (Hun,MF,06.02)

Sam Collins from Huddersfield(Eng) to Bury (Eng,5.6.77,DF,Free)

Ian Lawson from Huddersfield(Eng) to Bury(Eng) (Eng,4.11.77,SC,Free)

Alexandre Dujeux from Auxerre to Chateauroux(Fra) (Fra,RB,06.02)

Cyril Eboki-Poh from Cannes(Fra) to Bastia(Fra) (Fra,11.9.79,ST,100k)

Patrick Barul from Cannes(Fra) to Lens(Fra) (Fra,2.10.77,MF,06.04)

Dragan Ciric from Barcelona to AEK Athens(Gre) (Yug,19.4.74,MF,06.02)

Fernando Sanz from Real Madrid to Malaga(Spa) (Spa,4.1.74,DC,06.01)

Steve McGavin from Southend(Eng) to Northampton(Eng) (Eng,24.1.69,MF,Free)

Jon Brown from Halifax(Eng) to Nuneaton(Eng) (Eng,DF)

Dave Hanson from Halifax(Eng) to Nuneaton(Eng) (Eng,19.11.68,ST,Free)

Philippe Clement from Coventry to Club Brugges(Bel) (Bel,MF,770k)

Phil O`Donnell from Celtic to Sheffield Wed (Sco,25.3.72,LW,06.03)

Simon Donnelly from Celtic to Sheffield Wed (Sco,1.12.74,ST,06.03)

Sebastian Berti from River Plate to America(Mex) (Arg,MF,06.00)

Eddy Capron from Rennes(Fra) to Sedan(Fra) (Fra,15.1.71,DF,06.01)

Valter fromLourosa(Por) to U.Lamas(Por) (Por)

Tozé from Espinho(Por) to U.Lamas(Por) (Por,7.3.73,ST)

Edinho from Portimonense(Por) to U.Lamas(Por) (Bra,21.2.67,ST,06.00)

Joao Paulo from Paredes(Por) to U.Lamas(Por) (Por,06.00,loan)

Carlos Fangueiro from Maia(Por) to Gil Vicente(Por) (Por,19.12.76,MF,06.00,loan)

David Lowe from Wigan(Eng) to Wrexham(Eng) (Eng,30.8.65,ST,Free)

Dougie Coulston from Montrose(Sco) to Brecchin(Sco) (Sco,12.8.71,MF,Free)

Gavin Price from Stirling(Sco) to Brecchin(Sco) (Sco,29.10.74,ST,Free)

Jason Cundy from Ipswich(Eng) to Portsmouth(Eng) (Eng,12.11.69,DC,06.02,Free)

Peter Keen from Newcastle to Cralisle(Eng) (Eng,16.11.76,GK,Free)

Dida from Milan to Atletico Mineiro(Bra) (Bra,7.10.73,GK)

Hector Tapi from Universidad Catolica(Chile) to Perugia(Ita) (Chile,ST,1.94m)

Matuzalém from Bellinzona(Swi) to Napoli(Ita) (Bra,MF)

Paulo Poejo from Desp.Aves(Por) to Campomaiorense(Por) (Por,30.9.73,MF,06.01)

Dário from Imortal juniors(Por) to Imortal(Por) (Por)

Issaul from Canoas(Bra) to Imortal(Por) (Bra,DF)

Quim Machado from Compomaiorense(Por) to Maia(Por) (Por,10.10.66,DF)

Eusebio from Beira-Mar(Por) to Freamunde(Por) (Por,26.8.66,MF,06.00)

Vassily Kulkov from Samara(Rus) to Alverca(Por) (Rus,11.6.66,MF,06.00)

Gilber from Corinthians Alagoano(Bra) to Alverca(Por) (Bra,DF)

Andersson from Corinthians Alagoano(Bra) to Alverca(Por) (Bra,ST,06.03)

Renato from Vit.Setubal(Por) to U.Leiria(Por) (Por,21.1.73,DF,06.00,loan)

Florin Batrinu from Dinamo Bucharest(Rom) to U.Leiria(Por) (Rom,DF,06.02)

Jose Barroso from Academica(Por) to Braga(Por) (Por,26.8.70,MF,06.01)

Paulo Costa from Lourinhanense (Por) to Sporting Lisbon(Por) (Por,ST,loan-return)

Julian Kmet from Lanus(Arg) to Sporting Lisbon (Arg,19.MLC,loan-return)

Nenad from Rio Ave(Por) to Desp.Aves(Por) (Yug,31.10.68,DF)

Paulo Sousa from Boavista jun.(Por) to Desp.Aves(Por) (Por,06.00,loan)

Injai Braima from Boavista(Por) to Desp.Aves(Por) (Gui,6.10.75,MF,06.00,loan)

Adinam from Goiás(Bra) to Portuguesa(Bra) (Bra,GK,trade)

Marcio from Portuguesa(Bra) to Goiás (Bra) (Bra,GK,trade)

Elvis from Portuguesa(Bra) to Goiás(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Max Sandro from Rio Branco-SP(Bra) to Portuguesa(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Alessandro from Santos(Bra) to Porto(Por) (Bra,27.5.73,ST,1.94m)

Gabriel from Sampaio Corrêa(Bra) to Fluminense(Bra) (Bra,GK,06.00)

Brandão from Belenenses(Por) to Coritiba(Bra) (Bra,ST,loan-return)

Sandro Hiroshi from Rio Branco-SP(Bra) to Sao Paulo(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Janduir from Desportiva(Bra) to Santa Cruz(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Marcelo Fumaça from Desportiva(Bra) to Santa Cruz(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Andre Gomes from Friburguense -RJ(Bra) to Guarani(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Giuseppe Signori from Lazio to Bologna(Ita) (Ita,17.2.68,ST)

Paul Okon from Lazio to Fiorentina (Aus,5.4.72,DF,Free)

Lee Bracey from Ipswich(Eng) to Hull(Eng) (Eng,5.11.77,GK,Free)

Frazer Toms from Charlton(Eng) to Barnet(Eng) (Eng,MF,06.01,Free)

Olivier Frapolli from Beauvais(Fra) to Martigues(Fra) (Fra,27.3.71,DF)

Stephane Lemarchand from Caen(Fra) to Louhans-Cuiseaux(Fra) (Fra,6.8.71,ST,06.00,Free)

Andreas Isaksson from Trelleborg(Swe) to Juventus (Swe,GK,06.03,1.1m)

Alessio Piri from ? to Nice(Fra) (Ita,ST,06.03)

Juan Carlos Carcedo from Atletico Madrid B(Spa) to Nice(Fra) (Spa,MF,06.02)

Cosimo Sarli from Eendracht Aalst(Bel) to Nice(Fra) (Ita,ST,06.00)

Jose Cobos from Toulouse(Fra) to Nice(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.01,Free)

Joachim Ferraz from ? to Dundee Utd(Sco) (Por,ST,Free)

Jim Will from Arsenal to Deveronvale(Sco) (Sco,GK,Free)

David Hay from Dunfermline(Sco) to East Fife(Sco) (Sco,Free)

Geoff Thomas from N.Forest(Eng) to Barnsley(Eng) (Eng,5.8.64,MC,06.00,Free)

Mike Newell from Crewe(Eng) to Doncaster(Eng) (Eng,27.1.65,ST,Free)

Federico Lagorio from Atlas(Mex) to UNAM(Mex) (Mex,17.7.75)

German Villa from America(Mex) to Necaxa(Mex) (Mex,DF)

Fabien Estay from Toluca(Mex) to America(Mex) (Chile,5.10.68,MF)

Hector Adomaitis from Cruz Azul(Mex) to Curtidores(Mex) (Arg,12.6.70,MF)

Jafet Soto from Pachuca(Mex) to Leon(Mex) (Costa Rica,1.4.76,MF)

Alberto Garsia Aspe from America(Mex) to Leon(Mex) (Mex,11.5.67,MF)

Pedro Pineda from Atlante(Mex) to Monterrey(Mex) (Mex,30.11.71,ST)

Claudio da Silva from Morelia(Mex) to Monterrey(Mex) (Bra,12.6.68,ST)

Kalusha Bwalya from America(Mex) to Veracruz(Mex) (Zam,ST)

Jonathan Bacchini from Udinese to Juventus (Ita,5.6.75,MF)

David Charrieras from St.-Etienne(Fra) to Le Mans(Fra) (Fra,24.3.76,LB,06.02)

Hamada Jambay from Marseille to Toulouse(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.02,Free)

William Prunier from FC Courtrai(Bel) to Toulouse(Fra) (Fra,14.8.67,DC,06.00,Free)

Stephane Rondelaere from Metz(Fra) to Amiens(Fra) (Fra,16.1.76,MF)

Robert Malm from Toulouse(Fra) to Valence(Fra) (Fra,21.8.73,ST,06.00)

William Loko from Caen(Fra) to Valence(Fra) (Fra,5.12.72,ST,06.00,loan)

Fernando Galletto from San Lorenzo(Arg) to Panathinaikos(Gre) (Arg,MF,06.02,650k)

Brian McLaughlin from Dundee Utd(Sco) to Wigan(Eng) (Sco,14.5.74,LW,Free)

Willie Boland from Coventry to Cardiff (Ire,6.8.75,MF,Free)

Paolo Annoni from Monza(Ita) to Ternana(Ita) (Ita,DF,06.02)

Olivier Bellisi from Lyon(Fra) to Caen(Fra) (Fra,25.11.75,Lb,06.02)

Mario Gori from Miami Fusion(USA) to New England(USA) (Arg,6.1.73,LB,trade)

Edwin Gorter from New England(USA) to Miami Fusion(USA) (Hol 6.8.63,MC,trade)

Adam Eaton from Everton to Preston North End(Eng) (Eng,LB)

Anders Andersson from Blackburn to Alborg(Den) (Swe,15.3.74,MF,115k)

Jose Santos Damasceno "Tiba" from Atlante(Mex) to Celaya(Mex) (Bra,13.7.70)

Eustacio Rizo from UAG(Mex) to Cruz Azul(Mex) (Mex,40.9.71)

Julio Cesar Pinheiro from Celaya(Mex) to Cruz Azul(Mex) (Bra,22.8.76)

Ramon Ramirez from America(Mex) to UANL(Mex) (Mex,5.12.69)

Matt Clarke from Sheffield Wed to Bradford(Eng) (Eng,3.11.73,GK,06.03,Free)

Steve van der Borght from Eindhoven(Hol) to TOP Oss(Hol) (Bel,MF,06.01)

Huub Loeffen from Willem II(Hol) to TOP Oss(Hol) (Hol,06.01,ST)

Patrick Nys from Lommel(Bel) to Lierse(Bel) (Bel,Gk,06.03)

Stijn Vreven from AA Gent(Bel) to Utrecht(Hol) (Bel,06.02,DF)

Stijn Meert from KV Kortrijk(Bel) to Anderlecht(Bel) (Bel,06.04)

Franky Frans from Charleroi(Bel) to Westerlo(Bel) (Bel,GK,06.02)

Dragoslav Jevric from Red Star Belgrade(Yug) to Vitesse(Hol) (Yug,GK,06.05)

Jan van Raalte from Emmen(Hol) to VVV(Hol) (Hol,MF,06.02)

Rob Hilbers from Volendam(hol) to Cambuur(Hol) (Hol,GK,06.01)

Fabio Pecchia from Juventus to Torino(Ita) (Ita,24.8.73,RW,06.02)

Jean-Luc Escayol from Le Mans(Fra) to Creteil(Fra) (Fra,11.2.72,MF,06.01)

Pascal Gourville from Valenciennes(Fra) to Le Mans(Fra) (Fra,LB,06.01)

Gary Smart from Forest Green(Eng) to Neport AFC(Eng) (Eng,8.12.63,Free)

Neil Ellis from Leek Town(Eng) to Northwich(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Stuart Golabek from Ross Country(Sco) to Inverness(Sco) (Sco,DF,Free)

Peter Smith from Brighton(Eng) to Woking(Eng) (Eng,12.7.69,D/DMRC,Free)

Nicky Forster from Birmingham(Eng) to Reading(Eng) (Eng,8.9.73,ST,06.03,ST,650k)

Greg Rioch from Hull(Eng) to Macclesfield(Eng) (Eng,24.6.75,DF,Free)

Mark Jules from Chesterfield(Eng) to Halifax(Eng) (Eng,5.9.71,DF,06.01,Free)

Antonio Jimenez from Espanyol to Atletico Madrid (Spa,12.10.70,GK,06.02)

Jonny rcker from Nimes(Fra) to Lille(Fra) (Fra,16.1.73,DF,06.02)

Emmerick Darbelet from Le Mans(Fra) to Amiens(Fra) (Fra,MF,06.01)

Michal Nehoda from Petra Drnovice(Cze) to De Graafschap(Hol) (Cze,06.00,ST,loan)

Dudley Haddocks from CSV`28(Hol) to Ajax (Hol)

Ties Konings from PSV to Eindhoven(Hol) (Hol,06.00)

Theo van den Dungen from PSV to TOP Oss(Hol) (Hol,GK)

Keith Welch from Bristol City(Eng) to Northampton(Eng) (Eng,3.10.68,GK,Free)

Will Varty from carlisle(Eng) to Rotherham(Eng) (Eng,1.10.76,DC,06.01,Free)

Kevin Nicholls from Charlton(Eng) to Wigan(eng) (Eng,2.1.79,MF)

Benjamin Galindo from Cruz Azul(Mex) to Pachuca(Mex) (Mex,11.12.60,MF)

Oswaldo Sanchez from America(Mex) to Guadalajara(Mex) (Mex,21.9.73,GK)

Adolfo Rios from Necaxa(Mex) to America(Mex) (Mex,11.12.66,GK)

Carlos Hermosillo from Necaxa(Mex) to AmericA(Mex) (Mex,24.8.64,ST)

Alex Aguinaga from Necaxa(Mex) to America(Mex) (Ecu,9.7.68,MF)

Pavel Pardo from UAG(Mex) to America(Mex) (Mex,DF)

Jonas Thern from Glasgow Rangers retired (Swe,20.3.67,MC)

Wade Webber from Miami Fusion retired (USA,12.1.67,DF)

Settimio Lucci from Verona(Ita) to Ternana(Ita) (Ita,DF)

Franco Florio from Cosenza(Ita) to Monza(Ita) (Ita,MF,06.02)

Stefano De Angelis from Gualdo(Ita) to Cosenza(Ita) (Ita,DF)

Davide Cangini from Castel di Sango(Ita) to Cesena(Ita) (Ita,22.4.74,MLC)

Frederic Gueguen from Chateauroux(Fra) to Niort(Fra) (Fra,2.12.70,GK)

Guillaume Bouisset from Red Star 93(Fra) to Amiens(Fra) (Fra,7.1.73,DF,06.01)

Laurent Tomczyk from Troyes(Fra) to Laval(Fra) (Fra,ST,06.02)

Jason Mayele from Chateauroux(Fra) to Cagliari(Ita) (Congo,4.1.76,ST)

Damir Cakar from Chateauroux(Hol) to Vitesse(Hol) (Yug,28.6.73,ST)

Gilles Kerhuiel from Lorient(Fra) to Chateauroux(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.02)

Fabian Marcelo Espnia from Colo Colo(Chile) to Santander(Spa) (Arg,06.02,MF)

Eric Boniface from Sochaux(Fra) to Gueugnon(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.01)

Stephane Maubert from Laval(Fra) to Thouars(Fra) (Fra,ST)

David Vairelles from Nancy(Fra) to Beauvais(Fra) (Fra,LB,06.00)

Cyril Charton from Lens(Fra) to Beauvais(Fra) (Fra,MF)

Mauro Piutti from Louhans-Cuiseaux(Fra) to Valenciennes(Fra) (Cro,DF)

Franck Bonora from Red Star 93(Fra) to Endoume(Fra) (Fra,11.8.67,ST)

David Guion from Red Star 93(Fra) to Istres(Fra) (Fra,30.9.67,DF)

Yannick Zambernardi from GFCO Ajaccio(Fra) to AC Ajaccio(Fra) (Fra,DF,06.01)

Bulent Ucuncu from Lorient(Fra) to Trapzonspor(Tur) (Tur,13.8.74,ST,06.00,700k)

Gregory Malicki from Niort(Fra) to Rennes(Fra) (Fra,23.11.73,GK,06.03)

Tarik Bouabdellah from Valenciennes(Fra) to Valence(Fra) (Fra,MF)

Jean-Cyril from Valence(Fra) to Valenciennes(Fra) (Fra,24.7.75,LW)

Elie Verges Kroupi Zahi from Rennes(Fra) to Lorient(Fra) (IvoCoast,18.10.79,St,06.01)

Jérôme Erceau from Amiens(Fra) to Le Mans(Fra) (Fra,DF;06.01)

Julius Aghahwa from Esperance Sportive(Tun) to Juventus (Nig,12.1.82,RM)

Manny Motajo from New England(USA) to MLS(USA) (USA,13.2.70,DF,waived)

Chaka Daley from Boston Bulldogs(USA) to New England(Eng) (Can,4.9.74,DF)

Chris Fairclough from Notts C(Eng) to York(Eng) (Eng,12.4.64,DC,06.01,Free)

Steve Anthrobus from Crewe(Eng) to Oxford(Eng) (Eng,10.11.68,ST,06.01,Free)

Carl Emberson from Colchester(Eng) to Walsall(Eng) (Eng,13.7.73,GK,06.01)

Tommy Widdrington from Grimsby(Eng) to Port Vale(Eng) (Eng,1.10.71,DMC,06.01,Free)

Kjell Olofsson from Dundee Utd(Sco) to Moss(Nor) (Swe,23.7.65,ST,Free)

Tony Daley from Watford(Eng) to Walsall(Eng) (Eng,18.10.67,WNGR,09.99,Free)

Ryan Denys from Brentford(Eng) to England(Eng) (Eng,16.8.78,WNGR,06.01,Free)

Kevin Dennis from Brentford(Eng) to Hampton(eng) (Eng,14.12.76,WNGR,06.01,Free)

Erik Nevland from IFK Göteborg to Man Utd (Nor,10.11.77,SC,loan-return)

Mauricio Solis from Comunicaciones(Guat) to San Jose Clash(USA) (Costa Rica,13.12.72,MF)

Dave Rogers from Dundee(Sco) to Ayr(Sco) (Eng,25.8.75,DF,Free)

Mark Rwle from Rushden&Diamonds(Eng) to Boston Utd(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Marvin Blake from W.B.A.(Eng) to Nuneaton(eng) (Eng,Free)

Marco Caputi from Modena(Ita) to Savoia(Ita) (Ita,MF)

Gaetano Vasari from Cagliari(Ita) to Sampdoria (Ita,1.9.70,ST,06.02)

Renny Vega from Nacional Tachira(Ven) to Udinese (Ven,GK)

Johnnier Esteiner Caicedo Montano from Quilmes Atletico Club (Arg) to Parma (Col)

Farid Darif from ? to Preston North End(Fra,09.99)

Lee Sinnott from Oldham(Eng) to Scarborough(Eng) (Ire,12.7.65,DC,06.01,Free)

Brian Wilsterman from Oxford(Eng) to Rotherham(Eng) (Bel,1.1.76,DF,06.01,Free)

Neil Aspin from Port Vale(Eng) to Darlington(Eng) (Eng,12.4.65,DF,06.01,Free)

Iyseden Christie from Mansfield(Eng) to Leyton Orient(Eng) (Eng,14.11.76,ST)

Danny Mills from Charlton(Eng) to Leeds (Eng,18.5.77,RB,06.04,4m)

Neil Trebble from Welling(Eng) to Hayes(Eng) (Eng,16.2.69,MF,Free)

James Wall from Derby(Eng) to Hereford(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Darren Acton from Kidderminister(Eng) to Tamworth(Eng) (Eng,GK,Free)

Billy Clark from Exeter(Eng) to Forest Green(Eng) (Eng,19.5.67,DF,Free)

Darren Robson from Farnborough to Aldershot(Eng) (Eng,MF,FreE)

Andy Thackeray from Halifax(Eng) to Nuneaton(Eng) (Eng,13.2.68,ST)

Kevin Willetts from Kidderminister(Eng) to Worcester(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Julian Capone from Rushden&Diamonds(Eng) to Nuneaton(Eng) (Eng,3.6.72,MF,Free)

Suart Harte from Farnborough(Eng) to Aldershot(Eng) (Eng,DF,Free)

Ian Reed from Halesowen(Eng) to Nuneaton(Eng) (Eng,4.9.75,Free)

Goce Kotylo from Sheffield Wed to Nuneaton(Eng) (Eng,28.9.77,Mf,Free)

Gordon Connolly from York(Eng) to Southend(Eng) (Eng,50k)

Neil Tolson from York(Eng) to Southend(Eng) (Eng,25.10.73,ST,Free)

Steve Basham from Southampton to Preston North End(Eng) (Eng,2.12.77,ST,06.02)

Lee Sharpe from Leeds to Bradford(Eng) (Eng,27.5.71,LW,06.02,200k)

Angel Hugues from Lorient(Fra) to Lyon(Fra) (Fra,3.9.66,GK,06.01)

Emeka Andersen from Brondby(Den) to Aberdeen (Den,GK,200k)

Simone Perrotta from Juventus to Bari (Ita,19.9.77,MF,06.00,loan)

Nicola Diliso from Vicenza(Ita) to Cagliari(Ita) (Ita,DF,06.03)

Nassim Akrour from Sutten Utd(Eng) to Woking(Eng) (Fra,ST,06.02)

Kenny Irons from Tranmere(Eng) to Huddersfield(Eng) (Eng,4.11.70,MF,06.03,500k)

Simon Collins from Plymouth (Eng) to Macclesfield(Eng) (Eng,16.12.73,DF,06.01)

Richard Barker from Brighton(Eng) to Macclesfield(Eng) (Eng,30.5.75,ST,06.01)

Billy Turley from Northampton(Eng) to Rushden&Diamonds(Eng) (Eng,15.7.73,GK)

Paul McGregor from Preston North End(Eng) to Plymouth(Eng) (Eng,17.12.74,RW,Free)

Thomas Deniaud from Auxerre to Le Havre(Fra) (Fra,31.8.71,ST,06.02,12mF)

Alaor from Uniao Barbarense(Bra) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Cleomir from Uniao Barbarense(Bra) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,LB)

Julio Cesar from Guarani(Bra) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Marcão from Guarani(Bra) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Fabio Mello from Sao Paulo to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Anselmo from Mogi Mirim(Bra) to Botafogo-SP(Bra) (Bra,GK)

Zé Renato from ? to Figueirense (Bra,MF)

Fernandes from ? to Figueirense (Bra,MF)

Harley from Vila Nova-GO(Bra) to Goiás(Bra) (Bra,GK)

Didi from Portuguesa(Bra) to Club(in Greece) (Bra,ST)

Alex from Goiás(Bra) to St.Etienne(Fra) (Bra,ST)

Aloísio from Goiás(Bra) to St.Etienne(Fra) (Bra,ST)

Mineiro from Araçatuba(Bra) to Guarani(Bra) (Bra,MC)

Jean Carlo from Fluminenese(Bra) to Etti Jundiaí-SP(Bra) (Bra,28,MF)

Marcelo Flores from Matonense(Bra) to Ponte Preta(Bra) (Bra,GK)

Colin Hoyle from King`s Lynn(Eng) to Bosten Utd(Eng) (Eng,MF)

Jason Burnham from Worcester(Eng) to Bosten Utd(Eng) (Eng,27,DC,5k)

David Cameron from St.Mirren(Sco) to Brighton(Eng) (Sco,23,SC,06.02)

Patrick Regnault from Le Mans(Fra) to Sedan(Fra) (Fra,3.8.73,GK,06.01)

Jean-Louis Montero from Lorient(Fra) to Sedan(Fra) (Fra,28.4.71,DF,06.01,Free)

Charles-Edouard Coridon from Guingamp(Fra) to Lens(Fra) (Fra,9.4.73,MF,06.03,15mF)

Karim El-Khebir from Chateauroux(Fra) to Valence(Fra) (Nig,4.5.74,DF,06.00)

David Le Frapper from Niort(Fra) to Creteil(Fra) (Fra,25.3.71,MF)

Fabien Safanjon from Gueugnon(Fra) to Niort(Fra) (Fra,31.10.72,DF)

Stephane Capiaux from Laval(Fra) to Niort(Fra) (Fra,5.6.69,MF)

Laurent Morestin from Lyon(Fra) to ChateaurouX(Fra) (Fra,14.1.76,DF,1.5mF)

Dave Rogers from Dundee(Sco) to Ayr(Sco) (Eng,25.8.75,DF)

Jon Ford from Kidderminister to Telford(Eng) (Eng,12.4.68,DF,Free)

Kevin Henderson from Burnley(Eng) to Hartlepool(Eng) (Eng,8.6.74,ST,Free)

Richard Forsyth from Stoke(Eng) to Blackpool(Eng) (Eng,3.10.70,MF,Free)

Tony Hemmings from Hednesford(Eng) to Atrincham(Eng) (Eng,21.9.67,MF,Free)

Brendan Burke from Stalybridge(Eng) to Altrincham(Eng) (Eng,Free)

Chris Lucketti from Bury(Eng) to Huddersfield(Eng) (Eng,28.9.71,DC,06.03,750k)

Andy Harris from Southend(Eng) to Leyton Orient(Eng) (Eng,26.2.77,FB,Free)

Andy Kiwomya from Nuneaton Borough(Eng) to Boston Utd(Eng) (Eng,1.10.67,SC,Free)

Steve Jenkins from Southampton to Brentford(Eng) (Eng,1.9.74,DC)

Ronni Mauge from Plymouth(Eng) to Bristol Rover(Eng) (Eng,10.3.69,AMRC,Free)

James Thomson from Queen of South(Sco) to Arbroath(Sco) (Sco,15.5.71,DF,Free)

Derek Townsley from Queen of South(Sco) to Motherwell(Sco) (Eng,21.3.73,MF,Free)

Olivier Pédémas from Chateauroux(Fra) to Le Mans(Fra) (Fra,30,GK,06.01)

Teddy Richert from Toulouse(Fra) to Bordeaux (Fra,21.9.74,GK,06.04)

Laurent Battles from Toulouse(Fra) to Bordeaux (Fra,23.9.75,DF,06.04)

Franck Haise from Beauvais(Fra) to Laval(Fra) (Fra,15.4.71,MF,06.02)

Arthur Gnohéré from Cannes(Fra) to Caen(Fra) (Fra,20,DF,06.02)

Tommy Minton from Partick Thistle(Sco) to Queen of South(Sco) (Sco,MFFree)

Jeff Minton from Brighton(Eng) to Port Vale(Eng) (Eng,28.12.73,RW,06.01,Free)

Brian Reid from Burnley(Eng) to Dunfermline(Sco) (Sco,15.6.70,DF,06.02,Free)

Stephane Pedron from Lorient(Fra) to St-Etienne(Fra) (Fra,20.2.71,LW,06.03)

Pascal Camadini from Lorient(Fra) to Strasbourg (Fra,2.4.72,MF,06.03,Fra)

Ludovic Mary from Nantes(Fra) to Lille(Fra) (Fra,3.7.78,06.06,Free)

Hugo Laranjo from Feirense(Por) to Chaves(Por) (Por,23.2.76,LB,loan-return)

Renato from Vit.Setubal(Por) to Sporting Lisbon(Por) (Bra,21.1.73,DC,loan-return)

Nuno Portela from Santa Clara(Por) to Vit.Setubal(Por) (Por,30.10.75,RB,loan-return)

Jarkko Wiss from Molde(Nor) to Lillestrom(Nor) (Fin,17.4.72,DMC,loan)

Ferdinand Coly from Chateauroux(Fra) to Lens (Fra,Sen,10.9.73,DF,06.03)

Christophe Ferron from Laval(Fra) to Lorient(Fra) (Fra,2.10.70,DF,06.02)

Stephane Collet from Strasbourg to Lens (Fra,13.6.72,MF,06.02,Free)

Emmanuel Hutteau from Creteil(Fra) to Angers(Fra) (Fra,MF)

Eric Assadourian from Beauvais(Fra) to Valence(Fra) (Arm,24.6.66,ST)

Philippe Celdran from Guingamp(Fra) to Valence(Fra) (Fra,2.11.73,ST,06.01)

John Eyre from Scunthorpe(eng) to Hull(Eng) (Eng,9.10.74,ST,Free)

Marco Pascolo from N.Forest to FC Zürich (Swi,9.5.66,GK,Free)

Marcus Jones from Telford(Eng) to Scarborough(Eng) (Eng,19,MF,Free)

Jamie Campbell from Cambridge(Eng) to Brighton(Eng) (Eng,21.10.72,LB,Free)

Ashley Bayes from Exeter(Eng) to Leyton Orient(Eng) (Eng,19.4.72,GK,Free)

Andy Turner from Crystal Palace(Eng) to Rotherham(Eng) (Ire,23.3.75,LW,Free)

Dan Petersen from Anderlecht to Bastia (Den,27,ST,06.03)

Juan Antonio Pizzi from River Plate(Arg) to Rosario Central(Arg) (Spa/Arg,7.6.68,SC,loan)

Marcão from Bangu(Bra) to Fluminense(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Paulão from Mogi Mirim(Bra) to Fluminense(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Carlão from Farroupilha(Bra) to Fluminense(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Rossato from Rio Branco-SP(Bra) to Atlético-PR(Bra) (Bra,LB)

Davi from Mogi Mirim(Bra) to Atlético-PR(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Helton from Saad Sports(Quatar) to Avaí-SC (Bra) (Bra,MF)

Jean Paulista from Farense(Por) to Braga(Por) (Bra,ST,06.02)

Clodoaldo from Fortaleza-CE(Bra) to Ituano-SP(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Rangel from ? to Fortaleza-CE(Bra) (Bra,DF)

Juari from Matonense(Bra) to Guarani(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Kleber Lima from União Barbarense-SP(Bra) to Gama(Bra) (Bra,LB)

Beto from União Barbarense-SP(Bra) to Gama(Bra) (Bra,MF)

Mazinho Loyola from União Barbarense-SP(Bra) to Gama(Bra) (Bra,ST)

Mickaël Marolany from Beauvais(Fra) to Louhans-Cuiseaux(Fra) (Fra,13.4.75,DF,06.02)

Marc Delaroche from Bordeaux to Nimes(Fra) (Fra,18.4.71,GK,06.02,Free)

Parfait Medou Otye from Le Havre(Fra) to Le Mans(Fra) (Cam,22,DF,06.00,loan)

Xavier Dablemont from Wasquehal(Fra) to Lorient(Fra) (Fra,10.6.75,ST,06.01)

Guillermo Mauricio from Red Star 93(Fra) to Laval(Fra) (Fra,12.10.74,ST,06.03)

Elie Kroupi from Rennes(Fra) to Lorient(Fra) (IvoCoast,18.1.79,ST,06.02)

Ulrich Le Pen from Laval(Fra) to Lorient(Fra) (Fra,23.1.74,ST,06.02)

Pierre Laigle from Sampdoria to Lyon (Fra,12.9.70,Lb,06.02,50mF)

Dean Walling from Lincoln(Eng) to Doncaster(Eng) (Eng,17.4.69,DF,25k)

Anthony Griffin from Bournemouth(Eng) to Cheltenham(Eng) (Eng,22.3.79,RB,20k)

John Mohan from York(Eng) to Oldham(Eng) (Eng,18,GK)

Lamine Diatta from Toulouse(Fra) to Marseille (Fra,DF)

Samba Diawara from Red Star 93(Fra) to Troyes(Fra) (Fra,15.3.78,DF,06.03)

Colin McDonald from Clydebank(Sco) to Falkirk(Sco) (Sco,10.4.74,ST)

Shane Nicholson from Chesterfield(Eng) to Stockport(Eng) (Eng,3.6.70,DF,Free)

Barry Prendeville from Coventry to Ayr(Sco) (Ire,16.10.76,DF)

George Donis from AEK Athens(Eng) to Huddersfield(Eng) (Gre,29.10.69,RW,06.02,1m)

Daniel Bravo from Marseille to Nice (Fra,9.2.63,MF,06.01,Free)

Cyrille Wattier from GSI Pontivy(Fra) to Caen(Fra) (Fra,27,ST,06.01)

Andy Oakes from Hull(Eng) to Derby(Eng) (Eng,11.1.77,GK,460k)

Kevin Dearden from Huddersfield(Eng) to Wrexham(Eng) (Eng,8.3.70,GK,Free)

Brian Irvine from Dundee(Sco) to Ross Country(Sco) (Sco,24.5.65,DF,Free)

David Nicholls from Clydebank(Sco) to Falkirk(Sco) (Sco,5.4.72,MF,Free)

Jose Arley Palacios from MetroStars(USA) to Miami Fusion(USA) (Col,10.6.73,DF,trade)

Welton from MetroStars(USA) to Miami Fusion(USA) (Bra,17.4.75,ST,trade)

Eric Wynalda from MetroStars(USA) to Miami Fusion(USA) (USA,9.6.69,SC,trade)

Roy Myers from Metrostars(USA) to Los Angeles(USA) (Costra Rica,13.4.69,MF,trade)

Eric Wynalda from San Jose(USA) to MetroStars(USA) (Usa,9.6.69,SC,trade)

Vegard Skogheim from Retirment to Ham Kam(Nor) (Nor,28.4.66,AMSC,11.99)

Alex Bone from Stirling(Sco) to Ayr(Nor) (Sco,26.12.76,ST,80k)

Neil Duffy from Dundee Utd to Ayr(Sco) (Sco,5.6.67,MF,Free)

Kjell Roar Kaasa from Valerenga(Nor) to Lyn(Nor) (Nor,15.3.66,ST,loan)

Espen Haug from Valerenga(Nor) to Lyn(Nor) (Nor,30.1.70,MF,loan)

Jamie Forrester from Scunthorpe(Eng) to Utrecht(Hol) (Eng,1.11.74,ST,06.02)

Jovan Kirovski from Fortuna Köln to Dortmund (USA,18.3.76,SC,loan-return)

Dragan Stevanovic from St.Pauli to Wolfsburg (Yug,16.8.71,AMSRC,06.99,loan-return)

Stefan Kuntz from Bochum retired (Ger,30.10.62,SC)

Dejan Savicevic from Red Star Belgrad to Rapid Vienna (Yug,15/9/1966,AMSRC,06.02)

Alberto Mendez from AEK to Arsenal (Ger,24.10.74,AMRC,loan-return)

Sören Seidel from Hannover to Werder Bremen (Ger,10.10.72,SC,loan-return)

Milenko Vukcevic from Waldhof Mannheim to Viborg (Yug,14.9.66,AMSC,loan-return)

Ivo Georgiev from Waldhof Mannheim to FC Aarau (Bul,12.5.73,SC,loan-return)

Jozef Kozlej from Greuther Fürth to 1.FC Kosice (Svk,8.7.73,SC,loan-return)

Rodolfo Cardoso from Estudiantes(Arg) to Hamburger SV (Arg,17.10.68,SLC,loan-return)

Berkant Göktan from Borussia M`Gladbach to Bayern München (Tur,12.12.80,SC,06.00,loan-return)

Milan Kerbr from Weismain to Greuther Fürth (Cze,9.6.67,SRC,loan-return)

Henryk Baluszynski from Bielefeld to Bochum (Pol,15.7.72,SLC,loan-return)

Christian Saba from BSC Berlin to Bayern München (Gha,29.12.78,DMC,loan-return)

Martin Frydek from Duisburg to Leverkusen (Cze,9.3.69,AMLC,06.00,loan-return)

Mamadou Diallo from Duisburg to Lillestrom(Sen,27,SC,06.99,loan-return)

Martin Dahlin from Hamburg to Blackburn (Swe,16.4.68,SC,loan-return)

Alexandru Curtian from Hamburg to Zenit St.Pertersburg(Rus) (Mol,24,M,06.99,loan-return)

Damir Stojak from Frankfurt to SSC Neapel (Yug,22.5.75,SC,loan-return)