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September 1999 transfers
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Karl Heinz Riedle from Liverpool(Eng) to Fulham(Eng) (Ger,16.9.65,SC,06.01,275k)

Helmut Rahner from Un-Attached to Preußen Münster(Ger) (Ger,29.3.71,DC,06.01)

Andreas Lagonikakis from Panathinaikos(Gre) to Rapid Vienna(Aut) (Gre,4.6.72,DMC)

Jasmin Samardzic from Braunschweig(Ger) released (Cro,27.1.74,DMLC)

Jacob Thomas from Austin Lone Stars(USA) to Braunschweig(Ger) (USA,22,SC,06.01)

Michael Sauer from FSV Mainz(Ger) to SV Wehen(Ger) (Ger,7.9.69,D/MRL,20k)

Dejan Raickovic from TeBe Berlin(Ger) to Carl Zeiss Jena(Ger) (Yug,27.10.67,SWD/DMC)

Darlington Omodiagbe from LKS Lodz(Pol) to Hannover 96 (Nig,21,SC,06.00)

Moses Sichone from Nchanga Rangers(Zam) to 1.FC Köln(Ger) (Zam,DF)

Oktay Kuday from Karlsruhe(Ger) to Altay Izmir(Tur) (Tur,6.8.79,SC)

Joe Didulica from Melbourne Knights(Aus) to Ajax(Hol) (Aus,GK,168k)

Miran Pavlin from Freiburg(Ger) to Karlsruhe(Ger) (Svn,8.10.71,DMLC,06.00,loan)

Tommy Johnsen from Celtic(Sco) to Everton(Eng) (Eng,15.1.71,AMSC,12.99,loan)

Holger Gaißmayer from VfB Leipzig(Ger) to SW Bregenz(Aut) (Ger,2.7.70,SC,Free)

Petr Grund from Chmel Blsany(Cze) to Erzgebirge Aue(Ger) (Cze,M,06.00,loan)

Vaclav Lincala from FC Kavina(Cze) to Plauen(Ger) (Cze,25,SC,06.00)

Ivan Valachovic from Dukla Pribram(Cze) to Plauen(Ger) (Cze,33,DM,06.00)

Brasil from ? to Wisla Krakow(Pol) (Bra)

Valdeci José da Silva `Deci` from Un-Attached to Wisla Krakow(Pol) (Bra,2.3.73,D/MR)

Alexander Rytchkov from Basel(Swi) to Delsberg(Swi) (Rus,29.9.74,AMC)

Sven Simonsen from Braunschweig(Ger) to Oldenburg(Ger) (Ger,28.11.69,AMSRLC)

Alberto Mendez from Arsenal(Eng) to Unterhaching(Ger) (Ger/Spa,24.10.74, AMRC,06.00,loan,50k)

Per Frandsen from Bolton(Eng) to Blackburn(Eng) (Den,6.2.70,AMC,1,77m)

Ibrahim Ba from Milan(Ita) to Perugia(Ita) (Fra,12.1.73,AMR,06.00,loan)

Thomas Möller from Gütersloh(Ger) to Meppen Amat.(Ger) (Ger12.7.67,DC)

Thomas Ritter from Karlsruhe(Ger) to Lustenau(Aut) (Ger10.10.67,DRC)

Nordin Wooter from Zaragoza(Spa) to Watford(Eng) (Hol,24.8.76,AMSR,950k)

Dirk Dammann from Un-attached to Norderstedt(Ger) (Ger,14.8.67,SWDMC)

Christian Möckel from Greuther Fürth(Ger) released (Ger,6.4.73,SC)

Karim Dietz from Kaiserslautern Amat.(Ger) to Karlsruhe Amat.(Ger) (Ger,18)

Ibrahim Samir from Kaiserslautern(Ger) to Bursaspor(Tur) (Egy,2.4.72,SWDC,06.00,loan,170k)

Michaël Silvestre from Inter(Ita) to Manchester Utd(Eng) (Fra,9.8.77,SWDLC,5m)

Mike Möllensiep from VfB Lübeck(Ger) to TSV Pansdorf(Ger) (Ger,28.11.75,SC,06.00,Free)

Ian Wright from West Ham(Eng) to N.Forest(Eng) (Eng,3.11.63,SC,10.99,loan)

Goran Curko from VfB Leipzig(Ger) to Kickers Offenbach(Ger) (Yug,21.8.68,GK,06.00,loan,Free)

Bruno Rodriguez from Paris-SG(Fra) to Bradford(Eng) (Fra,25.11.72,SC,06.00,loan)

Domenico Morfeo from Fiorentina(Ita) to Cagliari(Ita) (Ita,16.1.76,AMSC)

Luis Airton Oliveira from Fiorentina(Ita) to Cagliari(Ita) (Bel/Bra,24.3.69,AMSRLC)

Festus Odini from Spandauer SV(Ger) to Babelsberg(Ger) (Nig,22,SC,06.00)

Clements Fritz from VfB Leipzig(Ger) to RW Erfurt(Ger) (Ger,18,50k)

Daniel Stendel from Gütersloh(Ger) to Hannover 96(Ger) (Ger,4.4.74,SC,06.02,135k)

Khodadad Azizi from 1.FC Köln(Ger) to Antalyaspor(Tur) (Ira,22.6.71,SC)

Michael Konsel from AS Roma(Ita) to Venezia(Ita) (Aut,6.3.62,GK,350k)

Laszlo Klausz from Sochaux(Fra) to Waldhof Mannheim(Ger) (Hun,24.6.71,SLC,06.00,Free)

Ørjan Berg from Bodo Glimt(Nor) to Rosenborg(Nor) (Nor,20.8.68,AMC)

Fahed Dermech from TeBe Berlin(Ger) to Braunschweig(Ger) (Tun,26.11.66,SWDMLC,06.01,Free)

Geir Frigard from TeBe Berlin(Ger) to CS Sedan(Fra) (Nor,03.11.70,SC,06.00,loan)

Ralf Strogies from Un-Attached to Millwall(Eng) (Ger,18.9.66,DRC)