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Coaching staff looking for job
Are you a manager or coach? Are you unemployed or want a new challenge? Besides other ways of finding a job I am offering you the chance to put you on this list. This service is free of charge.

Added : 04 Mar. 2003
Name : Joaquim Manuel Pôça Lopes
Nationality : Portuguese
Date of Birth : 14th Feb. 1969
Fluent Languages : Portuguese, Spanish, French, English
Basic Languages : -
Licenced in: Portugal
Former international : unknown
Contact : jomalopes@yahoo.com
Current club : G.U.D.A. (Por) under 19 team in 2nd division of the Lisbon District
Current role : head coach in part time
Looking for job as : head coach at senior team
Prefered Region/Country : any
Previous clubs : Some experiences with local teams, G.U.D.A. (Por) since July 2000
Records : 5th with under 19(year 2001); 1st second fase 2003 with under 19(year 2002)
Type or personality : Demanding and ambicious, likes to push the players during practice. Would like to go on a full-time career as a coach of a senior team. Believe in his own qualities. Available immediatly.
Personal statement : Everybody around me says that i have a brilliant future ahead of me as a coach. I just need an opportunity.
References : none

Added : 08 Mar. 2003
Name : Alan Ferriss MPE, BBA
Nationality : English
Date of Birth : June 1942
Fluent Languages : English
Basic Languages : -
Licenced in: England, New Zealand
Former international : unknown
Contact : gandergreenlane@shaw.ca
Current club : none
Current role : none
Looking for job as : manager / head coach
Prefered Region/Country : anywhere around the World
Previous clubs : Clubs in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico and England
Records : Won many League and Cup Championships with previous clubs
Type or personality : unknown
Personal statement : Can Furnish any Parties Interested with my CV, Letters of Personal References and International and FIFA Coaching Qualifications
References : Mr Stephen Constantine (India National Team Coach), Mr Alex Abede (Football Business Player Manager), Mr Kwabena Yeboah (Ghana National "A" Licenced Coach), Mr Henry Ahey (Football Business Player Manager)

Added : 08 Nov. 2003
Name : Otair Nogueira Pessoa
Nationality : Brazilian
Date of Birth : 14th May 1963
Fluent Languages : Portuguese, Spanish, French, English
Basic Languages : -
Licenced in: Brazil
Former international : unknown
Contact : otair@pnetmail.co.za
Current club : Santos FC - Luanda, Angola
Current role : coach
Looking for job as : head or assistant coach of senior team
Prefered Region/Country : any
Previous clubs : Moroko Swallows 1st div - South Africa, Luso Africa - South Africa, La Digue FC - Seychelles
Records : League and Cup Championships
Type or personality : Achievement driven and hard working.
Personal statement : I have an intrinsic interest in the development of underdeveloped communities using soccer as a measure of value and exchange. I also see this as my contribution to social upliftment in an attempt to not only cross barriers but also to overcome them so that the world becomes a global village.
Please email me for a detailed cv/resume.
References : Irwin Khos
Managing Director ? Orlando Pirates
South Africa
Tel: +2711 838-6868
Fax: 2711 838-6663

Joe Da Silva
Director ? Luso Africa FC
South Africa
+2783 700 7914 or +2711 482 2510