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Site News

Find out what is - besides transfers - new or has been/will be changed at this site
Dear soccer fans and GST visitors - The future of GlobalSoccerTransfers

Important :
28th February : I have to apology for the site update delay but now it's back where it was before 3rd February. The site has turned back to normal status. All sections are updated now. All planned player transfer sections are now online and available at the Player Transfer Index.
Some minor errors have been found and reported within the last weeks since the site has been revamped. These errors should be gone now and everything should work properly. If any error occurs please mail it to the webmaster.

Your webmaster

Site News 21.11.02
Update preview for 21st November :
Update with soccer news, latest Scandinavian transfers and Sweden 2002 end-of-season column.

Site News 19.11.02
All archives should be up-to-date by now.

Site News 28.10.02
I have to apologize that the update planned for today will be online late this night or tomorrow as I returned with a delay from a fair I had to go from work. The fair was also the reason why there had been no update within the last days.
Update schedule:
- next update tonight or tomorrow(29.10.02)
- Wednesday (30th): E-mails will be answered
- Thursday (31st): Transfer update
- Next weekend: Site and archive update.

Site News 06.10.02
The archives have been updated. New George Tsitsonis column has been added. A few links have been updated or added but I am still working on it.

Site News 01.10.02
GlobalSoccerTransfers is back from vacation. All the September transfers and changes while on vacation had been added to the site. Archives and links will be updated within the next days. Everything will be back to routine within the next days.

Site News 19.09.02
Even a webmaster needs a vacation. Now it's time for me. The transfer window has closed so I take it slow. I hope to do an update within the vacation but if not possible the next update will be on 1st October.

Site News 09.09.02
Very important:An update from 11th to 15th and 20th to 30th September can't be guaranteed. I will do my best to do an update in this time but if I can't do it you will get the transfers during that time on 16th September and 1st October. Normal updates from 16th to 19th September.

Site News 31.08.02
It has been taken a while longer as planned but now all club-by-blub countries are online and updated. The next club-by-blub after the transfer window closed.

Site News 22.08.02
Transfers updated. I did my best to update the whole club-by-club page but could only update Germany, Austria, Spain and add the Greek transfers. Also the links still need to be updated. Anyway the most important part the transfers are up-to-date.

Site News 22.08.02
Next update on Friday 23rd August. The work on the last pages of the club-by-club update coming to an end and will be ready at least on Sunday.

Site News 19.08.02
New Julio Lopez column has been added. He wrote about the Copa Liberadores.

Site News 18.08.02
Transfers updated. Spain, Austria, Germany club-by-club up-to-date. I am working on the rest. The planned link sites update has been delayed as for a few hours I had no internet connetion due to provider problems.

Site News 12.08.02
On the 10th I forgot to add transfers. I wrote them down but forgot to add them. These transfers are online now. Next club-by-club will be online soon. The German is nearly finished and I also started with Italy and England. Last weekend the archives had been updated and next weekend the links will be updated.

Site News 11.08.02
- The archives have been updated which cost some time so that the club-by-club update needs to be delayed. Don't worry this won't take long as I am working on it right now.
- Player archive updated.
- Manager archive, staff archive and national team manager page has been updated.

Site News 05.08.02
- Transfers updated.
- What's coming within the next days? Club-by-club page and manager archive will be updated by the weekend. Some archive changes will be done.

Site News 30.07.2002
- Staff archive updated. One day later as promised due to some minor changes. Staff archive has now over 200 more entries.

Site News 29.07.2002
- No transfer update today. Spanish and Austrian club-by-blub transfers have been updated. The other clubs are to follow within the next days. Staff archive update nearly finished. Coming today or latest tomorrow.

Site News 28.07.2002
- Transfers updated. National manager page updated. Started to work archive update.
- foreign player regulations page updated
- player and manager transfer data updated in general

Site News 27.07.2002
- Transfers and news review have been added.

Site News 24.07.2002
- About 90 transfers had been added together with manager, released, contract, ... data. I still need to add some data which will be on Saturday 27th July. This will include the soccer news.

Site News 02.07.02
- archives will be updated soon as delayed due to World Cup final.

Site News 23.06.02
- Archives update has been delayed until 30th June
- poll result page has been updated
- started to prepare site for season 2002/2003
- some minor changes done
- Transfer fee page has been updated

Site News 17. - 23.06.02
- archives will be updated

Site News 09.06.02
- The transfers have been updated but will be up-to-date on 10th June.

Site News 11.04.02
- Archives should be updated today but isn't possible due to program problems. Working on fixing it.

Site News 01.04.02
- Transfer sites have been upgraded to current month and quarter.
- Achieves will be updated 6th-7th April.

Site News 10.03.02
- Site map and "What's new" are offline as there is a problem with the provider. The automatic update didn't work.

Site News 09.03.02
- new column added
- it seems at from the three new options, introduced on 3rd March, only the site search option works
-check out the information sub-index for latest Finnish news

Site News 03.03.02
- Three new options added to the main index site. They are in testing phase as they are from a third party and I don't know how reliable they are.
1) Site search option
2) Site map
3) What's new (to be updated automatically once a day)

Site News 28.02.02
- Club-by-club section has been updated

Site News 27.02.02
- Major League Soccer Super Draft 2002 added.
- Staff archive from A-Z added
- Deceased player section added to Player Transfer Index
- all planned player transfer sections are now online and available at the Player Transfer Index.
- Available manager section now availabale at the Manager Transfer Index

Site News 16.02.02
- deleted some site bugs
- added soccer news to the information index
- some planned sections are now online.
- soon to be online: MLS Draft, staff archive, deceased playersand club-by-club section
- added manager contracts

Site News 11.02.02
- national manager site updated
- manager archive updated
- new columns available

Site News 03.02.02
- site has been revamped. See information above.
- 30th and 31st January transfers added.

Site News 13.12.01
- added the winter 2001/2002 MLS draft to the Transfer archive

Site News 01.01.02
- the latest December transfers will be added as soon as possible. You will read it here.
- New page has been added to the player transfer section: Short-term moves.

Site News 27.12.01
- club-by-club transfer pages have been updated and Italian transfers have been added
- transfer deadline page has been updated
- national team manager page has been updated
- there won't be an update for the club information page as this page will be replaced
- Managers/staff archive from A-Z has been updated

Site News 03.12.01
- national team manager page updated

Site News 12.11.01
- new staff introduction : Andre Loosli joined the team as co-webmaster

Site News 31.10.01
- added 30th October transfers.
- 31th November transfer will be added tomorrow.

Site News 29.10.01
- Site update for 26-29th October done.

Site News 26-28.10.01
- No site update ! ! !

Site News 11.10.01
- New column by Karsten Löpp added (written in German).

Site News 07.10.01
- New links added
- National Manager page has been updated

Site News 30.09.01
- Club information section has been updated
- Spanish, Italian and German club by club transfers will be added from 6th - 14th October.

Site News 22.09.01
- New club site links added

Site News 17.09.01
- Budget page updated
- Former Melchelen(Bel) and Geogian national team manager died
in a car accident

Site News 16.09.01
- first club information page added. More will follow within the next days.

Site News 14.09.01
- added Championship Manager Season 01/02 demo to Champman section

Site News 09.09.01
- Foreign player regulations updated
- Manager archive updated
- Club information section will be updated within the next 7 days

Site News 08.09.01
- New column article about Greek soccer. Read it
- New links added
- transfer deadlines updated

Site News 28.08.01
- Foreign player regulations updated
- Budgets updated

Site News 20.08.01
- Austrian club by club transfers added

Site News 19.08.01
- club budget site has been updated
- Greece club by club transfers added

Site News 13.08.01
- next transfer update delayed for next time due to some problems

Site News 12.08.01
- site has been revamped.
- Saturday and Sunday transfers will be added tomorrow as the site has been revamped.

Site News 05.08.01
- coming site changes have reached testing phase 2.
- site changes will be online latest 12th August.

Site News 30.07.01
- I having some difficulties with the updates at the moment.
Next update tomorrow night.Saturday to Monday updates.

Site News 29.07.01
- Simon Treanor's Championship Manager update is temporarily hosted by GlobalSoccerTransfers.
You can get it here.

Site News 27.07.01
- transfer update for 27th tomorrow
- coming site changes have reached testing phase 1

Site News 19.07.01
- transfer update for 18th and 19th July tomorrow

Site News 15.07.01
- no update until 16th July due to archive and site works.

Site News 07.07.01
- added weekend transfers as there was no update.

Site News 01.07.01
- Some news had been added.
- The non-European player rules had been changed

Site News 23.06.01
- Feedback formular won't be available as problems occured. Will be fixed.

Site News 18.06.01
- Some improvements will be added 7 - 23 July.

Site News 10.06.01
- Site has been revamped

Site News 20.05.01
- New GST Championship Manager / Meistertrainer update.
After such horrible day for all Schalke fans I decided to do a new update.

Site News 19.05.01
- No update today. Next update on Sunday 20.05.2001
- There won't be a GST Championship Manager / Meistertrainer update today and maybe for the next weeks.
As you know it's a special Schalke 04 update. They are the reason why there won't be an upade.
I am not feeling well at the moment thinking about Schalke 04. Reason: German season final ! ! !

Site News 14.05.01
- added soccer column section at GST Home

Site News 13.05.01
- delayed Championship Manager / Meistertrainer update until 19th May because of the German season final
day. Hopefully Schalke 04 will win the Championship so that there will be a special update. On this day the film
"Fussball ist unser Leben" will be televised. The update is based on this film.

Site News 07.05.01
- finished to update manager archive from 'K' to 'L'.It will be uploaded soon.

Site News 06.05.01
- still working on new navigation system
- no new GST Championship Manager /Meistertrainer update before next weekend
- no update on 09.05.2001
- working on next manager archive updated