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Global Soccer Transfers staff

Job Vacancies
The GST staff is following the bacic idea of supporting all soccer fans with latest news and general soccer information
but to keep the site up-to-date additional help is needed. If you want to get involved in the soccer information support,
don't look any further. The first soccer information project "Soccer Boutique" failed but "Global Soccer Transfers" has a
solid foundation, with an ambitious and soccer addicted webmaster. All soccer addicts and those who want to become
one are welcome.
The idea is that GlobalSoccerTransfers should be a site from soccermaniacs for soccermaniacs. If you are interested to
join the team be aware that you can not be paid for it. Your work will be out of pure soccer idealism. If funds will be
available through advertising they will be given to the staff.

Which jobs can be done?

Co-Webmaster especially wanted for the club information. You need to be good in HTML.
You will build up the club information, take care of it and update it.

Help with general information like: sending player and manager moves/changes from
your and all other countries, transfer deadlines,... This also includes team information
like team budgets, stadium capacities, ...

General Researcher
You just need to send transfers you hear, read or ... about.

Scout specific club and mail your results. This includes team information, transfers,
budget, youth players, player attributes

Express your feelings about football in general by becoming a column writer for this
site. People will read your thoughts about present-day soccer events like current
discussion about changing the transfer system in Europe. You can write your column
in German or English.

Want do join GST?

* First Name :
* Name :
Country :
Nationality :
Fav.Club :
* E-mail :

* Which job would you like to do ?
If choosing a scout or research job please
enter country(ies)/club(s) here.
Why should we consider you and why do you
apply? Questions?
Please write down everything you think is
important belonging to a listed job.

* = essential information

Staff so far :


Name: Christian Meyer
Country: Germany
Nationality: German
Fav.Club: Schalke 04(Ger)


Name: Andre Loosli
Country: Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Fav.Club: Manchester Utd(Eng)


Name: Sami Varis
Research: Scandinavia
Country: Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Fav.Club: Sunderland (Eng)

Name: Guillermo Delgardo Alvarado
Research: Spain
Scout: Racing Santander(Spa)
Country: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Fav.Club: FC Barcelona(Spa)

General Researcher

Name: Filippos Kotsaftis
Research: Greece
Country: Greece
Nationality: Greek
Fav.Club: none